Video: Colin: Should the Cowboys go all in on Russell Wilson?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by PAPPYDOG, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. Mountaineerfan

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    It's not just a good idea it's a great idea. Not simply because you get much much better at QB. But guess what it sends a message to the locker room. You can't tell me the guys he plays with really think he should be paid like Mahomes. It's really laughable in all actuality.
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    PAPPYDOG "Dak 666" Zone Supporter

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    Anyone who's worth over 10 billion dollars I give credit and do not underestimate.
    Remember he didn't inherit the money.
    78 years old and this is a born salesman we're talking about here.....math equals up here!
    As far as I'm concerned the only intangible is are the Hawks willing to deal?
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  3. baltcowboy

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    There is nothing to talk about in sports today. I know, let’s talk about Dak and the Cowboys. We can also bring Russ into the conversation because he said some weird things on a talking head show. Now back to reality. I have never heard a rumor from anyone associated with the Cowboys or Dak that the player will not be a Cowboy next season. Pay attention Dak is setting up roots in the Ft Worth area. Also, how will giving up Dak, CeeDee, and a other first round picks as Cowturd suggests help Russ get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.
  4. RonnieT24

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    Sure if Russell Wilson can improve our defense then yes.. go all in on him.. otherwise.. fix the f-ing defense and stick with the guy who is 5-6 years younger and have your QB situation secured for the next decade.
  5. Typhus

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    Fans talk about leadership as a Dak attribute, intangible, I call BS on all of that, its just noise.
    It would be like Jerry holding a press conference to tell the world that his team sucks.
    If you have ever actually been in a locker room at this level, when the general walks in, there is a hush silence respect that
    you can recognize.
    Its hard to explain, but I know a few in here know what Im talking about.
    Chemistry,, that word/term has been tossed around so much that people have forgotten what truly defines the word/term.
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  6. Risen Star

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    Yes but they won't so it's not worth talking about.
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  7. aikemirv

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    You can't get Wilson without a non-exclusive tag on Dak with picks coming in or a sign and trade scenario. If you do, then there are your picks to trade for Wilson and you still have picks to improve the defense
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  8. CIWhitefish

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    I hate ESPN too but Colin works for Fox.
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    PAPPYDOG "Dak 666" Zone Supporter

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    RonnieT would the Church of Dak pool their funds and pay Mr.Prescott 40 million out of pocket as we need to fix the defense!
    Thanking you in advance!:muttley:
  10. ShortRound131

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    We will have Dak Vs Wilson threads until they both retire, just watch.
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  11. fivetwos

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    Two comments....

    1. Jerry is LOVING this attention off 6-10.

    2. I don't see HOW this deal gets done between Dallas and Seattle by any type of means that make sense for either team.
  12. CopenhagenCowboy

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    More like another confirmation of what it is really all about for quite a few of those guys. Disgusting.
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  13. OmerV

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    Are you under the impression that Russell Wilson is under a cheap contract? Right now I think he is the 3rd highest paid player in the NFL.
  14. aikemirv

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    The only way I see it happening would be a 3 team deal where some team gets Dak, we get Wilson and Seattle gets the picks that were scheduled to come to us. And that has to be to a team that Wilson does not want to go to, otherwise that team would just trade for Wilson himself.

    Wilson is worth more than Stafford so I don't really know how much more Dallas would have to throw in to Seattle to get the deal done.
  15. pjtoadie

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    Yeah I know what he’s probably implying and that’s just wrong. You just can’t assume what others are thinking without fully knowing.
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  16. rnr_honeybadger

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    For the next 3 seasons Dallas would be paying him 19 million, 19 million and I think the last year was around 25 million. So basically you end up with a better QB for a fraction of what Dak is demanding.
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  17. rnr_honeybadger

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    I would be shocked if Seattle actually did this trade. They would essentially be getting rid of a HOF QB and getting worse at that position with Dak and they have to potentially then work on a deal for Dak where he and his delusional agent have demanding a record contract. Don't see this happening.
  18. iceberg

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    if it went that smoothly then sure. you got a point.

    just seems people want a new contract with a new team.

    in any event, popcorn in the offseason. :)
  19. gjkoeppen

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    La Canfora started a rumor that other sportswriters picked up and ran with without doing any checking or research. There have been a couple that have and have done some thinking and research and said what I just said. Wilson said the same exact things in 2018 and Seattle signed him to the biggest contract at the time with a no trade clause. Since La Canfora's speculation there's not been a SINGLE direct quote from Wilson that he wants to get traded and none from Seattle that they want to trade him. Supposedly 10 teams have contacted Seattle but nothing has happened. Why - because Seattle doesn't want to trade him if for no other reason the the HUGE dead money hit it would cause. With a smaller cap for 2021 and that big dead money hit, Seattle can't afford to trade Wilson. Like I said, a Wilson trade to the Cowboys or any team will only happen in your dreams.
  20. JeffInDC

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    I am one of bigger Dak supporters on here...........and I would trade for Russ in a heartbeat. Dak is NOT on Russ' level yet.
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