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Comparing Offensive Play Callers - Cowboys vs. Packers

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jumbo075, Jan 16, 2020.

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    Here is a comparison of offensive ranks from the various play callers during Jason Garrett's tenure, and Mike McCarthy's time in Green Bay over roughly the same time period

    13 years with Garrett as OC/HC - Average Rank = 10th

    Jason Garrett - Play Caller 6 years - average rank = 7th
    2007 - 3rd
    2008 - 13th
    2009 - 2nd
    2010 - 7th
    2011 - 11th
    2012 - 12th
    Bill Callahan - Play Caller - 1 year - rank = 16th
    2013 - 16th
    Scott Linehan - Play Caller - 5 years - average rank = 14th
    2014 - 7th
    2015 - 22nd
    2016 - 5th
    2017 - 14th
    2018 - 22nd
    Kellen Moore - Play Caller - 1 year - rank = 1st
    2019 - 1st

    Mike McCarthy as HC - Average Rank = 10th

    Mike McCarthy - Play Caller - 13 years HC Green Bay Packers 2006-2018

    2006 - 9th
    2007 - 2nd
    2008 - 8th
    2009 - 6th
    2010 - 9th
    2011 - 3rd
    2012 - 13th
    2013 - 3rd
    2014 - 6th
    2015 - 23rd
    2016 - 8th
    2017 - 26th
    2018 - 12th

    A few comments
    1. Mike McCarthy had a pretty awesome run with 6 straight top 10 offenses from 2006-2011, and 8 of 9 years from 2006-2014. The Packers average offensive rank in these 9 seasons was between the 6th and 7th best offense on a per year basis. It is arguable that over that extended time period, the Packers enjoyed the single best offense in the NFL, and were the most consistently good offense
    2. Mike McCarthy had a clear drop off after the 2014 season. The Packers average offensive ranking in his final 4 years in Green Bay was a dismal 17th. Maybe Aaron Rodgers had a legitimate complaint about the staleness of his offense at the end of his time in Green Bay.
    3. Of the Cowboys play callers over the 13 years that Jason Garrett was OC or HC, Kellen Moore was the best, but his small sample size of only 1 year means it's too early to judge. But it is clear why Mike McCarthy wants to keep him around. Between McCarthy and Moore, it is debatable who will be the better play caller, but the odds are pretty good the mixture of McCarthy's experience with Moore's innovation will be good for the Cowboys
    4. Jason Garrett was a pretty good play caller in his own right, with an average ranking of 7th in the NFL over the 6 years he called plays. For those who are salivating about him running the Giants offense, a word of caution seems appropriate - be careful what you wish for. Garrett will be a big improvement over the last 4 years, when the Giants average ranking was 22nd in the NFL.
    5. The years of Bill Callahan and Scott Linehan calling the plays were decidedly average, with Callahan ranking 16th, and Linehan having an average ranking of 14th. The reality is that neither were horrible, but they don't compare well to McCarthy, Moore and Garrett.
    Conclusions: The combination of McCarthy and Moore is likely to serve the Cowboys well, as long as McCarthy allows Moore to keep innovating. Also, Garrett will likely make a drastic improvement in the Giants performance, if they choose to hire him.
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    I like you bro.

    The only issue I have is ranking offenses based on yardage. That’s whacko. Everyone knows that this wasn’t the number 1 offense in the nfl. We couldn’t even score 1 td in multiple games
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