As much as I want to rip Brown

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sydla, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. Sydla

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    if this team had a good DL, they'd be a contender and could overcome a guy like Brown.

    It cannot be stressed enough how mediocre this DL is. And while I get some will claim Gallimore is the missing link, he's a fine DT but he's not a difference maker and this DL desperately needs difference makers.

    Lawrence is a nice DE. He's not a great one. He plays the run well, is generally disciplined but at this point, after denying it for awhile, he's just not the pass rusher I thought he was. He's better than average for sure, but the Cowboys paid him to be a terror off the edge and he's just not that.

    Gregory is a nice story getting his life back in order but he has to be way better than he was last night if Dallas even wants to think about the postseason. Armstrong had a nice rush, Anae (I think it was him) just looked like a JAG out there. There's a difference between beating the 2nd string or 3rd string OT in a preseason game and a starting caliber OT on a SB favorite.

    DT is what it always is. Just filled with a group of decent to JAGs. Cowboys keep thinking they can build a really good DT corps by not investing in elite level guys and instead just building what they think will be a solid rotation of guys. Counting on a guy like Osa to make an impact was a real stretch IMO. He needs time. Watkins? LOL. I saw Urban out there a few times in pass situations, and he did zero.

    I've spent the last decade lamenting the Cowboys and how they have failed to build a really good DL. Why would I stop whining now?
  2. gimmesix

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    Although I agree on the DL needing to be much, much better, Brady was getting the ball out quickly on a lot of his passes and one reason for that is because Brown couldn't provide three seconds of coverage.
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  3. Sydla

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    Same cast of characters basically weren't very good at rushing the passer last year either.

    I think it's kind of wishful thinking that the reason why we didn't sniff Brady was because he got the ball out quickly and that somehow, in subsequent weeks this pass rush is going to flourish. Hope it does, but I have zero expectations.

    Watching Vaea push our interior OL into Dak's lap was discouraging because we don't have a DT on the roster that can do stuff like that.
  4. Chocolate Lab

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    True, but we already knew this. This defense was starting almost from scratch last year. Diggs looks good, Parsons looks good, Osa may be a pretty decent player. Only so much you can add in a short period of time.

    I'm not sure how to add premier DL except through the draft. I personally would have tried to trade up for Barmore, but I haven't even checked how he's doing in NE.
  5. DoctorChicken

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    Yeah, we really need a great edge rusher or DT.

    A good DT and FS would bring this defense to the next level.
  6. Streetwise

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    Brown was a liability.
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  7. CATCH17

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    Who hits Tom Brady? Like seriously..

    He’s 44 and still playing for a reason.
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  8. Starforever

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    I still smell toast.
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  9. JD_KaPow

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    Brown, our third CB, was being asked to cover Antonio Brown (who looks frighteningly like his old self) without any pass pressure. He's not good enough for that: no 3rd CB is.

    Is he a good player? No. Is he an adequate third corner? I'd say he's above replacement level but not by much. But he's not as bad as last night made him look.
  10. austin88

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    Preach. Lack of impact players on the DL is the biggest weakness on the team, and the one that keeps us from being a serious contender.
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  11. calicowboy54

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    I started rewatching last nights game ill have full report later. but Odi looked like a 4th round rookie getting pushed back and thrown around. if he was able to beat his man with speed, he was able to get some penetration, but not a-lot. Watkins is what he is a vet rotation guy, and Urban kept getting pushed back due to being too upright. i agree with your post on DLAW and Gregory just not enough consistency.

    we have 2nd and 3rd rotation guys playing starter min's. Oh and Bohanna slow as dirt but great on run downs.
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  12. Fredbeard

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    And people on this board claimed vea would not contribute as a pass rusher.:laugh:while gallimore has shown promise , it is maddening that the cowboys still don't have a good rotation at the three tech or one expectations for the defense are so low I'll be happy with some small improvement. Dak and the offense will likely have to carry the team again this season
  13. Cmac

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    ......the burnt kind.
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  14. gimmesix

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    How quickly Brady was getting the ball out was pointed out multiple times during the broadcast, so it had a lot to do with it. There were times that he held it longer and we didn't get to him, so I'm by no means praising the DL.

    We've been trying to man the interior with scrubs and second- and third-round players with potential for years. I don't expect much improvement continuing to use a strategy that has not worked for us.
  15. Ranching

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    O feel we should have sent Jaylon and Micah after the QB......
  16. gimmesix

    gimmesix Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

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    Two ways: You either draft one high or you pay a premium for one in free agency. We have not done either of these things and thus we are what we are.
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  17. Jarntt

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    DL needs to be better but they weren't horrible and were ok against the run. But how anyone can watch this team and think DL is a bigger need than CB gets me every time
  18. Ken

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    I have said it earlier and I still think Gallimore is a + player. We will see.

    Osa looks like he has a chance to be a + player as well. I can't come down on rookies not looking great against Brady and that championship team game 1. I expect that we will get better and better, kind of like last year but our starting point is much better.

    Think about a guy like Parson, put in that position last night. Going against all of these wiley vets and was a tick slow on a bunch of plays. He will get there...and he will get there quickly, IMO.

    Brown shguldn't be starting, he is a bottom of the CB depth chart guy who should play ST. I think Bossman will take that spot as soon as he gets back and will give up some plays but also make plays. He will also get better and better.

    Let's not jump to conclusions one way or the other off of the first game of the season.
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  19. INCowboysFan

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    There just aren't that many DT's that can do what Vea did last night.
  20. Zman5

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    Jones boys still think they can find another Jay Ratliff in the later rounds.

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