Twitter: Broaddus: MM refused to help KM with postseason offense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jan 24, 2022.

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    You've hit the nail on the head.

    MM didn't want to be seen as heavily involved with the offense, so when it inevitably failed, he wouldn't have any fingerprints on it.
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  2. slick325

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    That's what it looks like.
  3. jsb357

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    if it's not from the front office down, one organization, one team, one goal, winning...

    then (as far as football performance goes) it's doomed to fail
  4. CouchCoach

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    Be great now if Quinn chimed in. "Mike asked if he could help me and I said only if you plop your badonkadonkabutt at LG and give my guys some competition".
  5. CowboyFrog

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    So safe to say 10 years of "Please fire Kellen" is comming...great.
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  6. CouchCoach

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    Anyone wondering why the coordinators are interviewing?
  7. BigD_95

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    why arent both MM & Moore fired yet. This is so depressing
  8. Wolfpack

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    This makes no sense what so ever.
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  9. JayFord

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    i agree

    its like the Construction Forman saying "I dont have anything to with the windows thats the other guys job"
  10. SackMaster

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    So MM is trying to get rid of KM before KM pulls what JG did to WP?

    But don't worry guys, the ONLY issue with the Cowboys is QB1.
  11. CyberB0b

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    He came here for an easy paycheck
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  12. mardwin

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    We are being unfair to MM. He is in a no-win situation like Wade Phillips, Jerry wanted to select the OC for the head coach. Can't fire the guy that your boss wants doing the job.
  13. blueblood70

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    more twisted words and lack of Intent for fans to debate., he didn't refuse to help him his words were more to hes not been meddling in KM duty's as most hcs do not. he might need to but its not like he didn't help the man if he asked. i like BB and other media like to twist words to suit their needs.

    what BB mean to say is it was obvious KM was struggling and MM didnt take over the play call duties. this might change in 2022 for sure but no way MM just threw KM under the bus and refused help, wrong word didn't offer help by taking over game plans and play calling duties.,.most do not do that in season but can be plan going forward or a new OC , OLC etc etc

    I like how this place wanted Garett to butt out but want MM to interfere lol you either do your job or be fired maybe time for Moore to part ways and let MM get that fixed for him..yuppers that how you do it.

    on a side note, not like any of the coaches can do the Offensive lines job and much of our issues were along the oL, they tried switching players etc but nothing worked the like all had issues not just one player. You cant run an offense well with the OL not executing and to boot the record setting number of penalties destroying drives.

    KM and Dak supposed to overcome so many 1sts and 20s and worse? zeke and the run game going to do well in that situation not many holes 3rd and 11 so many drives..NO they can NOT!

    PSS we did statistically whether accurately or not have a top 3 offense in the league or top in many categories in the NFC however that maybe skewed doesn't matter not like Moore was so bad we weren't functioning. Again, see above. constantly playing behind the chains can make any offsens struggle.
  14. kevm3

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    This is why McCarthy has to go. It was pretty clear he has a hands off approach to the team, hence them coming in completely unprepared over and over after a big win. His approach seems to be, "everybody just needs to do their job. It's not my business to keep them on task. They're getting paid for this" and that's the wrong approach to take if you want playoff success. It's the HC's job to keep everyone on task and make sure they are prepared and that's something we simply didn't see.
  15. kevm3

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    If he tanked the team by letting Kellen fail to 'show Jerry' that he should be allowed to pick his own OC, he needs to be gone yesterday. He needs to be a bigger man than that because he knew how Jerry was when he came here.
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  16. bayeslife

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    I mean what do you do from here besides canning the entire coaching staff? This is is just pathetic
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  17. Tommy

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    The only teams that have offensive coordinator problems are the teams that have QB problems.
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  18. CATCH17

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    Pretty much.

    I do think certain guys can give you a big edge but let’s not act like we’re in Garrett mode with Kellen.
  19. kevm3

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    I disagree with this. We see how vastly Quinn changed up the defense. Micah Parsons alone wasn't responsible for going from the worst defense in cowboys history to creating a turnover machine defense. Same with the offense. The offense looked significantly better when Moore didn't have Garrett over him, but it's clear that Moore's inexperience came into play and that DC's 'figured him out' and he didn't have the experience to adjust. This is where McCarthy should have stepped in.
  20. ESisback

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    Isn’t Broaddus a disgruntled ex-employee?
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