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News: BTB: Poll: Who is the most underrated player on the Dallas Cowboys?

Discussion in 'Newsfeed Zone' started by NewsBot, Jun 15, 2018.

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    Who is the most overlooked player on the roster?

    When you think of the Dallas Cowboys of today, chances are you think about young Pro Bowl quarterback Dak Prescott, one of the best running backs in the entire NFL in Ezekiel Elliott, or The Great Wall of Dallas. You could include defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence and “The General” Sean Lee.

    That said, there are also some unsung heroes up and down the roster, as well as some starters that happened to be overlooked because of the role in which they play or the players surrounding them.

    With that said, who do you believe is the most underrated player on the Cowboys’ roster, BTB?

    The Candidates

    L.P. Ladouceur

    LP Ladouceur has been with the Dallas Cowboys for well over a decade. In fact, he is now the longest-tenured player on the silver and blue roster following Jason Witten’s retirement, as the former California and CFL long snapper joined Dallas in the 2005 season. Ladoceur has always been important in an area of the game that receives hardly an credit and recognition. Still, though, Les Carpenter of the Guardian called LP “the perfect player”.

    You may have never heard of Ladouceur though he has played for more than a decade on one of the world’s most famous teams. Chances are you wouldn’t recognize him without his helmet since the majority of his television appearances are closeups of his backside in the instant before he flicks a football between his legs. You have, undoubtedly, seen his work in the form of a decade’s worth of precise snaps whistling true to Dallas punters or flying toward the hands of holders on extra points and field goals. It is highly unlikely you took a moment to marvel at his reliability.

    Ladoceur is also Jed’s pick for the most underrated player on the Cowboys.

    LP Ladoceur is pretty underrated. Some comments yesterday actually suggested we should cut him because he’s making “too much money.” Those folks apparently aren’t old enough to remember the days of our punters chasing down balls and extra points being more interesting than Jeff Heath at kicker. Heath, by the way, gets my second vote for underrated.

    Chris Jones

    Chris Jones has been one of the most consistent and most reliable punters for years during his time with America’s Team. Jones always seems to come up in big spots and help the Cowboys win the field position battle — a very important stat in determining the outcome of games.

    Fellow special team star, Dan Bailey, generally receives more of the hype, but Jones is among the elite at his position in his own right. Here’s one example of his ability to flip the field and pin opponents deep in their own territory:

    Chris Jones is having himself quite a season. pic.twitter.com/2407oyhRXa

    — Cowboys Nation (@cowboysnation) January 1, 2017

    But, Jones has shown he can do more than just be a really, really good punter. Need a first down in a big game? Call number 5, he will come through.

    The Puntisher, Chris Jones, WHO IS HAVING A HELL OF A SEASON, I believe he’s on pace to set the record for Punts downed inside the 20... anyway I’ll stop talking now because WATCH THIS!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/l3Ryxx89Qe

    — Cowboys Nation (@cowboysnation) December 18, 2017

    What about if you need a thundering hit on a punt return? Yes, Chris Jones is your guy for that, too.

    Chris Jones appreciation tweet. Anybody else ready for football to come back? #PUNTisher #CowboysNation

    ️: @NFL pic.twitter.com/OHHhwh8Irg

    — SportsDay Cowboys (@dmn_cowboys) May 13, 2018

    The Puntisher has been with the Cowboys since 2011. Be grateful that we have him on our team.

    The PUNTisher. pic.twitter.com/Bjbf4oV4ED

    — Dallas Cowboys (@dallascowboys) December 27, 2016
    Byron Jones

    From special teams to the defensive side of the ball — what about Byron Jones? The 2015 first-rounder hasn’t had a career that is going to make him an All-Pro, but Jones’ ability to make big tackles while also guarding tight ends in the middle of the field has made him a valuable component to the Cowboys.

    We recently wrote on three players that have the chance to be a breakout player for the Cowboys on the defensive side. Byron was one of the choices, largely because of his success defending in the slot.

    Byron Jones allowed the lowest passer rating in slot coverage last season! pic.twitter.com/3KrAAnKhN6

    — Pro Football Focus (@PFF) June 5, 2018

    Our own Michael Sisemore believes he is the pick for the ’Most Underrated’ title.

    Underrated- Byron Jones. Just because the Cowboys haven’t figured out where they want him to play doesn’t mean he hasn’t been a solid player. He’s played all 48 games since being drafted which is better than most his draft class. He’s made saving tackles and broken up huge passes. He may not have the stat line for takeaways but Byron Jones has been on of the better defenders the team has had.

    Byron Jones seals the game with a Pick Six off Cousins. #DALvsWAS #CowboysNationpic.twitter.com/EoyE7EQDI7

    — Dylan (@DylansFreshTake) October 30, 2017
    La’el Collins

    For all of the hype that the Great Wall of Dallas gets, La’el Collins probably gets the least amount of recognition. Think about it: Tyron Smith is the best left tackle in the league, Zack Martin is the best guard in the league, and Travis Frederick is the best center in the league. Even rookie left guard Connor Williams is getting a lot of attention.

    That said, Collins is a pretty solid starting offensive lineman in the NFL. A former projected first-round selection originally began his career with the Dallas Cowboys as an offensive guard; however, an injury three games into his debut season forced Ronald Leary into his spot. Leary obviously departed in the following offseason, but the staff moved Collins to right tackle.

    Collins had a learning curve out there, but the former LSU Tigers lineman also had his moments as well.

    For those worried about La'el Collins at RT, watch the OAK game. Considering the level of competition, this was LC's most impressive performance. It's a big reason why I'm not worried about his future, and he should only get better from here. #Cowboys pic.twitter.com/3oKHnlW6Dx

    — John Owning (@JohnOwning) May 9, 2018

    Our own DannyPhantom selects Collins as the most unnderrated player on the squad.

    My underrated vote would go to La’el Collins. He gets lost in the mix with the 3 All Pros, but I think he makes a serious push for a Pro Bowl bid this season. In just his first year at right tackle, he had half the penalties as Free and went up against some tough competition last year.

    La'el Collins will have his hands full in his first season at right tackle pic.twitter.com/KspWSwof9k

    — Pro Football Focus (@PFF) July 18, 2017

    And, who can forget this play?

    La'el Collins #CowboysNation pic.twitter.com/ZJofDvdVSt

    — COWBOYS (@AmericasTeam_21) May 28, 2018

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  2. TwentyOne

    TwentyOne Well-Known Member

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    I have to go with La'el if i have to stick to the list of candidates.

    This guy did everything we asked him to do. Switches positions without the preparation of a full offseason. Beat out our starting guard before that. He didnt look great in the first few games at RT but he made progress and held his own at the end of the season against good LDEs.

    Still this guy is criticized hard and doesnt get the Credit he deserves.

    Ladeucer may not get the attention but everytime we speak about him everybody praises his good play and his durability. So he is not underrated.

    Same goes with our punter. His performances are always well appreciated.

    Byron Jones is flat out overrated.

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