Video: Colin Cowherd on Amari Cooper Trade

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 817Gill, Oct 23, 2018.

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    The only flaw I see in his logic is that Jerry has been very adamant that Dak is the future. He gives no evidence that this is some kind of audition to see if Dak deserves his $100M contract or not.

    I know that Jerry can sell ice cream to eskimos. But he really seems sold on Prescott, as much as I disagree with it.
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  2. Direwolf63

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    He could have offered a 2nd and a 4th too. That may have worked. Who knows?
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    How many TD's does Julie have so far this year? I am skeptical about the Cowboys seeing things like Colin has pointed out, but he brought up very legit points that the haters don't want to here. Phillly got slammed for giving up what they did for Wentz, and got a ring out of it. Let's play it out and see, and if it's a move to see if Dak is our guy (which has to be determined) than what we gave up is peanuts....
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    Man. What an idiot.
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    He sound like Jerry
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    I don't know about the afford part. Soon we are going to have to pay Dak(if he plays better or regardless how the FO talking), Tank, Zeke, BJones, Jaylon on top of potentially Cooper and I don't think all them guys can get top deals and this team hold up.
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    Do you really think no one is open? I've watched the other angles you don't see on TV.

    They tried to give him what he wanted. JAGs all over... He was good enough, that he didn't need a #1 receiver.

    The problem is, you have to actually look at the field to see those open receivers, then be willing to throw the ball to those "NFL Open" receivers.
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    It all depends. If Cooper returns to pro-bowl form, you hold onto him without a doubt.
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    I really like the trade. Cowboys fans would ***** no matter what the FO did hear. If they would have not given up a #1 and the Eagles would have got him with a second this place would have melted down.
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    Of course I'm saying I don't think you'll be able to pay everybody and the team will suffer because of that.
  12. Philmonroe

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    Nah you just want to make up stuff to prove your version is the ultimate truth. You're a Cowboys fan so unless you're saying you would complain too no matter what how are you trying to be the unicorn?
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    What the hell are we talking about here? Is he a mouthpiece for Jerry Jones?

    The time to be aggressive was this off season, sign any number of free agents and still keep your draft pick.
    Sign Taylor
    Sign Trey Burton-
    Sign- Allen Robinson-
    Michael Crabtree
    Tyrell Williams

    Johh Brown 1yr 5 million.

    Our Front office was in the Bahamas during FA, this is on them. The time to build your team is the off season, design your system, change your offense at that time.
    Dont flush draft picks, especially after 17 years you finally learn how to draft.

    This was absolutely a horrible decision to spend a first round pick, I was ok with a second. We just showed our desperation to the Raiders... Think about that for a second. Gruden said he doesn't believe in using analytics and we should go back to 1998 way for football.
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    what in the actual **** are you talking about?
  15. stiletto

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    No team has a fully loaded team of high priced players. Gotta pick what is most important and hardest to replace, youth is a factor. IMO, If Cooper becomes his former self I take him over paying Zeke and draft another RB.
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  16. Falco78

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    I think this is pretty legit, but I found the trade conversation

    STEPHEN JONES: Hay dad I heard a rumor that the Raiders only want a first rounder for Cooper.

    JERRY JONES: I don’t know there junior maybe we should give them two firsts for him. Oh hey hand me my whiskey.

    STEPHEN JONES: Well maybe we should call in Garrett and get his opinion on this?

    JERRY JONES: *laughing while taking a big drink* Yeah I haven’t shoved my hand up his arse and puppeted him in a good 48 hours

    STEPHEN JONES: Hey sexretary send up coach Garrett please.

    Secretary: Yes Sir.

    Secretary: Coach Garrett can you please come up to the Emperor’s room?

    JASON GARRETT: Uhhhh yes tell them I am running up right now.

    JASON GARRETT: *panting out of breathe* Uhhhhh Jerrah and Lil Jerrah what can I do for you?

    STEPHEN JONES: Well Jason we are wondering what your thoughts are on us trading a first for getting Cooper from Gruden?

    JASON GARRETT: Well what do you guys think about it?

    JERRY JONES: Man someone get me another damned bottle of whiskey that doesn’t have a hole in it!!!

    Secretary: Yes sir right away!

    STEPHEN JONES: Dad can we focus on this possible trade?

    JERRY JONES: I shoulda rubbed you out in the toilet! Fine business away you wasted flush!

    STEPHEN JONES: Well Jason what do you think?

    JASON GARRETT: Well if daddy and his whiskey thinks it’s a good idea than I do too

    JERRY JONES: Ahhhh you guys know what is better than an 8th glass of whiskey? Yeah that’s right this 9th glass of whiskey!

    STEPHEN JONES: Well dad I think one first is more than enough for Cooper

    JERRY JONES: *mumbling drunkenly* fine do what you want…

    STEPHEN JONES: Jason you can leave.

    JERRY JONES: *mumbling drunkenly* Ahhh I was about to smear peanut butter on my lap again and make him lick it off! *laughing while falling to floor*

    STEPHEN JONES: Give the Raiders a call and tell them they can have their first for Cooper

    Secretary:*mumbling* I hate my job
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  17. Idgit

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    It all comes down to whether or not Cooper can be an impact player for us. Otherwise, it’s just rationalizing.
  18. Xelda

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    If Jerry is in the bathroom and his lips are moving, he's probably telling the truth. If he's surrounded by family and his lips are moving, he might be telling the truth. If Jerry is facing a camera or microphone and his lips are moving, he's lying.

    Dang @Falco78, you've got skills! :clap:
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  19. Wood

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    Still trying to gather myself because Cowherd rarely gets it right but he does this time. This move was about finding out about Dak.
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  20. dckid

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    I dont need Amari Cooper to let me know that Dak is not a franchise QB. I just need my eyes...
    Like many of us have said numerous times, Dak is the best backup QB in the league, if he exceeds all expectations he will be Alex Smith.
    Let him go some place else, let him play out his contract , call his bluff we are not going the SB with him at the healm.
    Trust the process, how did we find Romo? Rely on our scouts.
    How did the Saints get Brees'... they got a distressed asset.
    The other obvious choice is draft in the top 10 -15 let someone fall to you.. like Watson, Mahomes.

    Look at FA, Tyrod Taylor, Teddy Bridgewater- make an offer, dare the saints to match it.

    I would rather we build up the rest of the team than just concentrate on Dak.
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