News: BTB: It doesn’t look like the Cowboys were a real option for Earl Thomas in the end

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    Getting a little of the behind the scenes on the Earl Thomas decision.

    Earl Thomas is a member of the Baltimore Ravens and there are some Dallas Cowboys fans who are still trying to process this.

    This, of course, is because Thomas was supposed to be a Cowboy. It was a prophecy. Some time, long ago, Zeus and all the rest of the Greek gods got together and wrote in stone that one day ET would go home. I think that’s how it went down, anyway.

    That would not come to be obviously and everyone is trying to move on. Even Thomas is moving on as he was formally introduced by the Ravens. As he’s now part of that organization this includes meeting with the media and all the like.

    In an interview with the team’s official website Thomas revealed something interesting, the only other team that was really in the running for him was the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs, for the record, are not the Dallas Cowboys.

    Earl: So I thought I was going to go Kansas City on a two-year deal, one-year deal, and I was just going to bet on myself and hit the market again. Then my agents called me. They said that ‘Baltimore has made a deal for you.’ I said, ‘Hell, yeah. That’s where I’m going.’

    Kansas City did make a move for a safety in free agency by bringing in Tyrann Mathieu who most recently spent time with the Houston Texans. While there are many who tried to will Thomas to the Cowboys, it sounds like they weren’t even a second option.

    It also sounds like who the team was didn’t matter as much as what the contract was for. By his own admission, the deal was made by the Ravens to the point that it was even news to him, not necessarily something he negotiated or wanted. Obviously he gave his agents and representation some details on where he wanted to play, but apparently for whatever reason nothing materialized with the Cowboys.

    Well, that’s not exactly true. The reason is the money involved. Dallas was never going to give Thomas the deal that the Ravens did, and they’ll do without as a result.

    For what it’s worth both Kansas City and Baltimore are operating under situations where their quarterback is on a rookie contract. Many have begged for the Cowboys to show a similar aggressiveness since they’ve been in that boat for a while (to a greater degree even considering Dak Prescott’s draft position) but it wasn’t in the cards.

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    Yep, that ship sailed last spring. The draft pick demands of the SeaHawks were not the problem, knowing what "the player" wanted in the future was. Well, a combination of both. The only folks keeping this ET to the Cowboys thing going were dreamers, schemers, day dream believers and click bait artistes. Anything Cowboys is click bait worthy.

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