Coach McC, enjoy this honeymoon, my friend

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by _sturt_, Aug 23, 2020.

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    MM wont be the same coach he was in GB, he had a year to reflect and change.
    It is different situation here in Dallas, and so you cant judge him by what he did in GB good or bad.

    I think it is possible even JG is different coach in NY.

    MM has a good set of coaches here , and players seem to be communicating more with coaches, more freedom to do that.
    Team and working together is being stressed.
    I think the team is going to be much better, and playoffs should be a sure thing.

    After a team makes the playoffs, it all changes, a good team can lose the first game if they dont have good leadership, so will be interesting
    to see how team does in playoffs.
  2. Blake

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    Looks more like Archie than a football coach that can be taken seriously. Linehan was Jughead.
  3. blueblood70

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    andy reid as let go...hmmm lots f good coaches run their course like a relationship and you part ways..
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  4. blueblood70

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    i fully doubt MM cares about sm or this forum..just a hunch:rolleyes:o_O;)
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    Preach Rocky!
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  6. Jake

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    Yep, he's undefeated so far. The day that changes, look out. :muttley:
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    I’m not sold on big Mike. No green kool aid for me.

    I need to see wins.

    He was fired from his GB gig for good reason. Rodgers hated him. Could be the reason Jerry kept Moore as the de facto offense HC.

    his push to hire Nolan is a problem also. They are big buddies. And big Mike owed him a payback for the 2005 gig he got from Nolan.

    show me wins big Mike.
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