Twitter: Chris "Mad Dog" Russo tells the truth on Randy Gregory

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Mar 15, 2022.

  1. TX_Yid

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    With the season on the line against SF, Gregory weirded out, started tackling linemen and looking for a fight. Thats not a guy I want in the trenches with me, I'm good with him being gone.
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  2. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Chandler Jones would work.
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  3. bonafidebanter

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    People kill me choosing billionaires over millionaires. It's business. How many players has JJ or the Cowboys screwed over?
  4. DaBoys12

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    Hell, he lined up offsides more times too.
  5. tm1119

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    Lol at Risen with an all time troll job with this. Do people actually take these posts serious? I read his posts like I’m listening to Stephen A or Skip Bayless, I just assume it’s a nonsensical hot take for attention.
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  6. Whyjerry

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    Says a lot about the loser country club in Dallas. Gregory probably wants to win. Can’t win in Dallas.
  7. FiveSuperBowls

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  8. nightrain

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    Randy fails his next pee test before Columbus Day,
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  9. AsthmaField

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    They just said on the NFL Network what happened:


    Gregory agreed in principle with Denver. Then, Dallas asked him if they matched Denver’s contract, would he stay in Dallas.

    Randy said yes and went to sign.

    Dallas printed the contract. In the contract was a clause that is in every single contract Dallas does. It said that if the player gets suspended for testing positive for a substance, the guarantees are forfeited. All Dallas’ contracts (other than Dak’s) have that in them.

    Gregory said he didn’t want that and left to go to Denver.


    The Dallas front office makes their mistakes but they didn’t do anything wrong here. Randy showed zero gratitude for all Dallas had done for him and decided to live in a state where weed is legalized (hinted at by the NFL Network).

    People beating up the front office for this need to wait to find out what really happened before condemning the Cowboys. JMO.
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  10. SiCk_DiAbLo

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    It is what it is, I'm excited about who replaces him...
  11. Praxit

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    ....Denver probably has the good stuff. Dude is in La La land over
  12. conner01

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    99 times out of a 100 a player will and should chase the money. This is their job and I’d do the same thing
    Gregory didn’t chase money but language any responsible GM would insist on
    Jerry went above and beyond to help him and he left for the same money just because he doesn’t trust himself to concentrate on the game
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  13. Bigdog

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    Does have a point that Jones has done a lot for him where others would not but it goes to show that loyalty these days is out the window.
  14. Corso

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    Dude toked before the game to settle his nerves and it backfired.
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  15. Starforever

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    So Mad Dog is now the mouthpiece of the fan base. It does not change one bit of what has been done. He along with the rest of the media, can spew their negativity, but Gregory will rest well tonight.

  16. plymkr

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    If RG didn't sign with us because of a clause protecting Dallas from any repercussions of bad behavior then I don't want him. If we cut DLaw I would have wanted to keep RG for sure. Once DLaw was locked in for 3 more years then I'm okay with losing RG.

    In the 49ers playoff loss there was several times I said out loud to the TV, " is he high?". When he tackled the offensive lineman I was convinced he was high. Obviously I can't prove it but he didn't look right all game. His body language after he got the holding penalty for tackling the offensive lineman was that he was shocked it got called. It was like he wasn't in the moment. Because of that play I am not upset he's gone. If he was not high then he played like an absolute moron in the most crucial part of the game during the most important game of the season. You can't have success with that stupidity.
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  17. Big D

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    Hopefully Jerra learns his lesson and cuts back on his 'pets'
  18. KeepinTime

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    That’s what you use to drink out of so people can REALLY hear the gulps.
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  19. links18

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    Jerry made his bed.
  20. Loso86

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    Man our fans ate harsh for no reas9n at times

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