Can Simi Fehoko a Difference Maker?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pass2Run, Apr 21, 2022.

  1. lkelly

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    Considering the letters in his name can be rearranged to spell "If I smoke ho", I think it's pretty safe to say that he'll be remembered in some form or fashion as a Cowboy. Might want to have one of them Randy Gregory morals clauses in his contract.
  2. RonWashington

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    First he has to get past Noah Brown
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  3. fansince68

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  4. unionjack8

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    Highly doubt he'll have even a minor impact
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  5. ghst187

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  6. BHendri5

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    Yes he can
  7. Beaker42

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    No - unless his hands improve.
  8. Typhus

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    Time for the V Man to shine...
  9. kskboys

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    Hope so, but he sure looked awkward out there.
  10. Typhus

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    Some depth needs to transcend.
    Its a fairly deep WR draft, so not to concerned about the WR position, but some depth stepping up would be timely.
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  11. DanA

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    Honestly, I'd be surprised if he made the roster. He didn't do much of anything last season, not even on special teams.
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  12. TequilaCowboy

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    I guess we can hope....but realistically i think Simi is a jag until proven otherwise, he needs to have a big TC and PS. Difference maker? probably not. Contributor, who knows.
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  13. Mannix

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  14. buybuydandavis

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    Simi "You may as well put on some weight and try to be a TE because you'll never be an NFL WR" Fehoko
  15. Pass2Run

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    I hope so.

    People are sleeping a little on Fehoko, I suspect.
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  16. Pass2Run

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    Not really the case.

    You can move different guys around in that formation. I can imagine scenarios where Fehoko would fit in well in a 2 TE set. Those TEs aren't always the blocking type of players.

    I get you want guys who can do both, but that's why they're telling him to put on weight.

    That, and having some upper body strength would help his game in the NFL anyway.
  17. baltcowboy

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    Really? He made the team last year and we had Wilson and Cooper. Like I have been saying on the draft zone, the Cowboys expect development from their second year players. Simi will get a shot at Wilson’s spot. Hopefully he excels at Special teams.
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  18. Bullflop

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    Fehoko is pretty much a mystery to one and all at this juncture. The 'Boys were even considering making a TE out of him. I wonder what'll come of that! Maybe nothing is my best guess. I think he'll be given a few chances in TC. If so, he'd better make the most of them, since they'll very likely evaporate quickly with a rookie WR or two to test. We might welcome at least one into the fold early in the draft. That would prove quite interesting, in itself.
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  19. charron

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    Maybe he does. All of the guys coming out of college have some ability. What makes players great can not be taught. It's their drive to keep pushing themselves to be great. Having said that this guy failed to make the 53 roster for 18 weeks including when Gallup was missing games and both CD and Cooper were compromised. If the coaches didn't want him then, what are the chances he gets a shot now?

    Same coaches mind you that watch pollard break off a 40 yard run then get zero carries for the raining 2.5 quarters.
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  20. Bobhaze

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    I’m a huge Texas Tech fan and saw TJ Vasher play a ton in college. He was a good college player who is is not an NFL player IMO. He’s makes an occasional circus catch followed by 3 drops of passes that are easily catchable. He’s big and can high point the ball…but he’s very slow. Never played STs in college because he’s injury prone.

    Hate to say it but I’ll be be shocked if Vasher even makes the team.
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