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CFZ Bob Sturm: Jerry Jones is the Stephen A Smith of NFL Executives

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Sep 22, 2022.

  1. DallasEast

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    ^ Some people get it.
  2. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    It’s really time for all fans to come to the realization what our franchise has become under this dysfunctional organization and not take our football operations as serious .

    With our owners intent on living out his ambitions and fantasy of being a football guy celebrity even into his 80’s , it limits our ability to become a more serious football organization .

    Basically we have become a sports entertainment entity. Here for your personal entertainment dollar .

    And no one has optimized an Iconic brand in sports anymore than Americas greatest sports promoter , Jethro Jone$. He thanks everyone for their continued support directly or indirectly.
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  3. khiladi

    khiladi Well-Known Member

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    Sturm has been holding on for years the notion that Dak has been getting harshly criticized because Romo fans, since their boy Romk got the blame, they would make sure Dak got it worse, which is a crock of garbage, as the excuses for Romo were legitimate, In the August 12th article in the Atlantic Sturm basically says Dak is 29 and he no longer has excuses, but now he’s going after Jerry Jones after he says Rush may be the starter?

    Sturm basically admitted in that article that Dak is 29 and has had enough time and no more excuses. He basically stated what “the haters” were saying and that teams figured the offense out. In weeks 1 to 8, Dallas was the most blitzed team in the league. After that, teams stopped bringing the pressure and Dak didn’t see the man coverage looks, and the offense took a nosedive. They were the 22nd most blitzed team after week 8 when all was said and done. Dallas offense saw just as much cover 2 and cover 3 defenses as any other team. The 49ers played zone defense as a staple and could get pressure without bringing extra rushers. Even Sturm admits the wins in the last half of the season were against bums and Eagles junior varsity team and were empty calories, per how on words.

    Facts are we’ve been saying Dak sucks against zone coverage, to the point he becomes one of the worst QBs. He’s been getting away with it, because teams were forced to bring pressure because of how good the OL and RG were. I was saying I don’t even know why defenses do it do much even during those days, because the data was always there. Dak is horrible at anticipating his WRs getting open and can’t process the whole field. He goes into a shell against and takes the check-down.

    What do people expect Moore to do? Sturm even admitted it’s the same trend with Dak with each year, including blaming the coaches. He said what we said, which is the same red zone issues pop up and his performance of third down is abysmal. He also basically said the “young and developing QB” excuse no longer holds.

    I mean yeah, this owner is dysfunctional and nothing signals dysfunction more than making Dak your franchise QB. So we can admit that Jerry Jones is a buffoon, but we can also admit Dak exemplifies the buffoonery of Jerry. We can also admit that Sturm was dead wrong about his boy Dak Prescott.
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  4. Bobhaze

    Bobhaze Moderator

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    Just the ones who want to win.
  5. Creeper

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    Jerry, with all his talk, gives the impression he is running the team. The players see this too. They know the coach cannot do anything to them because they can run to Jerry with their sob stories and he will save them. This is the constant for 27 years. It's not that the players can't play. It is not that the coaches can't coach. The problem is Jerry owns the team and wants to control every aspect of it.

    But here is the reality. He does own the team and he can play with it the way a kid plays with a toy. The Cowboys are Jerry's toy and he is not letting anyone else tell him how to play with it. To Jerry, being in charge of everything is more important than winning. He doesn't care if the Cowboys don't win the Super Bowl, because making it to the playoffs is good enough to let him claim he has been successful. I think Jerry is fine with Dallas coming in second in the division. Jerry knows he gets to do it again next year.

    I can't fault Jerry. He put up a lot of money to invest in the Cowboys. He owns them, he gets to do whatever he wants with them. However, like the queen had to relinquish her throne to Charles, Jerry will be forced by nature to give his team to Fredo. And one day Fredo will give the team to the next in line to the Cowboys throne.

    One day, many years from now, when the current fan base has passed, one of the Jones's will choose to sell the team and collect the money. Maybe then, 3 generations from now, new owners will hire football people to run the team and bring home the gold. I am certain I won't be here to see it.
  6. MapleLeaf

    MapleLeaf Maple Leaf

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    If the Cowboys are winning no one will miss Jerry.

    In a hundred years he will just be another footnote. The only thing that matters is wins. The only lasting connection to the team that matters are the players and coaches who create the value on the field.

    My hope is that the Jones family can figure this part out and suppress the ego within themselves, and create the culture that focuses on those three elements.

    "Hardest part of leadership is realizing the story is not about you."

    - Maple Leaf

    I cough that quote up lots in my work.
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  7. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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    As per usual, nothing personal in the following. You're one of those people that I like despite constantly having disagreements.
    • Bob, you are the Stephen A Smith of CowboysZone.
      • Your jealously about Jerry winning more Super Bowls than Tom and Tex is getting absurd.
      • I'm certain that you're been obsessed with Jerry since the day he fired Landry.
      • You could choose to create threads with actual content and have occasionally shown that you have that ability.
      • Instead, you insist on creating these threads that appeal to the low IQ segment of the fan base.
      • The segment of the fans base that has the emotional maturity of a 13 year old girl obsessed with boy bands.
    I've seen Robert Craft on TV dozens of times including in the lockerroom.
    • There is an unending list of past stories about the antics of other NFL owners.
      • Craft
      • Irsay
      • Ford
      • Bidwill(s)
      • Mike Brown
      • Tom Benson
      • Al Davis and his son.
      • Georgia Frontiere
    There was a story about Bidwill that he was obsessed with saving money to the point that we would walk around and turn off the lights and turn off the Air Conditioning in the lockerroom.

    If you expand to all Pro Sports, then the stories really get crazy.
    • As long as you continue to obsess about Jerry, I'll continue to post the facts:
      • Jerry: 3 Super Bowl Wins
      • Tom & Tex: 2 Super Bowl Wins
    That's called read it and weep buddy.
    • Bob Strum
      • Strum has been bitter ever since the Ticket was bumped off as the Cowboys flagship station in favor of The Fan.
      • He is not a Cowboys fan anyway.
      • He freely admits to being a Green Bay homer and named his kid after Brett Favre.
    • Side Note:
      • I was watching a foreign language series on Netflix that focused on a mining company.
      • The company name and owner's name was Favre. It was interesting to hear them pronounce it.
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  8. FanofJerry

    FanofJerry Well-Known Member

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    He named his kid after Brett Hull. But yes...he admits to being a Green Bay homer.
  9. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

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  10. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    You actually believe the Jethro era has been more successful than the Tex and Tom era?

    And I suppose you also believe it’s a better ran and respected football franchise as well.

    Unfortunately there is a segment of fans who continue providing our dysfunctional ownership a pass for life with the early success they had with Jimmy.
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  11. ChronicCowboy

    ChronicCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Jerry doesn’t want to be President and GM of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Jerry wants to be king of the Dallas Cowboys.
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  12. eromeopolk

    eromeopolk Well-Known Member

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    To become the Dallas Cowboys, You must defeat the darkside. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  13. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    Apparently we have a Homer base who feels like any criticism of our ownership is an attack on the Dallas Cowboys which we all love and cherish.

    Much like with anyone or anything we love and adore they occasionally need constructive criticism and prodding to steer them back in a better direction or improvement.

    I can’t imagine any Cowboy fan who doesn’t see the meddling and interference our owner creates . That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the early success he had.
  14. Miller

    Miller Artist Formerly Known As TexasFrog

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    Speaking of….

  15. Blackspider214

    Blackspider214 Well-Known Member

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    Not at all. For one, The Ticket isn't the home of the Cowboys anymore. People at the Cowboys station make fun and talk down on Jerry on the radio and social media. People overrate how powerful Jerry is around the league and in general. Sure, he has a ton of money but he isn't that respected. He's a punchline along with his whole family. If he had any real power, he wouldn't allow the league to screw us over in so many instances over the last decades. He's a circus act.
  16. CowboyFrog

    CowboyFrog Well-Known Member

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    I heard this also, it true 5 media touches a week...no other owner in sports does this.
  17. FanofJerry

    FanofJerry Well-Known Member

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    Maybe I am. Could swear Ive heard him talk about it numerous times. But maybe Im confusing him naming his child after Favre with him saying Hull is his favorite sports figure ever?

    I know for a fact I have heard him talk about Brett Hull being a big deal to him.
  18. CouchCoach

    CouchCoach Moderator

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    You need to get your facts straight, The Ticket did not get bumped, they put a piece on The Musers show after that trip to Philly that ended that team's season knowing full well that would piss him off enough to seek another flagship and he's had more than any owner. They were not making money with the Cowboys and they did not like having him on the air or calling in and thinking they should just put him on the air.

    I knew some Ticket folks at the time and I can attest to the fact a radio station cannot make money with any sports team with so many excluded advertiser categories. I dumped them in OK when they tried to charge for it and they came back and gave it for free. I just wanted the free programming.

    As far as Sturm being a Cowboys fan, who cares? He's a football fan and should retain some objectivity as a broadcaster.

    As far as your continue to post the SB score, I notice you post Booger alone and Tom with Tex, why is that? Did you forget Jimmy Johnson?
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  19. CowboyFrog

    CowboyFrog Well-Known Member

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    Sturm is a huge Hockey fan and he and Hull are friends, he is pretty tight with all the 99 stars..not positive but sounds correct he would name the kid after Favre though. Although I can not remeber if he was a Blues fan or red wings..thought it was the wings though..before He came here .
  20. fredp22

    fredp22 Well-Known Member

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    Jerry is at the point where he just doesnt care. As long as you buy tickets and spend money winning is a secondary but unnecessary goal.
    Al Davis was the same way in his final years and he idolized Mr Davis

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