Video: CBS: Cowboys make huge mistake drafting Micah Parsons

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Apr 30, 2021.

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    They also made a huge mistake paying Dak as much as they did, so who they wasted a draft pick on should come as no surprise. Trading out of the top 10 was pretty dumb too, especially since it went to a division rival. To me it just proves Jerry's desire to be 'relevant' and 'interesting' rather than trying to build a championship roster.
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  3. Batman1980

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    Huge mistake? No. Questionable pick? Yes.
  4. The Quest for Six

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    Not a fan of Parsons at all, the best part of this selection is that Dallas got the 84th pick from Philly.. Slater would have been a better pick
  5. brooksey1

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    Haters. Parsons was graded a better talent than Slater who was the next option. I'll take my chances with Tyron Smith over the garbage we had at LB.
    We need to draft a few O-lineman in this draft
  6. Cowboyny

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    CBS made a huge mistake by letting Dane leave, their draft coverage used to be one of the best, now is one of the worst.
  7. John813

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    Guess cbs didn't watch our 2020 film.
  8. Bullflop

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    A fair point but the results of our 1st round pick made my day, He's no choir boy but the best talent available, imho. Let's be glad. ;)
  9. SeanLee50

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    Best player on our board.

    Both corners gone. Slater viewed as a LG only.

    Easy decisions.
  10. Hawkeye19

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    We had a historically awful run D last year— so drafting the best LB and one of the top graded run defenders and tacklers is a “mistake?”

    Riiiiiiight. Someone wanted to have a “hot take” and grab some clicks.
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  11. Cowboyny

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    He is risky, but nobody disputes his talent on the football field.
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  12. Fuzzee

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    Easy decision....they traded the pick to a division rival who took a Heisman winning WR in Devon Smith. Now they will have to face D. Smith twice a year. They could of traded back with the Bears and got next years #1 and still got a LB, CB, S, DT at #20. In.stead, they let another Division Rival make the trade

    Bad move.....
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  13. Flamma

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    Look, the only other pick there would have been Slater. And if you pick him, you have to know you're picking for depth and future.

    The guy talking on the right is being lazy. The Cowboys problem was pass rush and pass coverage? All he did was look at stats to determine that. Clearly. The Cowboys don't have a pass rush issue, they have a down and distance issue. They're rarely in 3rd and long because they can't stop the run. The pass coverage issue is over the top with Safeties letting guys run free.

    Dallas has a safety, DT, and LB issue, not a corner or OL issue. Well they do, just not as bad as the former three. S, DT, and LB need immediate attention. Not an offensive lineman that sits waiting for Tyrone to get injured. Not a corner that has nothing to do with why our D is in 2nd and 3rd and short on just about every series.
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  14. LittleD

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    These guys are real boring. Yuk! They don't even know what they're talking about. Gas bags all.
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  15. sunalsorises

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    As long as he stays away from the sunglasses. We already have one LB who was ruined by the sunglasses.
  16. Established1971

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    When you say "haters" what exactly do you mean?
    Are you suggesting that people who say something negative about Parsons have some hidden reason for actually hating him which makes them lose their objectivity? What is a hater?
  17. MountaineerCowboy

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    I guarantee if you told Jerry and Co that you'd have your pick of Fields or Jones at 10 he wouldn't have jumped the gun and gave Dak a contract he did not deserve.
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  18. MountaineerCowboy

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    "Hater" is the word people use around here to describe someone that does not share the same opinion as they do.
  19. Avery

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    Prisco is an idiot thinking we don’t need a LB. Every one of us knew it was a need.
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  20. glimmerman

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    Agreed. All hands on deck to stop the run please. This draft pick looks like a thumper. And did I see right that he ran a 4.3 40.

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