Call me crazy, but I think a 3rd tag might be a possibility

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jaythecowboy, Mar 3, 2021.

  1. jaythecowboy

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    Pretty much everyone has dismissed a third tag out of hand (myself included) because it would cost roughly $50 million. But the more I think about it the Cowboys front office may at least considering be a third tag if they can't get a deal done this year. The salary cap is expected to rebound with greater attendance and new tv deals. Also the Cowboys don't have anyone coming that's even worth paying a sizable deal besides Gallup. It's questionable if paying Gallup is even reasonable given Cooper is already making $20 million. Is it reasonable to be spending almost $40 million at the receiver position? Not saying a third tag is actually on the table, but simply letting your biggest asset walk for a 3rd round comp pick is indefensible. If the Cowboys went through the draft with Dak on the tag and don't make a move at qb, the potential of a third tag would be the only way I could rationalize such a move.
  2. JoeKing

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    You're crazy.
  3. lkelly

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    Do you play Madden with the salary cap turned off?
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  4. big dog cowboy

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    Is that allowed in the CBA? I didn't think so.
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  5. Jake

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    That seems like a silly strategy to me, so I can't rule it out given we're talking Jerry & Stephen.
  6. ChronicCowboy

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    Can’t afford it...Dak either signs long term or he is gone next offseason.
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  7. Jake

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    It's allowed, but it is cost-prohibitive.

    From the CBA: Any club that designates a player as a franchise player for the third time shall, on the date the third such designation is made, be deemed to have tendered the player a one-year NFL player contract for the greater of ...

    — (A) the average of the five largest prior year salaries for players at the position with the highest such average

    — (B) 120 percent of the average of the five largest prior year salaries for players at the position at which the player participated in the most plays during the prior league year

    — or (C) 144 percent of his prior year salary.
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  8. John813

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    It is allowed up to three times.

    It'll be 144% of the previous years salary for the 3rd time
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  9. panchucko

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    So can we skip the second tag so Dak gets all the Money
  10. Doomsday101

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    I want a long term deal because 37 alone in one big hit is more than Dallas can do. 4 to 5 year deal you can work the numbers and be able to use other contracts to restructure and also restructure on a contract on Dak 2 to 3 years into it. 3rd tag if not mistaken is over 50 mill and with tags you are hit with one lump sum.
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  11. Jake

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    Say the third tag is $52 million. The Cowboys will have paid Dak $120 million for 3 years, only to watch him leave. :muttley:
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  12. fivetwos

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    I didn't realize this.

    As inept as the two morons are, I'm positive they understand all the rules that some of us forget and/or didn't know.

    That's a ton of leverage back the teams way that I thought was lost after last off season.
  13. Silly

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    do whatever it takes to win!!!!
  14. Loso86

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    Yea you are psychotic with that one bro lol
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  15. sunalsorises

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    Tagging Dak again will put his salary at almost $90 million for 2 years, all guaranteed. I'm pretty sure Jerry and company can offer him something more team friendly that would not put Dak's contract at $45 million per year. Even three years at $120 million all guaranteed is better for the team.
  16. MarcusRock

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    Leverage back the team's way? How so? Did you read the post right above yours? If this happens Dak not only gets $40M AAV, but he gets it all guaranteed PLUS will be a free agent with new TV deals on the horizon just like he wanted. The team would get his services for 2 more years with a comp pick in return.

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    What is wrong with Cowboy fans who think Dak is worth his weight in GOLD????????? He hasn't won a dam thing, big deal he went 13-3 his rookie season with an OUTSTANDING O-Line! Since that 2016 season the O=Line has been on the decline and so has Dak. He feeds on bottom feeders and he struggles against class act teams. Big dollar QBs know how to lead teams to victories against AVERAGE teams and Dak hasn't caught on to that concept yet. Check the record, how many victories were against teams with winning records???????????????? Hell, how many opening drive TDs has Dak lead this team too in the last 3 yrs???????? All we have is a larger version on Robert Griffin III.............................
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  20. fivetwos

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    Right and it's not ideal, but without the threat of the extra tag, if he doesn't get what he wants now, all he needs to do is sign the tag and show up to make 37 million and be free in 10 months.

    I can't see how id ever back down if I'm Prescott.

    With an extra season plus to control him, that changes things a bit.

    Nothing was ever extra btw, I just didn't know.

    My comment was based on my line of thinking.

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