Brandt Completes the Original Triplets

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by eromeopolk, Feb 11, 2019.

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    It is great that Tex Schramm, Tom Landry, and Gil Brandt are in the NFL Hall of Fame. Seeing other VP of Personnel directors go into the HOF bother me greatly when they passed on Gil Brandt.

    Brandt was the teams original photographer and personnel director. We all know his accomplishments for America's Team draft America's Team Players (from 1960 to 1989). From Bob Lilly to Troy Aikman.

    However, I had the pleasure to spend almost 2 weeks with Gil Brandt when he was with the Cowboys. He has a memory that is incredible. Almost 30 years since we met, he not only remembered my relatives that was drafted and played in the NFL, he remembered me. I was not a pro prospect, I was just a young Cowboys fan that wanted to know if my cousin was considered to be a Cowboy and that the Cowboys would get some good players for the collapse of the USFL (I was with him when they got the news that the USFL players they drafted were now available for the NFL). If Gil Brandt did not have the foresight to draft Herschel Walker, there would not have been anything for Jimmy Johnson to trade to the Vikings that turn into the Team of the 90's.

    The original Cowboys triplets were not Troy, Emmitt, and Michael. It was Tex, Tom, and Gil. They had more playoff appearances, consecutive winning seasons, and played in more Super Bowls than the 2 set of Cowboys triplets.

    Congrats to the best President of Player Personnel the NFL has seen.
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    long over due...well deserved.
    helluva great trio...Coach,Tex and Gil.
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    I think a lot of recognition lost about the triplets is they had an owner that let them do their thing without getting in the way of their success.
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    Yes and why Clint Murchison Jr should be in the Ring of honor.

    He stayed in the shadows and let the football guys run operations.
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    We really love to over use the term triplets.

    Anytime the Cowboys have 3 of something they can't wait to call them triplets.
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    What’s wrong with that? I don’t understand the use of complaining over us using the word “triplets” when we are describing players/coaches that will make history/play really well together. I think it’s pretty neat.
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    It's just cringe for me.

    Romo Murray and Dez... Triplets!

    Dak Dez and Elliot.. Triplets!

    Now we got front office people who are now triplets.

    Like come on. Give it a rest.
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    If NE says they have a Brady bunch, then I'll know something definitely is amiss in the nfl. If that has all ready been addressed then please understand that I skip any news they have as quick as possible.
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    Triplets never won a playoff game without Novacek.
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    Agree witcha Greggo...Which is exactly why Jerry will never put Clint Murchison in the ROH. Murchison was a hands off owner that let the football guys he hired run the football stuff.
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    Happy to see Brandt get into the Hall of Fame.

    Everything you see in the draft process today- scouting combine, running the 40, the workouts, everything- that was all created by Gil Brandt.

    Before he introduced all this stuff to the Cowboys; teams literally went into the draft and selected names out of college football preview magazines. And I'm not joking, they did.
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    Jerry Jones is envious
  13. eromeopolk

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    Actually Clint Murchison results exceeds any owner in the HOF including Jerry Jones for his tenure. He hired HOF Tex Schramm, he decided to extend Tom Landry's contract after the 1963 season for 10 years, and he built Texas Stadium. He keep stability with the franchise. When Tex was ask what was the key to the success of the Cowboys franchise and any sport franchise, he said stability at ownership, coaching, and quarterback...Nuff Said.
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