Twitter: C. Williams, Gallup and Schultz earn PPE bonus

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Feb 23, 2021.

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    2018 draft picks Connor Williams (second round), Michael Gallup (third) and Dalton Schultz (fourth) earned increases to their 2021 base salaries under Proven Performance Escalator program based on playing time in their first three seasons. Williams and Gallup will make $2.433 million this season, according to the NFLPA web site, up from $1.33 million and $920,000 respectively. Schultz, who played in 84.8% of the snaps last season, will make $2.183 million, up from $920,000.

    Todd Archer, ESPN Staff Writer
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    I thought this was because they wore their masks right all year....
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    Good job connor
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    Did they get paid in masks and hand sanitizer?

    I'll be here all week. Try the veal.
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    Good for them.
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    Happy for all of them :)
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    They earned it.
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    If LVE can stay healthy then that’s 4 starters in one draft, extremely underrated class that also includes Cedrick Wilson/Dorance Armstrong who have both contributed in some capacity; though I think Wilson’s the higher upside player.
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    That's about 3.5M more than last year with a reduced cap assumed.
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    I wish my employer would hand out million dollar PPE bonuses as I outperform my co-workers on a weekly basis:confused:
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    Wilson is the most underrated player on the Cowboys offense and he's gonna make a real nice value WR one day if this league ever gives him a real shot.

    Dak was starting to shift targets from Gallup to Wilson just this year in fact. Then Dak went down and the circle jerk of QBs left standing never figured out how to get the ball to the WR4, which is pretty understandable.

    My confidence in Wilson is a large component of my willingness to see what we can get for Gallup. His stock is very high right now as he looked like a guy whose only limiting factor is starting behind two great WRs.

    Let's assume we can get a 3rd round comp pick for Gallup. Well, comp picks are at the end of the round, so if you can get any 3rd for him at all, it's an upgraded pick. I for one believe we could get a 2nd or a 3rd plus something. Then let Lamb develop and move Wilson to WR3, get Jarwin back, we won't even miss Gallup's target share.

    So yes I did come in this thread meant to celebrate Gallup and others and instead I tried to talk everyone into trading him. :D
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    This is such a great thing to have on your team. Players who out perform their contract and get a non cap related bonus. Our team is so full of the opposite it is a shame.
  15. Motorola

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    I wonder if Schultz thought he could have earned the PPE after the 2019 season if no. 82 had not returned to team after his retirement.
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    Well deserved
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    I don't understand this. We used a 3rd round pick to acquire him. He has significantly outperformed his draft slot. We should be seeking more than a 3rd in any trade as now the "unknown" is "known".
    I know people will chime in about the acquiring team now has to pay him. True but that didn't stop the Seahawks from trading multiple picks for a first round pick in Jamal Adams. There are many other examples. Point is that a proven player has more value than a projected college player and avoiding risk has a value.
    Seems like we always undervalue our assets & overvalue those we acquire.
  18. DasSchnitzel

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    I understand your perspective, and I would agree with you if we didn't have Cooper and Lamb ahead of Gallup with Wilson behind him.

    Given that we do have those other options at WR, and we do have a salary cap to deal with, I would much rather have a chance at another defensive player than yet another mouth to feed on offense.

    Gallup is just redundant at this point. The reason why it's Gallup that I put as redundant is that he's got the most upside in a trade and he's the least talented of the top 3 WRs.

    Just think about it: Cooper, Lamb, Wilson, Brown, Schultz, Jarwin, Zeke, Pollard. We just don't need Gallup, at all, and meanwhile our defense is literally terrible.

    I agree I hope we get more than a flat third but imo, a flat third is still worth it. No reason to be this deep at WR when our roster is full of holes. The WR3 ain't that important.
  19. Flamma

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    Yep. Everyone mentioned will probably be either traded or play their last year in 2021. The 2018 draft is up for an extension. I don't see many, if any, getting an extension.
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    The round 3 cutoff was 15mil this year. I doubt Gallup makes that. At most a 4th round comp pick. Maybe less if he his production drops cause we'd rather use and develop Wilson and Jarwin.

    Just move on now if we can get a 3rd. PFF seems to estimate we could get a 3rd and 4th from Miami. We should take that in a second.

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