Coach McC, enjoy this honeymoon, my friend

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by _sturt_, Aug 23, 2020.

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    Just want McC to feel the implicit love expressed by there being zero threads pertaining to him when I posted this last night. So, the OP comes from a good place, though of course it also invites the very debates that previously were missing, I know. But hey, it's a discussion board. We discuss things. :)
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    You talk like McCarthy is no better? lol when you can see instantly in a 6 month span that he is. Might not be a dream team but I see one coach fully in charge. Not the usual weasel-like finger pointing and scapegoating that’s been a staple here. Who’s the coordinator? Who’s calling plays? Who will be scapegoated out of town this year? Trying to pin anything and everything on someone else! A team with no balls whatsoever over the past decade. If you’re still clinging to that it’s time to hang up the fan card. Which is exactly what I would’ve done if Garrett was back with a new contract.
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    It ended for wade phillips after his first game that they won vs NY because the defense gave up a bunch of points on one of the hottest nights ever in texas stadium.

    He got Dubbed "Mr. Fix it" by Randy Galloway and his crew of lackey's like Matt Mosley, Tim Cowlishaw, Bryan Broaddus etc..

    and this was after a month of "Camp Cupcake" as Jen Engle...I think it was Jen Engle called it.
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    once we sign ET, said honeymoon period is over,on the spot.
  6. Valkyr

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    The fact that if he fails he'll be out of here in less than ten years is enough for me.
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    McCarthy vouched for Aldon Smith. He called in a bomb threat to an airport.

    Doesn't get crazier than that!
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    Uneducated homers will always champion mediocrity. Then on the other side of the isle the leftover Garrett apologists will secretly be wishing for his demise so they can prop up their hero Garrett.

    But those of us that understand the game and have no biased will base the analysis off what unfolds before them. Its plain to see already that MM won the offseason overwhelmingly. However he must now produce on the field and how he uses the pieces that he has. . .
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    I base my opinions off past patterns.
    Coach McC won a lot of games through offensive success as a coach of 2 back to back HOF QBs.
    His lone SB was supported by a yr in which his DPOY(Matthews) led a turnover hungry defense to finally uphold their end of the team dynamic.
    All his playoff defenses since that one were historically bad.
    No, I do not believe he can achieve the same success he accomplished in GB for a variety of reasons but past playoff defensive performance would be a start.

    He appears organized and in control but I with hold judgment on his full control until after I see him endure a little adversity.

    Seeing is believing so its up to him to produce onfield championship caliber ball.

    I admit I am skeptical.

    Just another opinion. In the meantime I'll keep on hoping.

    Go Cowboys
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  11. Chocolate Lab

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    The Garrett Fan Butthurt Detector is pinging like a Geiger counter at Chernobyl on this one.
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    What happens if you don't like either?
    I'm my own category...

    Hater is the term I believe, too funny. :)

    Go Cowboys
  13. _sturt_

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    Um. Depends on your definition of "similar." If you said less than Tuna but more than Red, I'm with you. But he doesn't command a room like either Tuna or Red did. I hate to even say this, but if you didn't know he'd won a Super Bowl, you'd think he was some college coach because his voice, his body language, and the shallowness of his responses are that of someone who is feeling a bit overwhelmed still and scared of putting anyone off as-if he's someone special. He's friendly, but he's also something short of assertive. And I mean, he's not an unknown quantity. We all saw him give interviews in GB, both when things were rolling and when things were going backwards. I'll be honest, I'd just like to see more of that presence he communicated when things were rolling. Right now, he conveys something in-between and it's a little dissettling when he's in this honeymoon period where he really could get away with being more Tuna like.
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  14. _sturt_

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    Well played. Love the word picture.

    But it's at least as much... if not wholly... a thread that offers comment on the reality of how sports fans in general and Cowboys fans in particular tend to obliviously and... yeah let's call it what it is... arrogantly... regard their analysis of situations to be omnisciently informed... and some of whom become hypercritical... maybe "turbocritical" is the better term, come to think of it... perhaps owing to some subconscious jealousy that they deserve to be calling the shots instead of the inferior person who somehow got the job.

    Know what I mean? ;)
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    Nice post.
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  16. 75boyz

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    I do. :)
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    Well, if he can't the team up in his first year there's always Viagra.
  18. MWH1967

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    People got to itch Rock...Just smile and nod. ;)
  19. GimmeTheBall!

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    When dak throws a pick-6 and Coop and Cee Dee feel frustrated about so many passes thrown to their ankles.
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    Call it a hunch but I think MM will be fine.


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