Armchair Coaches - How Do You Use 21 and 20 Together?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. sbark

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    K.moore needs to dig out the Preston Pearson tapes. Tom Landry still the Cowboys GOAT.

    Oh....and bring in the off line Landry shift , he used it to hide backfield motion
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  2. TrailBlazer

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    You don't. Pollard isnt that good. Why change your offense to accommodate him? Use him to spell zeke here and there. Zeke is a notorious helmet tapper. One play he says feed me, the next hes ready to come out.
  3. jsb357

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    By trading 20

    If EZ signs before first game 20 will be traded by week 6
  4. Hardline

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  5. Bluestang

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    Something simple as this:
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  6. xwalker

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    Darrell Henderson (Rams 3rd round) and Pollard were on the field together more often than not at Memphis.

    When Henderson was lined up at RB, Pollard lined up at WR or as a 2nd RB. He caught passes, ran the ball, ran reverses, jet sweeps & blocked when Henderson ran the ball.
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  7. Dre11

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    Simple. Split backfield, run counters, double swings and flares.
    Stack Pollard to the left behind Gallup, fake dive to Zeke,throw tunnel screen to Pollard.
    The plays are endless .
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  8. Dre11

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    Nice counter play there.
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  9. links18

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    A competent organization would have several packages with both players on the field at the same time. Knowing Garrett and company however, Pollard will be used like he's Rod Smith.
  10. underdark

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    Both on the field to cause confusion pre-snap. Both can catch, both can run. Make the other teams defense cover the LOS +5 yards from sideline to sideline plus the WR routes. Throw in Daks running ability.

    Cooper, Gallup, Cobb plus those two...

    I’m looking forward to this season.
  11. fansince68

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    Why Pollard in the slot and not Cobb, Austin, or Smith?
  12. fansince68

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    Instead of Mic drop, I think that's a Mic pick up there Risen..
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  13. OmerV

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    In a mathematic equation?
  14. catiii

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    Lots of good suggestions here I only know one thing:
    If Pollard isn't utilized except to warm the bench, then the clapping clown needs to go ASAP.
  15. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Only drawback is Pollard's blocking ability. Given that it is more likely that he will be asked to flex out but with both them on the field either one in theory could flex out as an H, Y, S, or Z. Similarly either one could carry the rock from a spread or power formation.

    You can start as 20 or 21 and motion into 10, 11, or 00. Take advantage of the personnel the defense has on the field. Out of that you can run horizontal passing like screens and smokes, downfield routes, run middle iso, off-tackle, sweeps or stretches. All the RPO/PA is available. Imagine Zeke playing the F off of middle iso or man lead PA and running down the seam or to the corner.

    Really there is nothing you cannot do short of what 12 and 13 power sets give in terms of size. The multiplicity should give opposing DCs fits. Throw in hurry up when you catch the defense with their personnel pants down and it could be devastating.
  16. fansince68

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    Why are we so convinced that Pollard is the real deal like he was the 4th pick in the entire draft. Pollard wasn't the top dog in college. Henderson of the Rams was the #1 back. Pollard was not 1a, he was the 2nd option. I hope he thrives but I just dont get the hype after a 15 carry preseason. Its Jerry and the media circus that's created this unsubstantiated hype. Btw, Weber is just as impressive with more carries.
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  17. Silverstar

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    Show me something when the games count and that goes for ALL the rookies and UDFA's this year.
  18. jrumann59

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    Use them interchangeably in 3wr sets or 4wr sets
  19. GenoT

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    Zeke on the field; Pollard on the bench.
  20. rnr_honeybadger

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    I don't care how they are used as long as it is more imaginative than the garbage Linehan was running. That being said I'm not holding out hope for great changes in the offense simply because this is Garrett's offense.

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