Call me crazy, but I think a 3rd tag might be a possibility

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jaythecowboy, Mar 3, 2021.

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    That would speak volumes as to how poorly the front office has handled this process. 130ish million of guaranteed money over the course of 3 years.

    I agree with you that letting Dak walk for only a comp pick is indefensible. If they can't get something worked out by the time of the draft they probably need to take a QB. Then I could see tagging him after he has another year of big stats in this offense, but only with the idea of trading him from there. My question is if another team traded for him could they negotiate a long term deal and un-tag him? I ask because that cap hit is unlikely to be absorbed by many teams. Although the future of the cap may be much higher by that point.
  2. CowboysWillRise

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    Dang it. I'm not positive, but am fairly certain "nut case" is also not politically correct. Maybe "of their rocker" would work?
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    if they cant get a deal worked out this year then this will be his last year after the tag. I think the cowboys have been pretty fair here and thats coming from someone who likes Dak
  4. fivetwos

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    Well what's the alternative?

    If he could leave in ten months vs not really?

    You DO all understand that the third tag existing is better than it NOT existing from the teams perspective, yes?
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    The alternative is the non-exclusive tag. Dak gets other teams to offer contracts so we get to see the market play out. If Dallas doesn't want to match, they get two first round picks as compensation.

    I think the Pats would definitely make an offer, they have 68M in cap space and could lock down their QB for several years. Plus they have room to bring in some good skill players as well.
  6. jujoboys

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    You are basically giving him a 2 year $90 million contract if you do that with a $37 million CAP hit in 2021 and a $53 million CAP hit in 2022. The 3rd Franchise tag is a 44% increase over his current tag amount. That would be crazy. Don't get me wrong because I am a big Dak fan and would like to see him signed to a long term deal (at least 5 years) where we could spread the CAP hit out. However, if we can't get him signed and we have to place a 2nd Franchise tag on him then my hope would be that he immediately signs the Tag and we attempt to trade him. IMO, if we don't get a deal done with him this year then he will be a free agent next year and we will lose him with only a 3rd round comp pick in 2023 to show for it. If we can't get him signed by the draft then I would rather draft one of these young guys and have a fresh start.
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  8. cowboyec

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    i don't think so.
    if he plays this year on the tag...i think he walks.
    that 3rd tag price is more than what he wants now.
    if they don't like that 40 number....they ain't gonna like that 3rd tag price at all.
  9. Mr_V

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    Tag and trade him immediately.
  10. starfan1

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    I’m not sure i get why so many fans think this is possible . There are at least 5 good or decent qbs coming out of draft and someone still has to pay Dak

    this whole tag and trade stuff for 2 first rounders is really not realistic especially coming of his injury

    his best place is here and if he can’t get a deal worked out here he’ll be gone next year
  11. john van brocklin

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    Ok, your crazy lol
  12. Adreme

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    not really as Dak would be completely fine with a 1 year 51 million dollar deal. That is no leverage.
  13. kevinhickey

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    I hope not. I can’t take another year of listening to this drama. It’s simple for the Cowboys; do you want to sign Dak at a value that works for the team or do you draft a new QB and move on. Jerry just make a decision?
  14. Mr_V

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    Not for 44M it is definitely not the place for him. Handcuffing the team so we can't go ahead.

    FVSTONE Well-Known Member

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    I'll find that I would rather hook my cart up to the other QBs anytime over the greedy Prescott. A 4th rd nothing in college, got a chance to lead the Cowboys because of the Romo injury. I give the coaches a lot of props because they knew that with that O-Line they had AND regardless of the QB they could make the playoffs if the didn't ask alot from Prescott. When Prescott was asked to carry the load we all saw the results and they haven't been pretty. Prescott has been shakier than a team of hairless Chiwawas pulling a sled in -10 degrees. When he facing AVERAGE TEAMS he nuts up and when he facing bottom feeders he's running up his stats!
  16. D_Boyz

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    Wasn't he in the running for Heisman? Lmao dude you need to stop:muttley:. Not many qbs can compensate for having Allen Hurns as their #1, missing a starting LT and also the superstar running back.

    FVSTONE Well-Known Member

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    Prescott hasn't done squat in the NFL and for him to come to the table demanding top dollar is a f#$%^&king joke. He's not the team player all the EXPERTS have been raving about, if he was he would realize that this team isn't going anywhere if they give him anywhere close to his DEMANDING price. I hope JJ jumps him, loads up on the O-Line and goes out and drafts a better rookie QB than Prescott was in college. A rookie who the coaching will have plenty of confidence in and will unleash on the NFL. Here's also hoping Prescott ends up playing for the WFT and get's his *** handed to him every weekend like Robert Griffin III.
  18. D_Boyz

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    I was wrong, but he did lead the bull dogs to beign ranked #1...
  19. Flamma

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    It's not indefensible. This tag should be non exclusive. This way you're getting two first round picks for losing him. If no one is willing to offer that, how great of an asset is he?
  20. Hawkeye0202

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    The last estimate I saw was $59M......

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