Biggest draft misses for Dallas that could've altered history since 95

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zekeats, Sep 4, 2021.

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    So give Jerry all the credit because he brought Tuna to Dallas?

    And the Cowboys are Jerry's team.
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    Or with our 2nd 1st round pick at 20 we take Rodgers instead of Marcus Spears
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    True …but the power struggle with Jerrah and Jimmy and Tuna got them one way tickets out of town
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    Fletcher cox
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    Taco Charlton may be a bigger bust then either Carver or Ekuban were .
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    Not just Kuechly, here are the next 7 defensive players taken, in order:

    Mark Barron
    Luke Kuechly
    Stephon Gilmore
    Dontari Poe
    Fletcher Cox
    Michael Brockers
    Bruce Irvin

    All have been consistent starters for playoff teams in that span. That’s also 19 combined pro bowl appearances and 8 combined All-Pro nods
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    Okay, I'll play along. Since "What if" is all the craze now (shameless plug for Marvel's "What If" series on Disney Plus).

    We got greedy in 1989. We had taken Troy Aikman at the top of the draft.
    But we doubled up on quarterback taking Steve Walsh in the supplemental draft, thus forfeiting our No. 1 pick in 1990 draft.
    We stink up the joint, going 1-15 and have the top pick in the draft but no pick.
    Jimmy loves defense. Rumors were that he wanted a running back, but he also wanted a linebacker too. We had just gotten Terrance Flagler from the 49ers so we would have rode him had Emmitt not been sitting there for the Cowboys. But I'm running ahead of myself.

    The best linebacker on the board was Junior Seau. Also, Jimmy knew Cortez Kennedy from his days at Miami.

    Imagine if we had not taken Walsh. We could have taken either Seau or Kennedy AND Emmitt Smith.

    Two Hall of Famers on the same Cowboys team.

    Yes, we recouped 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks from New Orleans for Walsh. But those picks combined weren't more valuable than Kennedy or Seau.

    Sigh! What could have been. What if?
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  8. daboyzruleperiod

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    Irvin called to apologize to Moss on draft day, because Irvin's own off-field problems were a main reason Moss was not drafted by Dallas.
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    But...but....everything that is bad that happens is Jerry's fault! Jerry is always wrong! THis site said so!!!
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    Now think of the players the Cowboys wanted and the ones they ended up with:

    Wanted: LB James Francis Got: Emmitt Smith

    Wanted: Johnny Manziel Got: Zack Martin

    Wanted: Paxton Lynch Got: Dak Prescott

    If, If, If.......if a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his arse every time he took a leap.

    For every miss on a potential HOFer, the Cowboys also got disappointed on missing out on an eventual bust and had to settle for a future HOFer. Drafting has never been an exact science.
  12. Acheman08

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    IMO it was Randy Moss and like someone else said, thank Micheal Irvin for that miss. Just a terrible miss. I do remember wanting Steven Jackson and being really disappointed with Julius. Taco was a terrible pick too.
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    Emmett Smith why would any team draft Emmett Smith? He sucked!

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