News: Can the Cowboys recover losses?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by garyo1954, Mar 23, 2020.

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    ".....the exodus of defenders and a not-yet-replaced slot receiver Randall Cobb might leave Cowboys fans wondering: How will Dallas handle the roster turnover?

    "McCarthy has addressed the matter, briefly, in the two-plus months since he relocated to North Texas.

    “I think if you have a system of defense where you need a certain player to fit your scheme, you’re limiting your personnel department,” McCarthy said in a Jan. 16 sitdown with beat writers. “We know what a Dallas Cowboys football player looks like: the length, the athletic ability.

    “Let’s get as many good football players as we can possibly can. It’s our job as coaches to make sure our scheme boundaries are plenty wide enough to fit any excellent football players into our program.”"
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    This happens every year. We have a lot of FA's, we lose more than we gain, but yet the never get worse or better from the FA period.
    As long as that happens, then improve from the draft. And we are better.

    With the new coaching and schemes we will be even better.
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    I’d like to see a trade for a difference making better at either corner or defensive end.
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    we lost maliek collins....signed Gerald McCoy and close to signing Dontari Poe.
    we lost a 3T....gained a 6xpro bowl 3T and a fat belly.
    im not smart but i like that math.
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    If Randy is back and healthy, and we take CJ Henderson at #1; are you happy with the defense on paper?

    RDE rotation: T-Craw, Randy, Armstrong, Jackson, Jelks

    CB: Henderson, Awuzie, Lewis, Brown, Canady

    Personally, I feel as though between Armstrong/Jackson/Jelks we get someone who takes a step forward to be a pass rush threat. None need to be 7 sack guys though it would be nice, just a consistent rush assuming RG is back to 2018 form.

    CJ would need to live up to his draft billing for me to be completely happy at CB
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    Actually I’m quite happy about a fairly big turnover from the Garrett years. I like the new staff and want them to go get their guys for their system.
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  7. CATCH17

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    On paper it is worse then last year but is acceptable.
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    Yeah, we lost guys in an 8-8 season. I'm not sweating it.
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    There are ways to recover from any loss.

    We lost Quinn's 11.5 sacks and Bennett's 4 sacks (in half a season). That's good production. We lost Collins, too, but his 4 sacks in a whole season isn't as tough to replace.

    So that's 19.5 sacks we need to make up.

    Well, Gerald McCoy was a 5-sack guy last year and it's not unreasonable to ask for that again. So now we're down to 14.5 sacks we need to make up.

    Demarcus Lawrence had an off year with only 5 sacks last year. I don't think it's realistic to expect him to bounce back to match his fluky career-high sack totals. But a bounceback season that ups his production without even hitting double-digits seems realistic enough to ask for. So let's say he bounces back with a nice little 9-sack season. Now we're down to 10.5 sacks we need to make up.

    Tyrone Crawford gave us 1 sacks in 4 games in an injury-shortened season. Which matches his pace since he's always a guy who is good for 4 or 5 sacks most years. So if we bring him back and he's healthy, he gives us 4 sacks. Or let's say we cut him and spend that money on a guy who gives us 4 sacks. That's an improvement of 3 sacks, so now we're down to 7.5 sacks to make up. And we haven't even talked about Quinn's replacement at DE yet...

    The last time Randy Gregory played for us, he gave us 6 sacks. Now, he did that without the full snap count of a starter (Quinn and Lawrence both played 60-ish percent of the snaps last year), and the math says his sack total would've risen to 8 if he was given a starter's workload. But I'll be conservative here and stick with the 6-sack figure instead of asking for 8. So now we're down to needing to make up 1.5 sacks.

    At this point, our pass rush is effectively about where it was at in 2019. And there's no end to the number of scenarios where we make up (and hopefully improve on) on the last 1.5 sacks we need to make up.

    Maybe Dorance Armstrong makes progress and gives us 4 sacks instead of 2. Maybe Nolan blitzes more and the linebacker unit gives us 5 or 6 sacks instead of the 3 it gave us in 2019. Maybe guys like Hyder and Covington, who each played 16 games and managed only 1 sack each, are replaced with guys who give us 2 sacks each. Maybe Antwan Woods (or whoever his replacement is if he doesn't make the team) gives us 1.5 sacks like he did in 2018 instead of the zero sacks he gave in 2019.

    Or maybe the draft falls just right and we add a good pass-rushing DE in the 1st or 2nd round. Or a DT with some pass-rush chops.

    Replacing those 19.5 sacks isn't an impossible feat, no matter how daunting it sounds to say we have to replace the production of Quinn and Bennett.
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  10. QuincyCarterEra

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    At this point we will not be able to replace Quinn or Byron through free agency

    HHCD is an upgrade to Heath
    Poe is an upgrade to Wise
    McCoy is equivalent to Collins being a worse pass rusher while better run defender
    Cobb, Witten, XSF, and Fleming could all be replaced easily if we wanted
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    I hated seeing Cobb and Quinn leave outside of that yes Dallas should be able to replace and in some instance upgrade over the lost player.
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    Not hard to replace scrubs like Heath, Collins, Witten, ect..ect… I could even care less about Cobb. What did Cobb do? Nada!!

    McCoy is much better than Collins and Ha ha is a big step up from the horrid Heath. I am looking forward to Devon Smith playing in place of Cobb even if they don't bring in another veteran.
  13. CowboyRoy

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    Collins I don't even consider a pass rusher. Collins was a joke. McCoy is a big upgrade in both areas. Poe blows away anyone we had playing DT as well.

    Quinn was no big loss to me and if Gregory comes back and is in shape, I wont even miss him.
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    Even when tagged, Dak’s salary hit makes it hard to maintain or improve the talent level. Add D-Law and Cooper’s salary cap hits to the mix and it makes improving the talent level as just about impossible to improve upon.
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    Cobb bauled Dak out a lot by catching all those high passes and passes that was behind him over the middle. Cobb also absorbed all of those hard hits that came as a result of poorly placed passes. Cobb could have protected himself and let those passes go right on by to be intercepted, but he didn’t. Smith has made little to no impact and it is doubtful that he can ever reach playing at the level that Cobb has played.
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    You might not have considered him one, but he was. Top 8 in pass rush win % amongst DTs last year. McCoy is a downgrade in the pass rush area like I just said.

    I can see youre one of those "whoever leaves sucks" and whoever we bring in is "better than anything we've had" types. Grass is always greener.

    Thinking Quinn is no big loss while claiming Poe is this miraculous player shows very little knowledge on the topic.
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    Very few posts on this site have been as wrong as this one. It's almost an intentional intent to say the exact opposite of the truth. Some sort of satire?
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    Someone tossed that stat out in another thread. What exactly does it measure?
  19. Doomsday101

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    True then again McCoy played left DE same as Lawrence. I wonder if the Cowboys may use Lawrence a bit more on the right side
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