Browns Watson settles 20 lawsuits

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 21, 2022.

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    I think because if he leaves it in the hands of civil court, he could have to pay more, and I don't think NDA (non-disclosure agreements) are valid in a court of law, which is suppose to be public with records accessible to the public.
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    Generally speaking, I don't think we men understand sexual trauma like women do.

    For many women, they have to relive what happened to them during a trial and then run the risk of an unfavorable verdict, which proves all the more traumatic, i.e., the court saying something didn't happen when they know it did.

    I used to be of the opinion if you settled, you're admitting you're guilty or you're lying. But as I've come to understand this topic a little better and talk with women I know were virtuous and their experiences going through sexual abuse, sexual trauma, I've rethought my insensitive position.
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    I mean more so for the victims not him
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    Union has already said if he gets a years suspension, they are going to fight it and they are going to use Snyder, Jerry, and kraft cases as the basis of the fight. Im not really sure how good that argument is though as owners have no contact and clearly have nothing in writing about any owners conduct that hurts the league.i will enjoy seeing kraft get drug through the ringer though.
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    Well, that's what these woman all wanted from day 1, MONEY. Well, they got what they wanted.
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    You are making huge assumptions here. What makes you think investigators will believe every woman? How many prosecutors filed charges?
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    Somebody died in a shooting in LA, is Joseph responsible for that also?
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    "Appeared to be telling the truth?" Clinton was adamant...I did not have sexual relations with THAT
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    He has already been through depositions. Pretty much anything he would say in court has already been said. You settle because you might lose the case. You settle because something is better than nothing. You settle because you have already made the point through the deposition process and in the public forum. You settle because sometimes you just want it to be "over". The longer this goes on, the possibility of something coming out you don't want getting out. That applies to all involved.
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    Well I admitted that I'm not exactly trying to tell anyone what's what here....but kind of a difference between a random murder anywhere in the world vs one when you're present on the scene and in a vehicle with the suspect, no?

    Again, I'm not saying that ANYONE deserves a suspension. I'm just speculating as to what Roger may conclude, if there's a precedent, and how they deal with all of these issues simultaneously and have them all seem fair against one another, and/or suspensions of the past.

    Ezekiel Elliott got six games when there was about ZERO evidence against him.
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    If a man has to go to court, it's the right thing to do. A man is more likely not to report it. It doesn't make it right, and not reporting it, youre putting a lot more people at risk
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    I thought Watson wanted to clear his name, paying off 20 of them doesn't do that...
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    Zeke got 6 and per the investigation the lady said there was nothing to see here and still got 6. Think they got him for what occurred after that too.
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    I think you answered your own question.

    I have 2 daughters and if anyone made it to court in a healthy condition that my daughters said made inappropriate contact with them, I want everyone to believe their claims.

    But, lets not be naive concerning Deshaun Watson's situation:
    1. His college coach said he would be the "Micheal Jordan" of the QB position in the NFL. Until the allegations, He was living up to the hype
    2. Until Watson wanted out of Houston, he was held as a role model and commercial star in Houston Texas.
    3. Until he wanted out of Houston, the allegations spanned most of his entire time in Houston, TX without one misconduct claim.
    4. Strip joints, massage parlors, and spas go hand in hand in Texas disguising prostitution, sex trafficking, other illegal sexuall activities or happy ending massages.
    5. The Houston area is considered a hot bed for illegal sex activities by spas and massage parlors.
    6. Some of these women making claims against Watson were not even licensed as massage therapist.
    7. Criminal burden of proof and civil burden of proof is different but what is the same is that you are innocent until proven guilty.
    Again I repeat "Until Watson wanted out of Houston", he was Mr. HEB STORES while all these alleged sexual criminal activity was going on.

    You must not be a Dallas Cowboys fan. As you would remember the shake downs involving Michael Irvin, Erik Williams, Tony Dorsett, Drew Pearson, and other Dallas Cowboy players, management, and owners. Many of these cases and allegations were settled out of court. A settlement is not an admission of guilt. Civil cases only need 51% burden of proof. If he was receiving these happy ending massages, it would be illegal. Two wrongs don't make a right unless its 51% right.

    Finally, your point about using the number of women to prove a point is incredulous. You do not need 27 women to make an sexual assault claim valid in this country. One 21 year old woman can lie for over 50 years that a 14 years old boy, grab her, made sexual contact and obscenities to her that caused him to be slaughtered by people that believed her lies. That young boy did not get the chance to settle the case out of court. He was taken to a barn, beaten, mutilated, pistol whipped, shot, and body was dumped in the Tallahatchie River by the acquisition of one woman.

    Again, until 1-28-21, when he demanded a trade and said he would not play for the Texans again, Watson had no problems with his happy ending massages for 4.25 years. Then by coincidence at the start of the NFL offseason 3-16-21 the same year one massage therapist files a civil lawsuit. Did not file criminal charges, did not go to the police, did not go to her manager, and did not go to her employer with the allegation. Then 22 suits were filed 4-5-21 before the NFL draft. No press/media was given to the 18 professional massage therapists that expressed support of his character, saying that the allegations contradict their experiences with Watson. So if its a football score, you win 27-18. But, this is not a game.

    Again, if it looks like a duck, quack likes a duck, swims like a duck, flies like a duck, lays an egg like a duck...its a duck.
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    Would you feel that way if one of them was your daughter or granddaughter?
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    Did he pull the trigger? Did someone else have sex with the women that sued Watson?
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    Human nature is a complex and perplexing thing.
    Especially when you have two different genders who go through, experience and respond differently to situations that happen to them throughout life.
    And even that is being simplistic when you have to start considering past and upbringing and even more.
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    Will not make assumptions.
    None of us know enough and I will not pretend to know enough to judge.
    Just let this play out and hopefully something fair comes out of it.
    But as we all know, this world is not fair.
    For both genders.
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    No naivete here.
    1. So what if his college coach called him the "Michael Jordan" of the QB position? Why would the women even care about that?
    2. Actually, Watson wanted out of Houston because he was sore D. Hopkins was traded without his say so, and he wanted more say in personnel matters. When he didn't get that, he wanted out. I think the team was also sour on the owner especially about some comments he made regarding the team in general. Can't get into that here.
    3. So? We don't know when or whether the women were deciding to bring charges against Watson. Besides, why would they NOT bring forth their claims if he were about to the city? The timing doesn't automatically favor Watson's refutation about these incidents. It works to the women's favor also.
    4.5.6. Hmm? So Watson visits an illegal establishment? Actually, that's even more of a reason to believe the women. He frequents an illegal establishment and pulls out his junk because he believes "Hey, these women are rendering an illegal service. It's not like they're going to call the police on me." Sounds like the Warren Sapp case in which Sapp tells the police on a prostitute who stole his money. :laugh:
    7. You're also innocent until proven guilty until you pay off the plaintiffs. ;)
    The former is a legal standard, not a court of public opinion standard.

    First, I know all about most of those cases.
    Second, I think you're missing a key point. We're not talking about one or two women making such claims. We're talking about 27!
    Third, an admission may not legally be an admission of guilt, but it definitely isn't an admission of innocence either.
    Fourth, do you think Watson is the only player receiving massages? Why haven't we heard more about other players being accused by 27 women?

    But ... in a court of law or even by basic standards of evidence, 27 people alleging that one person committed a crime - unless there is obvious prejudicial issue - amounts to STRONG evidence. It's a basic principle in believability and credibility, i.e., the more witnesses, the more credible a case, unless one has video and audio tape and, even then, many will claim it was doctored or taken out of context.
    It's not every day 27 women testify against one man.

    You all keep bringing cases in which one woman or two women lied. Please cite cases such as this case or the Bill Cosby case where multiple women made accusations against one man and let's examine those for comparison.

    Already addressed this above.

    And, again, if multiple women - double digits in this case - accuse the same man of the same offense, based on rules of evidence, that makes a strong "case" for the 27 plaintiffs.

    Quack! Quack! :)
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    I think you're spot on.

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