Best HC since JJ and we don't appreciate him

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, Oct 19, 2021.

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    Sorry, not giving you him over Parcells. Parcells was an amazing coach and transformed the losing culture into a winning one year one.

    If not for the bobble...who knows what would have happened.

    Mac is the best we have had, by far, since him. That isn't saying much though.
  2. CowboyStar88

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    Why are you here you don’t even watch the games.
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  3. fairviewfarmer

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    He's 5-1. The clapper is gone. The team is playing well. Its all good.
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    It's funny you bring up Urban Meyer. There's 2 coaches I really wanted during the last couple years of the failed Garrett experiment. One was Urban Meyer and the other one is a former ESPN MNF announcer, and I'm not even going to say his name. When Meyer was filmed dancing with his side chick in a bar after a loss the first thought I had was, "McCarthy doesn't seem so bad right now". When the former Raiders coach resigned I had the same thought. I am warming up to McCarthy from last years debacle. But the main point I want to make is I'll take poor clock management and some bad game time decisions over those other 2 coaches any day. I appreciate McCarthy more now than I did at the start of the season because 2 coaches I wanted proved to embarrass their franchises. I'll gladly take some mistakes over embarrassment and/or ignorance any day.
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  5. Whirlwin

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    Other than Jason. That’s a pretty sad group there oh Demarcus Tours in bad
  6. cowboyed

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    Head Coach Urban Meyer's priority, while savoring his Jaguar's team 1-5 record, is getting besotted while enjoying lap dances and telling the Jaguars players to stay out of trouble and to carry themselves professionally off the field.
  7. tunahelper

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    Between 2003 through 2007 season this group of players are in 8th place for most wins in the NFL.

    Dallas is out of the top ten during Dak's tenure (excluding 2021). Counting this year Dallas is in 9th place for most wins.

    Not trying to put Dak and the current team down, rather I am saying those players won a lot of games and had a good run.
  8. Scotman

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    Win a Superbowl or three and I then we can talk about his place in the Cowboys' coaching hierarchy.

    I will say, there does seem to be more of a air of accountability among the players. We all know, because we've watched it for over two decades, that doesn't happen by accident. He has to get credit for that. We know that didn't come from Jones or his offspring.

    I'm not unhappy with MM at all. In my own mind, I gave him a pass for the debacle last year. I'm happy with the hunger the guys seem to have. I'm happy that win or lose the guys seem to be talking about the next game. I'm happy that I'm hearing more about improving and less about the reasons we failed. I don't want anyone telling me to watch the tape. I want to hear that they've watched the tape and have a plan.

    I think MM is doing a good job of team-building.

    Now, go get us some trophies.
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  9. Miller

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    Agree! I said this is another thread but weird and great that all of a sudden things happen like a) coming out ready to play and not flat b) halftime adjustments happen c) finish games even when things go against you. No process either. Guys not perfect but it’s a huge improvement
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    With all of his talent, he was gone from the NFL and very few fans remember his name. What was Parcells supposed to do, slap him? It says more about a Bryant than it says about Parcells. Bryant came away looking like a complete hot-headed thug. Does undisciplined, thug players impress you? There has been many players that have attacked coaches when they couldn’t control themselves. It didn’t take long for everybody to forget them when they are out of the league and take jobs being people greeters at Walmart.
  11. Ranching

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    Jimmy and Parcells in his prime would have both cut him or at least suspend him.
  12. dacoming

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    Never said I was an expert, being a fan qualifies me to state my opinion. And my opinion matches many on this board and in the media. Why are you so testy? Is McCarthy your daddy or something? If so, I apologize.
  13. Rockport

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    You have a short memory. Alzheimer's? The starting QB and the entire offensive line was injured last year as well as many others.
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  14. Ranching

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    Apology accepted....
  15. Ranching

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    So my opinion doesn't matter? Only those that agree with you......
  16. johneric8

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    Yeah, the only thing we have to worry about with big Mike is him getting lazy and getting too many massages :laugh:
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    The Cowboys have had 4 effective Head Coaches during their existence. Big Mike is one of them.
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  18. johneric8

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    So I guess Scott linahan should be given his job back for bringing in kellen by your logic. All coaches on staff are approved by Mike, he gets the good and bad when it comes to credit ...
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  19. CCBoy

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    Rockport was a dogface...and is directionally accurate on Cowboys actual views. He easily qualifies for a long suffering fan, with the rest of us.
  20. ESisback

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    Clicking around (but NOT lingering)….

    “…when we come back…what’s up with Mike McCarthy?”

    “Disaster in Dallas…the HC…we’ll discuss”

    “What is that moron doing?”

    All the shows are running multiple features, every day, for one reason. Manufactured drama brings rating$. Far too many people NEED something to fuss over. Dumpster fires, confrontation, heated debates, outrageous speculations—all, sadly, comfort food for the masses.

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