Can we just get over this? Maybe. maybe not

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. ShiningStar

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    im a one team kinda guy.

    its Dallas or none. i cant even see myself rooting for another team at this junction.

    id rather walk away, which is where im at right now.
  2. stiletto

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    Redball, you gonna change your handle and sig soon? LOL
  3. CATCH17

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    This issues probably do go deeper but before we get too deep lets cover our bases with players and coaching because that is all we can really hope for.

    If Jerry hires the right coach and lets them do their thing this team will win.

    IF he hires a buddy like Garrett they will continue to waste whatever talent they bring in here.

    The talent evaluators have done their job well.. Fix the coaching. They can win within this culture with good player and good coaching. They just have refused to put the 2 together because Jerry's ego has been tied to Garrett.
  4. charron

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    That is the big if. If the new HC can pick his staff as they all need to be able to work together. if the new HC can cut bait and hire a new guy if a position coach isn't getting the job done. Those are huge and those are something Jerry wouldn't let one of his closest friends in garrett do, he's not changing now.
  5. johneric8

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    You sir, have the shortest paragraphs known to man! You are one with the space bar, I commend you! Having said that, I agree with much of what you said, but I do have to say that we are spoiled expecting our team to just keep winning as they did in many years past so we do have to temper our expectations just a bit.

    The #1 issue I have with our team and I think many of us concur is the buffoon we have as an owner. He sounds like JR Ewing after he had been shot and half brain dead. He makes us a joke, and all the yes men around him allow it to keep happening. It really saddens me, and it makes it hard for me, or anyone to take the Cowboys serious.
  6. Fire407

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    I don't think so. If we were to get a good HC, we have the talent to do really well next season.
  7. charron

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    The HC can only do so much. The best teams don't simply have a good HC they have really good position coaches typically ones that earned a shot (but failed) at being a HC. This is where we lack the most and Jerry has not and will not give power to a HC to hire or fire his staff. He did so with parcels to use parcels to help gather support for a stadium. Once done he began his old ways and parcels had enough.
  8. CATCH17

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    He won't get another high profile Bill Parcells type unless he gives them control.

    Jerry has done it his way. It failed. The whole world is watching..

    What are you going to do Jerry? Hire some scrub in the Garrett mold that has no business coaching a team like this or go get a high profile coach and focus on winning instead of your ego?

    DUO_CORE Well-Known Member

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    I only read the thread title:
    I am over it and have been over it for quite some time:

  10. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Maryland is worse than Dallas. lol
  11. charron

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    You underestimate what Jerry can and will do. Jerry wouldn't let longtime friend/coach Garrett hire or fire his own staff but he will let another guy he's less personally involved with have that power? No. Jerry will sell this team as ready to win a SB and an alpha guy like Meyer or other will absolutely take it. Maybe some changes get made but no doubt Meyer or whoever will not have total control of their staff or players.
  12. TheStarInFLA

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    When I was ten and did something wrong and overcame my need for self preservation to lie and admitted that I did something wrong my Dad thanked me for acting like a man by being honest. By the time I was 15 I figured out that I could use “admitting my mistakes” as a way to skirt ultimate responsibility.
  13. yimyammer

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    Be careful, you keep talking like this and the fan cops are gonna come after your fan card

    Now, get back to being a good little soldier and put your head in the sand like a real fan!

  14. OmerV

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    I haven't been duped. Don't really think most fans have. Most have known Jerry is a problem for years. Even if I didn't know, I still wouldn't call it being duped. Fandom is voluntary, and the Cowboys are simply the team I have always rooted for. Jerry didn't have to dupe me to make me a fan, or even keep me as one. It's just what I am. Disagreeing with the team or being frustrated with it doesn't change that.

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