Big Mac is essentially in Wade Phillips’ shoes

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Jul 23, 2021.

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    Jerry is repeating the same mistakes he made in 2010 which is zero focus on what is really important, the single minded goal of winning a championship.

    Screw merchandising, showcasing, brand exposure. Every minute of the job of a GM is devoted to winning. He should be too busy to be available to the media except for special announcements.

    He should let his coach take care of building, teaching, and preparing his team with full authority. Otherwise, the coach was given the job but not the means to succeed. It should be Jerry's franchise, McCarthy's team, our Cowboys.

    That is not what is happening. Jerry's handlers, the ones that were supposes to control him, have failed and now he wants to "help" and "contribute"". There has never been a more destructive scenario.

    Participating in the Hall of Fame game is more travel, more risk. Being on Hard Knocks is destructive and potentially damaging to the focus, decision making, and psyche of this team.

    As far a Wade goes, he was only the Head Coach during the games and at practices.

    The Cowboys didn't have a DC when Wade was "Head Coach", Jerry figured he had Wade so why waste money? Besides Jerry would help Wade out by having the OC report directly to him.

    This meant that both the OC and the DC reported directly to Jerry. What does that make Jerry?

    Wade and Jason never communicated that much, offense and defense were not synced. The gameplan had no coordinated effort.

    What made it even worse was they had every reason to be focused on that season as the one to give every effort to getting to the Super Bowl. The game was being played in their stadium. Instead they were humiliated in every way possible by the Packers. Not only did they steamroll the Cowboys in game #8, was the Packers in the Super AT&T stadium. It doesn't end there. At that same time there is a popular Broadway play based on Vince Lombardi and his thoughts during the Ice Bowl. Tom Landry was "the Bad Guy"

    Jerry was involved in gameplanning in 2010. No coach would have put a rookie WR in the first drive of the season when he didn't play a single preseason game having been injured all throughout training camp but there he was. It was Dez that Romo was looking for with four seconds on the clock in the 1st half but he was covered so he threw to Choice on the line of scrimmage, he fumbled, the Football Team scored and won by less than the margin of that score. The Cowboys lost because Jerry wanted to showcase Dez and prove what a football genius he was.

    Last season the Cowboys attempted two fake punts in the same game...after the first one failed. That was not the decision of a professional coach.

    Players have given less than 100% effort on countless occasions. They have nothing to fear, and fear is a great motivator. McCarthy is toothless, his decisions can be overturned by Jerry.
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    Brilliant post as usual. I agree, and UNfortunately, BIG MAC ain't a "win now" coach as much as Jerral thinks he is, so we can wave bye bye to this guy quite soon. If I could wager, I'd wager on a less than .500 record 8-9at best and zero plaoffs or wildcard.
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    Totally agree.
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    My question is simple: will it matter? Jerry was overly patient with JG, but he's still made half a dozen HC changes since the Cowboys last tasted real success.

    So if he makes another one? So what? It'll still be Jerry & Stephen playing fantasy football.
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    There's no telling how long McCarthy might hang on, as long as he obeys Jerry as faithfully as both Wade and Jason have in the past. :omg:

    What comes to pass is about to be revealed in the ongoing season and the future beyond, assuming there's, indeed, a beyond to behold. ;)
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    Great post.
  7. Alexander

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    It is set up that way.

    Fat coach. Inserted owner-picked OC.

    The real key here is if Kellen Moore has the ruthless nature that Jason Garrett had to bury the blade when the time is right.
  8. CATCH17

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    You can just see the history bound to repeat itself coming from a mile away.
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    We don't need another HC in training.
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    We haven't had a real HC since 2006, Big Mike is the closest we've come.
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    Kellen Moore is the next head coach, starting in December
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    On Players Lounge Mccray said the one thing Mccarthy better not do is let Kellen, Quinn and Fassel outshine him. This is a former player speaking so his thinking isnt much different than locker room guys now. He basically said its probably going to happen since MM doesn't do anything playcall wise.

    Newy Scruggs said his sources told him MM is worried about the cameras lol. MM is going to either sink or swim this year. I dont see 9-8......its either going to be great or terrible
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    That’s an interesting take. I can see Big Mac being very concerned about the way he comes across on “Hard Knocks”. He’s not particularly charismatic or inspiring. Not that a coach has to be to win. But it’s does hurt your image a ton if you don’t win. McCarthy has always shied away from mics and cameras. Jerry on the other hand has never seen one he could resist.
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  14. erod

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    McCarthy is here until Lincoln Riley says he's ready to come here.
  15. CATCH17

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    The right move was to go all in for Lincoln Riley.

    Where we were as a franchise after years of bland and boring 50/50 football was the time to give this franchise and our fans a boost.

    Instead they went coach shopping and found a old Super Bowl winning coach that was just fortunate to work with guys like Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

    The Packers immediately got better as a team the day he left as well.
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    I hear that a lot and I understand why. Riley is a very good college coach. But I’m not sure being an NFL HC is something he’s ready for. Here are my reasons:
    • At OU, for at least 9-10 games a year, LR has a huge talent advantage against his opponents. Not true in the NFL where the talent gaps are razor thin.
    • Recruiting is completely different than drafting. If you’re at a traditional power school like OU, recruiting top athletes is much easier.
    • It’s a lot easier to coach when your backups are better than your opponents’ starters.
    • I’m convinced Jerry won’t hire another popular college HC as long as he’s breathing.
    I respect Lincoln Riley as a College HC. He’s certainly been successful. I’m just not convinced he’s ready for the NFL differences and I’m doubly doubtful JJ is interested in hiring another college hot shot. I could certainly be wrong, lol.
  17. erod

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    His offensive creativity is on par with Shanahan and McVay.

    And Lincoln doesn't put up with BS. He will get in a players face. Any player.

    He's been let down by a horrible defense at OU, but it's improving.

    OU will probably be the preseason No.1 team. We'll see how they deal with it.

    Jerry already tried to get him, I'm convinced. They talk all the time. Lincoln didn't want to yet.
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    But is he ready for the NFL? He’s certainly been great at OU. Will be interesting to see how Urban Mayer does. He was certainly a very successful college coach. For every Jimmy Johnson there’s also been great college coaches like Chip Kelly, Steve Spurrier, Lou Holtz, and even Nick Saban, whose very successful act in college did not translate at the next level. We will see.
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    Another comparison is that Like Philips had his repplacement on his staff in Garrett. McCarthy is similar..he has Moore on his staff.
  20. erod

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    He is. He's that unique personality that just gets it done that players love, respect, and fear.

    He's Kyle Shanahan, but he's from West Texas and has that work mentality.

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