Cam Erving didn’t look too bad in the games that he played

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ThatJerryKid, Nov 28, 2020.

  1. ThatJerryKid

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    I was expecting a disaster. I was pleasantly surprised that he actually looked like a pro tackle. Much better than Knight and Steele.
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  2. dogberry

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    Now that we are back to Knight and Steele what plays can we run?
  3. JoeKing

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    I will hurt to have him out, "multiple ganmes" as MM said.
  4. buybuydandavis

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    Per PFF, Erving is having his best season ever. Still meh, but not horrible.
    2020 57.0
    2019 44.8
    2018 45.9
    2017 47.7
    2016 46.6
    2015 40.2

    Knight has dropped to 58.3.
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  5. ThatJerryKid

    ThatJerryKid cowboys31

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    QB kneel and hope our D can hold them to a 0-0 tie.
  6. Captain-Crash

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    the young man was a hustler and seemed to give high effort on all plays.
  7. DuncanIso

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    he’s an avg T.

    not bad. Not good.
  8. conner01

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    He’s a solid veteran player and good swing tackle
    Though I think the future swing guy is knight
  9. conner01

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    An avg T as a backup is a home run
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  10. cowboyschmps3

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    Oh yeah he played a lot better than I expected him too. You know after some ugly showings from Cleveland & with the chiefs. What he can say over his teammates is he’s got the SB ring lol.
  11. OmerV

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    Ultimately, I think we have great depth in the O-line, but the problem is that the "depth" players are being thrust into starting roles. This would be fine if it were just one, or maybe two positions, but realistically we haven't had 2 of our O-Line anchors this year (Frederick and Collins), another has missed most of the year (Smith), and another his missed a few games, and has now switched O-Line positions to help cover the losses (Martin).

    The O-line has struggled some this year because of that, but it's not because the individual depth players aren't strong backups. I think McGovern, Biadasz, Irving and Knight have shown they can play, and it would be different having those kinds of players step in for a game or two, or even longer term as long as the bulk of the starters are still in place. The problem is having the O-line comprised mostly of backups.
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  12. Creeper

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    I don't get some of the sarcastic remarks to this comment. Erving, Williams, Looney, McGovern, Martin was much more effective than Knight, Williams, Looney, McGovern, Steele. I think that was pretty obvious just watching the Vikings game, then the game against the WFT. So, Erving did not do a bad job filling in for Tyron Smith. Absolutely a true statement. There is no further meaning in it than that.. No one is suggesting he makes the Cowboys a playoff team or that he will be the reason they win the division. Be he did not appear to be a major weakness, like say Chaz Green.

    I actually think, if by some miracle Martin and Erving can make it back for the last two games against the Eagles and Giants, the Cowboys could win both games. They certainly have a better chance with them than without them.

    Even if just Erving comes back and Knight goes out to RT, I think the Cowboys OL is better. Steele is just not ready to be a starter yet.

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