News: BR: Stephen Jones on Cowboys Fans' Frustrations: You Don't Win Super Bowl in Offseason

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Apr 19, 2022.

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    Which I'm guessing is an even worse transgression in your mode of thinking b/c not only did they "overpay an outsider" but gave up draft picks for the privilege.

    ...... the point is the same. You don't stand pat with the same team that couldn't get it done the year before. You go outside the organization for a talent infusion. That's what the good teams do.
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    Smh. And the hopelessness of all cowboy fans continues to increase with every dumb FO statement.
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    No Stephen...YOU don't win a SB in the offseason...
  5. Jarntt

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    Or more on point, while it is indeed true you don't win a SB in the offseason, you sure can lose one...
  6. atlantacowboy

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    Actually, Stephen doesn't win Super Bowls in the offseason or during the season. He doesn't know who to sign or for how much. Might as well have a zoner in charge for all the expertise he brings to the table.
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    Matt Stafford had a reasonable contract last season. They extended him after the Super Bowl. The Cowboys aren’t standing pat. They signed an outside free agent and have 9 draft picks. Like I said if you look around the league most of these over priced top-tier free agents that everyone on this board wishes we would go after don’t make a significant impact on their new teams. None that we’ve ever signed except for Deion made a significant impact that led to a postseason win. Other than Matt Stafford who the Rams traded for the players that impacted them the most throughout the season and in the Super Bowl were players they drafted Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald. History has repeatedly shown you build great teams through the draft. If some of these high-priced top-tier free agents were so good they wouldn’t be allowed to walk.
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    The fact is that the Rams trade picks for players a lot more than most teams. Does that imply that every good player on their team comes from somewhere else? Of course not. I know the Rams have homegrown players. I also know they have traded away every first round pick since 2016. It has worked for them bringing in guys like Von Miller, Jalen Ramsey, Leonard Floyd, and Odell Beckham. What has Dallas done? They have been doing exactly what you are saying. They build through the draft and rarely ever sign a significant free agent or make trades. It is not working and hasn't worked for 25 years running.

    The fact is that the Rams have a very proactive front office that isn't content to allow the draft to dictate their ceiling.
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    What does Stephen Jones know about winning a Super Bowl
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    Well, if the last 26+ years are any indication, then, not a whole lot!! LOL
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    What the Rams did this past season is very rare. You don’t see other teams trading their first round draft pick year after year. The Rams had a strong core group which they drafted and added a few veteran players via trade to push them over the top. The Buccaneers did a similar thing the previous year by adding free agents Brady, Gronk and Antonio Brown. They also had a very strong core group which they drafted but they needed a QB. The Rams are going to fall off in the next year or two. Not having those top draft picks is going to catch up with them but they were willing to risk that for a championship. Every great team that won a championship for the Cowboys was built through the draft. All their key players in the 70s and 90s except for Charles Haley and Jay Novacek they drafted. All their best players on their current team they drafted.
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  12. KJJ

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    You position yourself for a championship in the offseason and regular season but they’re won in the postseason.
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    Success = When PREPARATION meets opportunity.
    Go lay on the beach Stephen, while others are preparing in the offseason.
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    Elon Musk could pay for this team with his pocket change. Elon likes to be at the top of any business that he is involved in. Elon has moved to Texas, so he would be the perfect owner IMO.
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    What does that even mean? Plenty of Super Bowl teams are built via trades or free agency. Even if they're not, the offseason is preparation for the season. You build your team then. I can't image what the heck he meant by that...
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    Ok, who's going to tell him?
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    Perhaps but the Jones (and constantly growing lucky sperm winners) family wins the "Money Bowl" every season.
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    To be honest Elon could end up just like Jerry the owner/GM on TV and fce of the franchise...not sure this works out diferent.
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    If Rachel Phelps from Major League was an NFL owner, she'd be Stephen Jones.
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    I used to have high hopes that once Stephen took over and Booger was less active that there would be renewed hope. Stephen is even a bigger dipstick. Are there anymore jones kids that have potential?l :laugh:

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