Clowney and Adams

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cwby41, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Cwby41

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    Although I know this could really never happen, lets just imagine if it did. Clowney comes her on a 1yr prove it deal. We pay him 10 mill plus some incentives. We trade a 1st and 4th plus Xavier Woods to Jets for Adams.
    Adams said if traded here he would work with team on salary, so we keep him on rookie salary.
    Crawford takes a pay cut and we finally sign Dak which helps us with cap this year.
    Now I like Woods but I basically chose him due to position plus Jets would have a hole to fill and Woods is young and cheap this year.
    So if we made those moves where do you feel that would put our defense, how good do you think we could possibly be? Also if he goes to Saints instead how much stronger do they become for us to beat if we meet in playoffs?
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  2. daboyzruleperiod

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    How's about Dallas just makes an even-steven trade with the Jets, Dak for Adams. No need to spend big money on Dak for a Super Bowl. With all this talent, Dalton would be on fire AND Jerry would be saving a fortune.
  3. fivetwos

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    Well I'd rather give them a 1st, 4th and Woods than a 1st and 3rd. Woods wouldnt play here and hed be gone after the season anyway.

    If they insist on Collins we can quit talking about it.

    I'm more of a fan of Clowney than most, especially on a prove it deal.

    Both of these moves are possible, but I dont think they will end up making either one.

    If nothing else at this point, it's becoming possible that there will be a situation where players are getting paid but the revenues arent coming in per usual. No one knows what may happen, so I doubt any big contracts are given out until things clear up a bit more.
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  4. Cwby41

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    I agree a 1st and 4th would be much better and I doubt Woods would be heere next year also. Just something different to talk about and hope for. Personally I think we would be damn good on Def with the wave of players we could throw at teams and I like the way Clowney plays the run. Actually think he is better at stopping the run than rushing the passer.
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  5. glimmerman

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    No money left and we need to keep our draft picks.
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  6. shabazz

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    Excellent idea.......but the Jets would never be that dumb
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  7. shabazz

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    Especially our first rounder to get a Qb
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  8. glimmerman

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    What ever is required next year. I could care a less either way.
  9. big dog cowboy

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  10. Future

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    Cutting Crawford and restructuring Lawrence gets them close to $30m in cap. Dak's cap hit isn't going to be $30m forever. They can do pretty much whatever they want.
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  11. Hawkeye0202

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    Why would Clowney sign a "prove-it" deal? He appears to have long-term offers from the Browns AND Titans on the table. Certainly not the $20M per year he's looking for but far more than $10M. I read a tweet both are offering something in the range of $15M. He's holding hopping for more......but the $10m has no chance IMO.
  12. nyc-cowboy

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    I believe Clowney already has a $17 mil offer and why do you think Adams would agree to stay on his rookie contract - the reason Adams wants to leave is cause he want a new deal.
  13. DanA

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    Hypothetical, if we somehow got/wanted Clowney and Adams.

    • Currently 11m in cap space.
    • Cutting Crawford gives us 19m
    • Including X.Woods in a trade for Adams means we'd still have 18m cap space
    • We could probably get Clowney for a 12m cap hit leaving 6m in cap space

    Highly unlikely but doable and we'd still have money to re-do Adams contract as long as we kept his 2020 number at about 7m
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  14. Ky31

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    This isn’t going to happen for two reasons...number one we (the Cowboys) don’t do things like this and two why mortgage so much for a season that is at best in serious doubt to even be played!!
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  15. OmerV

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    When Adams says he would work with the team on salary, it is giving some discount on top dollar, not sticking to his rookie salary
  16. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Why would Jets take on Dak, they have a first round pick at QB still on rookie deal?
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  17. phildadon86

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    Dalton has 0 playoff wins and went there with pretty stacked teams. So please. Stop.
  18. glimmerman

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    Maybe he just really likes us.
  19. MyFairLady

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    Clowney on a 1 year deal sounds amazing to me. Selling the farm for Adams sounds terrible to me.
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  20. Jipper

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    for the record you guys saying trade an above average starting caliber qb for a pro bowl caliber safety are nuts - 100% pure nuts and you have absolutely no concept of the value of a quality starting qb....the ridiculousness of this site sometimes is asinine.
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