Big Fat Mike will cost us a game someday

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aftershock, Oct 3, 2021.

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    He made some questionable decisions but neither two you mentioned were one of those.

    Diggs got a cleat in the back in the first half.
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    I think He has CTE
  3. doomsday9084

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    I was going to make a MM thread but this seems appropriate.

    During the Garrett tenure, the team rarely adjusted week to week or in game. Garrett was very much about execution. Just play better.

    This year, the team has had game specific plans on both offense and defense every game. Beyond that, you see changes over the course of the game as things that aren't working get eliminated. Example today with the defense with the blitzing in the third quarter.

    Right now, Quinn and Moore are getting all of the credit for this. They definitely deserve a ton as its clearly them making the adjustments but I think that MM deserves some credit for driving it. I'm not a huge MM fan but at this point I think he is a clear upgrade over JG just because he is enabling his assistants instead of shackling them.

    Some of MM's in game stuff is head scratching. They clearly let off the gas too early today and they let the game get to the point where one fluke mistake ties it.
  4. elcowboi

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    I agree about his game management but Diggs got a cleat in the back after his second INT. He was kept out for precaution.
  5. bigdnlaca

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    Every team have fans that feel their hc will or have cost them a game after a loss.

    That what makes the world goes round.
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    As happy as we all are. The entire media and hard core fan base is blasting him for the fourth quarter today. In the other games there has been some very bad clock management. Again, as happy as we all are, you have to admit FM is not showing a lot of “mojo”
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  8. Ranching

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    Its easy to throw stones when you have know idea what is actually happening. He's a proven HC and I'm sure he doesn't give a crap what the media and fans are saying
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  9. coult44

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    To be honest, We need to find a way to get Kellen in as the HC without losing
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  10. bigdnlaca

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    2nd to last paragraph is what I am thinking. People are blaming mm for the 4th quarter but he isn’t calling any plays. However, if the blowout happened, the coordinators will get more credit than the hc. Mm had to be give some input when it comes to this 3-1 record.
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  11. Aviano90

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    It was plain as day why he challenged. It was brilliant. Can’t believe most people in the game day thread couldn’t figure out what was going on.
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  12. Buzzbait

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    "What an idiot huh?" They took him out for tightness in his back to try and avoid making it worse.
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  13. Kingofholland

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    Enjoy the win, this game wasn't that close ;)
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  14. DoctorChicken

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    He didn’t mess up anything in this game. People are overreacting.

    Just because you disagree with a decision doesn’t make it a bad one.
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  15. ESisback

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    Big Fat Mike?
  16. cowboyec

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    someday....i'm going to die.
    so in the mean time...i'm gonna enjoy the ride.
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  17. Bob-Lillys-War

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    yes terrible , he won the game . terrible terrible .

    where are all the drama queens !?

    " how could big mike be fat ? , the fashion show wont stand for it ! but but garrett was skinny ."
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  18. Mk2_Cowboys

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    He’s a meat head but still got win .
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  19. Aftershock

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    Agenda? My only agenda is for this win to win the championship and I believe the best way to do that is by building on the mistakes you made in the previous games whether you win or lose. Of course this is a professional league and teams do that. I am happy for the win but I want the team to build off this and not make multiple of the same mistakes later on down the line in bigger games where it will bite us in the rear when it matters most. We've all been here before early in the 18-19 season after a 3-0 start and ended up at 8-8 or 9-7 or something like that

    But I agree he is a HUGE upgrade over JG..
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  20. Scotman

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    There's some decisions McCarthy makes that have left me wondering what he's thinking. But, the "big fat" stuff doesn't add to anything of substance to the discussion. It's junior high stuff. I'm critical of his clock management. I feel better knowing he pulled Diggs for a sore back. I'm super happy that he has the team playing well enough to overcome not having a player or two out.

    Despite wondering what the heck he's doing sometimes, there's no way in the world I'd take Garrett and his coaching staff over McCarthy and this year's coaching staff.
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