Chargers could possibly move to London

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Risen Star, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Risen Star

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    Leak the story. See what the public reaction is to it. Pull it back. For now.

    They want a franchise over there.
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  2. csirl

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    Londonboy is correct. I've been to several games in London. Very few Americans in the stands. There is a very strong fanbase, a lot of which is people who are involved or have in the past been involved (i.e. played, coached etc) in the sport in the UK or elsewhere in Europe.

    I live in another European country. NFL Redzone is the #1 rated show most Sunday evenings.
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  3. csirl

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    Yes. Its the Jags who are moving to London. The Chargers are moving to Germany!
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  4. JoeKing

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  5. Londonboy

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    ….and the World trembled?
  6. Reverend Conehead

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    Horrible idea. How long a flight would it be to the closest other NFL team (the Patriots? or the Giants or Jets?)?
  7. Galian Beast

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    Despite what people in this thread are saying and despite whether or not the team in question would be the Chargers or not, a team in London makes a lot of sense.

    The NFL has to expand drastically and becoming international would do just that. You start with London, but you probably expand eventually and create a European division and that really diminishes the need for a lot of travel. But travel costs as some have suggested is absolutely not a concern, and it was laughable to read.

    Until then you manage the schedule around minimizing travel. The team in London would probably end up in an AFC East with the Dolphins being moved to the AFC South. That's probably why the Jaguars will probably be the team. The Dolphins and Jaguars would swap divisions. The reality is that AFC needs to be rebalanced anyways.

    With London having 8 home games, it's easy enough to give teams their bye after playing them. You can also be smart about how their games are scheduled, i.e. 4 straight home games, then 4 straight away games, 4 straight home games, 4 straight away games. There are a lot of options to limit their travel.

    The idea that free agents wouldn't want to play in a huge market like London is ridiculous. It opens you up to a whole new line of endorsement deals, and I'm guessing the NFL could make a deal with the team to have a special revenue sharing based on international television rights (in UK). It just makes too much sense.
  8. csirl

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    I believe the proposed model would see NFL teams coming to Europe for 2 week stints. Playing a game each against London and the German team. The 2 European teams would do the same in reverse - 2 week stints playing 2 away games in the US.

    Some posters have mentioned TV etc. The 2pm GMT kick offs open up another TV slot. But the elephant in the room is that European games are not covered by domestic US agreements whereby the NFL cant play on Fridays or Saturdays (H.S. and ncaa).

    On travel, European soccer teams are currently covering greater distances in UEFA club and International competitions, which include some central Asian countries e.g. Kazahkstan
  9. Blake

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    Shoulda stayed in San Diego. I was stationed there so partially biased, but a part of me died with other San Diegans when the team left the city though I don't root for them personally; just appreciate rhe cultural significance they had there.
  10. The Fonz

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    I grew up knowing it is the SD Chargers and I want it to stay that way.
    Sadly it is about money not community anymore.
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  11. Blake

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    I regret never going to watch a game at Qualcomm stadium. Had plenty of opportunities to get tickets on the cheap as a Marine at MCAS Miramar but didn't capitalize. Their ownership was/is greedy.
  12. The Fonz

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    They had good players throughout their history and great fan but the greedy NFL wants more money.
  13. Reid1boys

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    I guess you missed the number of Cowboys fans at the colliseum last year against the rams?
  14. atlantacowboy

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    The London game drew a 1.9. That not even in the ballpark of what an NFL team needs.
  15. kwcool619

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    I did notice that. There are a lot of us Cowboys fans at every stadium.
  16. csirl

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    That's US TV ratings. NFL is a global TV sport, so the worldwide TV audience is what counts. The 2pm GMT time slot works well for the International TV audience. There are TV networks that take the London games live who dont show other regular season games live - which also adds to the TV audience.

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