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Certain Fans/Members losing their way

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by The Dark Bishop, Sep 15, 2019.

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  1. The Dark Bishop

    The Dark Bishop Well-Known Member

    2,676 Messages
    4,847 Likes Received
    Far be it from me to ever ask the staff here to be more strict on anything, but the way a few well known members have taken their stardom for being untouchable has been noticed.... In fact it has turn quite a few of us away from posting. As many have noticed, I am one of them and TBH, I stay away from the drama because I do not care to fight over opinions. I find it childish and while this is a family friendly forum, I am too darn old to qualify as a child..... Sadly... lol

    I applaud the staff for giving an inch and letting us operate in the gray area.... I should have been benched a few times for posting music videos that were not filtered. Even got into questioning a staffer of his thoughts on what is family friendly. That is not to say my posts weren't deleted and explained with good reason, I was just lucky we always spoke sensibly in PM and have a good understanding. The truth is, I was being your basic teenager testing my limits... (Kinda sad being I am 43 year old)... lol Regardless, the staff have always been fair to me in each experience, and I would have understood my benching if I was to receive one....

    With that being said, It sickens me to see a few get away with being so hateful to others when an opinion is not of their liking. For example, rather you are for or against the money it took to sign Zeke, for or against what it will take to sign Dak, rather Dak should even be resigned, Is coach Moore better than who he replaced, Is Garrett a decent HC or does he suck as well as the offensive game plan he has implemented, or the best one yet, will Jerry ever get it right before he passes away?

    While all these are good conversation pieces as well as awesome debates that are welcomed and encouraged, does it take berating others because they disagree with you? People are gonna disagree with all of us. Get use to it..... That doesn't make them irrelevant enough for you to be dismissive and call them idiots or worse.... State your opinions, give your reasons for why you feel that way, debate but be respectful. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T BE AN ALL SEEING, ALL KNOWING BUTTHOLE!!!!!

    Thank you sincerely.....

    /rant over......
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
  2. 1LoyalCowboyFan

    1LoyalCowboyFan Zone Supporter

    1,167 Messages
    377 Likes Received
    I appreciate you voicing your opinion. I admit some are definitely more passionate than others. I’ll look to tone it down some. As someone who isn’t very much liked on this forum, I mean check out my post to like ratio..I’d like to say everyone’s utopia is different.

    But just like when I am at the bar and someone wants to strike a conversation that I want no part of, I ignore them and get back to drinking my beer. When I see a poster that irks me enough to ignore I do just that. About 3 years ago I hit ignore, can’t remember the user name and went back to drinking my beer.

    Bottom line. Find a way to not take it personal. Just pretend Risen Star is a sweet ole granny and can’t do nothing to nobody. Prove me wrong.

    My two cents.
  3. The Dark Bishop

    The Dark Bishop Well-Known Member

    2,676 Messages
    4,847 Likes Received
    I am use to Risen and actually like his humor as off as it can be at times.... I am a fellow sarcastic person so that does not bother me at all.... lol... This is more about those in game threads or those that are verbally abusive to others in debates.... I will not go and name names because this is not to shame and name, but to inform. Many new members as well as well known members have been turned off after seeing a few get humiliated for giving an opinion. Rather right or wrong who knows, but it's just sickening to see.... I use to be very active in the game threads but found the arguing and hatefulness that some share to leave me mute by the second quarter.... I'm still reading and watching, just stop posting after seeing such.

    As far as you are concerned, I personally don't know you or have an opinion either way.... There is more to life then a likes count. That does not make you, well you. I am not asking for people to keep their opinions to themselves, just saying learn to debate while being respectful..... I use to do it here all the time. Just seems lately it has gotten out of hand. As far as the ignore option is concerned, I have yet to do such. I know as soon as I do ignore someone, they will say something brilliant and I will have missed it. Just because a few can be hateful at times, does not mean everything they say is....

    If anything this is more of a rant to get people to look inside themselves and wonder could he be talking about me? Should I think and reread what I am about to send? If this thread can do at least that, then it worked. Nothing more, nothing less.... Trust me, if I ever truly get offended, there is always the report button. That would leave it to the staffers that moderate the site....

    BTW, love that you are a fellow bar patron.... Makes understanding each other much easier.... lol
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  4. Vtwin

    Vtwin Power and Performance

    3,629 Messages
    2,480 Likes Received
    If rule #8 was actually enforced this would be a much better forum.

    Activity generates revenue though and nothing generates activity like a good old fashioned cat fight.

    It is what it is...
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  5. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

    19,411 Messages
    21,594 Likes Received
    I don't even try to go into the game day threads any more.
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  6. 1LoyalCowboyFan

    1LoyalCowboyFan Zone Supporter

    1,167 Messages
    377 Likes Received
    Some posters are an acquired taste. I post pretty infrequently. The likes comment was more to show my standing in the forum. I agree there is more to life.

    Fomo! I definitely don’t care what witty things I missed if I block someone. I think about the positive and all the drivel I’m not being exposed to.

    The thing I agree with you the most is that learning to debate cordially is a necessary skill to all aspects of life. It takes practice. My wife is pretty good at it and I’m still working on it but getting better lol

    I definitely will think about what I post. I appreciate the post. Go Cowboys!
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  7. CapnB

    CapnB Well-Known Member

    1,547 Messages
    1,906 Likes Received
    Wasn't a thread like this made the other day? I mean, i agree on some things the OP has said. but uh....its just the internet. who cares?
  8. PUSHfold

    PUSHfold Well-Known Member

    1,651 Messages
    2,185 Likes Received
    Exactly how I feel....don't like it ignore them and leave it alone.
    It's the internet...if you can't handle the stuff that goes on here then you might be better off staying away from it.
    The Dark Bishop likes this.
  9. Red Dragon

    Red Dragon Well-Known Member

    5,556 Messages
    2,458 Likes Received
    Someone else said it best in another thread: There are some sports fans (not just Cowboys fans, but fans of all teams) who believe that their way of sports fandom is the one and only true way, and that anyone else who does their fandom approach differently must be wrong or misguided.
  10. John813

    John813 Well-Known Member

    13,905 Messages
    18,157 Likes Received
    Way I see it is like this:

    I offer my opinion and will give a rebuttal. If it seems like an argument over splitting hairs or simply arguing to argue I simply stop responding. Seems some, and I'm purely being generic and not pointing at anyone, like to argue over things that don't have a correct answer and are purely opinion based due to the best of our knowledge.
  11. Reality

    Reality Admin

    22,814 Messages
    40,400 Likes Received
    What most users never understand is that 1) we do not play favorites with the users despite anyone's perspective and 2) in many cases we have warned the users involved they need to stop it or tone it down as they are getting close to being benched.

    The staff does not like to bench users except when really necessary, but that does not mean we won't do it. We have options available that we can use before we resort to benching users as deleting posts, posting thread warnings and banning users from threads.

    In addition, the staff discusses things regularly including when users are benched and when posts are reported. Most reported posts are viewed and/or discussed by multiple staff members and the staff is informed about every single warning given to users along with why they were benched.

    Staff members can discuss any warning they disagree with and there have been many cases where the staff member who gave the warning decides to rescind it after that discussion.

    ** FYI ... If a user is benched and the warning is not removed, that means the rest of the staff agreed with it.

    In any case, our goal is to get everyone following the rules beforehand rather than sit around waiting to suspend users after the fact.

    The real issue with posting on the internet is that everyone takes a "you either agree with me or I hate you" attitude and comment accordingly.

    We are a sports forum and just like many other topics, users are going to have their opinions.

    Can the so-called "haters" be annoying? Absolutely, especially when they are constantly being told how great a player/coach/owner/team/etc. is that they really dislike.

    Can the so-called "homers" be annoying? Absolutely, especially when they are constantly being told how bad a player/coach/owner/team/etc. is that they really like.

    I know some here *think* they want a forum where everyone likes and hates the same things, but if that ever happened, this site would be really boring and a lot less people would post on it. Of course then users would complain the site is "dying" for some other reason.

    In any case, our different opinions are what makes forums interesting and what makes forums worth spending our time.
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