News: Colts will have to decide on benching Wentz or not to save 1st round draft pick

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by J12B, Nov 3, 2021.

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    If they lose to the Jets in this upcoming game they may very well do that. They caught a break in that Henry in Tenn looks to be out for the season so right now they need to win and hope the loss of Henry will cause Tenn to start dropping games
  3. Ranching

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    Tankers are a funny breed...if he's healthy and the best you got, play him! No one will ever trade with you again if you play that game.
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  4. TwoCentPlain

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    Colts are winning their division and Wentz probably plays every game. Eagles probably get a pick around 18-22.
  5. Jipper

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    Yup....and as long as they are mathematically alive they have to fight
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  6. Walker

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    How many 1st round picks does Eagles have!
  7. Verdict

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    At least 50 next year.
  8. TwoDeep3

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    There will be tears falling for someone on this board. But what the heck, he has the lead in likes. I guess you can't have everything.

    Was this too soon?
  9. eternaljester81

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    And not a single great QB in the class! :lmao2:
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  10. AKATheRake

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    Watson and Rodgers become available. Maybe even Russell Wilson.

    They’re loading up to take a shot at an established QB. Broncos too.
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  11. fivetwos

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    They aren't going to pull him for that reason.

    Wentz is just awful though.

    Shameful because they have a good roster and team but it's all about the QB in 2021.

    They must have known this when they signed Rivers but they blew it with Wentz as the replacement.

    They are kinda screwed unless they can get a Wilson or Rodgers for next year.

    They deserve it for actually trading multiple premium picks for Wentz.
  12. Scottishcowboy

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    it's not just how many, it's where they are!

    They have the Dolphins pick so right now if the season ended, they are picking 2, 8 & 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  13. John813

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    If they don't think Wentz is the answer, and Eason gives them a chance to win, do it. But to simply pull him to save a draft pick and have the team "suffer" and miss out on possibly making the playoffs is a way to lose the locker room
  14. glimmerman

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    I thought wentz was better than Dak. Hmmmm.
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  15. DBOY3141

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    They will trade all 3 for Wilson. You can't win in this league without a legit QB. Hurts is not one and there are none in the draft.
  16. bb721

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    The Titans have a 3 game lead. They have also beaten the Colts twice head to head, which in essence makes it a 4 game lead. The Colts are not winning the division.
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  17. Scottishcowboy

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    I get really annoyed as this is the 2nd time the Eagles have lucked into great draft picks for QBs in recent years.

    The Vikings gave something like a 1st and a 4th for Sam "FxxxxxxG" Bradford when he was worth a bag of balls and now lightening strikes twice for the draft picks they likely get for Wentz - I can't believe the Colts gave up so much for someone who looked completely shot last year.
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  18. zrinkill

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    Stop slapping Risen!!!!!
  19. TwoCentPlain

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    I am assuming the Titans will not win much without Henry. They will have to become a passing team. Maybe Tannehill can do it.
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  20. ShortRound

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    Really thought he would do better with Reich. Wentz is done if he doesn't improve with the Colts. Wo else is gonna take him.
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