Changes coming for my thoughts on vaccine

Discussion in 'Covid Zone' started by kskboys, Sep 14, 2021 at 9:16 PM.

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    Up to this point, the medical personnel that I know personally have been leaning toward no as far as the vaccine.

    My GP has now changed his mind and thinks my wife n I should get it.

    The RN that I know works at least partly in an ER, and personally has told me stories about the unvaxxed being the biggest number in the ER by far.

    Wife and I are thinking of getting vaxxed Friday
  2. kskboys

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    I welcome any and all thoughts.

    And as a side note, the info you guys took the time to imbibe me w/ played a big role. Much thanks.
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    This is my story, ksk. The virus nearly took me out in January. I was in the hospital for 18 days. While there, all of the staff except for one doctor, two nurses and a plumber (evil nurse's fault) fell in love with me. The staff was severely over worked and yet they still cared about every patient. Some would tear up talking about some of their patients and I could tell the stories were coming from a personal place. Except for the four disagreeable turds, everyone pleaded with me to get the vaccine. All of my doctors strongly encouraged me as well. I'm due to get my second shot next week. Other things came up or I'd have done it sooner. I don't know if this helps or not, but I hope it does. We need you with us.
  4. DallasEast

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    Glad you are okay. :thumbup:
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  5. Aviano90

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    I think both the vaccine and virus are low risk. I’d take it just to be better safe than sorry. That said, glad it is YOUR decision and not a potato head in DC.
  6. Buzzbait

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    Glad you and yours are choosing safety first ksk, you're one of my favorite posters. We need guys like you. :thumbup:
  7. kskboys

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    I absolutely refuse to let THAT be any part whatsoever of my decision.
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  8. Rustinpeace21

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    I got Pfizer back in May. The first shot was easy. After the 2nd shot around 24 hours later, I felt a little beat up, but beforehand I loaded up on some multi vitamins, Gatorade, got some takeout, went to sleep, and woke up feeling totally fine the next day.

    But in the end, it's just nice not to feel like I need to care anymore. I chose to give myself an added extra layer of protection, if others don't want to, fine. The people I know, that haven't gotten it, have spent more time obsessing about it than anything, considering I have barely had to think about it, or masks or distancing since May lol.
  9. Hoofbite

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    Do it, man. I know we've had our back-and-forth, but I don't want you or anyone else to be hit by it.
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  10. Sarek

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    KSK, i don't like telling people what to do either way on this matter. I also don't really care who does what, my biggest concern was that there would be enough for everyone to get it if they wanted it. As far as i know the Gov did that.

    I got my 2nd dose Moderna on March 28th, i had a fever after 2nd dose lasted about 36 hours. Besides that fever nothing changed. I'm ready for a booster as soon as they have one for me.

    After my 2nd dose i let loose and planned out the best summer i could. I went to Alaska early June, Notre Dame & Chicago late June, Vegas mid July, Venice Florida mid August. I caught a nasty bug on way home from Vegas delayed flight, it might have been Covid/Delta, i took test late about week after and was negative. Felt like a bad flu.

    I know the Vac is not 100% effective but i rarely think about Covid anymore, even on my flight to Florida weeks after getting sick from Vegas i barely thought about it.

    Gluck & stay safe with whatever you decide.
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  11. John813

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    I sat out early on when there was a shortage of the vaccine early on and it was going to the higher risk population. Long lines in Publix. For me, I wore a mask, kept my distance and never really cared to be out in public often so it was no big deal for almost the entire 2020 to stay at home unless need be to go out.

    Then credible reports came out about rare side effects from some of the vaccines and I just wanted to wait a little longer to see what the FDA does/any other reports. Also I was leaning towards J&J until reports came out it could the least effective out of the 3 against mutated strands.
    Once Pfizer got approved and the studies on any heart inflammation was conclusive it was a very rare chance I decided to get it.
    What also played a role was knowing people who were in good shape, physically fit, dying in weeks after known infection.
    They were older, but well off and had healthy lifestyles.

    Who knows, maybe I would be asymptomatic if I got it, or struggling to breathe. One of our kids friends dad tested positive two weeks ago and was completely "fine" and it was a shock he was infected.
    I looked at both sides of the coin and decided it was worth it getting the shots and being better off if I did contract C-19 and my body didn't take it as well.
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    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    My wife and I got the Pfizer the very first day we were allowed back in April. We had zero side effects. Our son who is attending college 6 hours away got the Moderna in June and had zero side effects. All 3 of his roommates had Covid (unvaccinated) but he avoided it. Get it and forget it. No it's not 100% effective, but neither is the flu shot or shingles and I'm sure as hell getting both of those too. I don't want to be sick. Not for a week, not for a day, and not for an hour so I'll take whatever precautions I can to avoid it.
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  13. CouchCoach

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    I am glad you were able to arrive at a decision and if I'd had my doc and a RN telling me to wait, I would have waited. I am also glad you were able to use this Covid Zone to help you because it has helped me and even the skeptics have gotten vaccinated.

    When this first started and I knew the mood of this country, I knew I had to decide who to trust and stay with that and not get messed up with all of the noise and the shame of it is that is all this country has become to me, a wall of noise.

    It was an easy decision for me as I get every vaccine that I believe helps me avoid a worse case of the flu or pneumonia or shingles. Why would I not line up for this? Because I don't know what's in it? Hell, I don't know what's in a Tylenol or Tums.

    I am now 3 shots in and my 3rd kicked in last Monday as that was the 12th day and according to Israel, which seems to be out in front of everyone else on this, that is magic time. I also still mask everywhere indoors and try to stay as far away from people as possible, something I rather enjoy. Don't want strangers messing in my aura.

    I am very happy for you and your wife because with all of the fur flying around here, you were always grounded and looking for information. And my brother, sorting out the information from the misinformation is a full time endeavor. Seeing some people actually in the medical profession being opportunists and trying to profit off their misinformation has done little to get me out of Cynical Cove.
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  14. Aviano90

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    Nicki Minaj agrees with us. She is currently finding out what happens when you don’t toe the vaccine mandate line though. Sad but entertaining.
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  15. kskboys

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    It was very tough, especially when I was thought of as an antivaxxer just for asking questions and digging for info. In the end though, several posters were very helpful in providing what info they had. I'm not just saying it, I really do appreciate the helpful posts and for being treated decent. It's frustrating for everyone when people disagree w/ you, I do understand that.
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  16. kskboys

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    I've now been told by several to get the Moderna, as it tends to have the least side effects.
  17. DallasEast

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    Just in case other readers are not aware of the latest Covid misinformation...

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  18. Aviano90

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    There is more to it than that. :laugh:
  19. DallasEast

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    Perhaps but she is taking it on the chin for that particular tweet.
  20. kskboys

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    Yup, that was a stupid tweet no matter how you slice it!!!
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