Conner McGovern: Starting LG battle

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by quickccc, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. quickccc

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    Among the talk of backups at OT, center, .. another one watch on my list will be the battle of
    the Conner wars. - If it’s much of one.

    - McGovern was a 3rd round picked guy in 2019 who was thought of so highly that McClay group thought they had to have him despite that they already had former 2nd rd pick OG Conner Williams already in placed.

    - Needless to say, many here seemed to have already given up on Williams, who many assumed he had pro bowl expectations.
    Williams has proved (imo) to decent to serviceable but there remains the grumblings that the Cowboys Nation needed him to be more dominant, more of a difference maker in the trenches.

    - McGovern missed his entire rookie year with a tricep tear.
    and in his return yerar, was vaguely phased out of the rotation very early on in his 2nd year by new OL coach Joe Philibin, .. until injuries piled up and makeshift OL change had to be forced.

    McGovern started some games at RG, especially with Zack Martin fighting some injuries himself as well as Zack being forced to move and start at RT over an struggling rookie Terrance Steele.

    - While McGovern wasn’t dominant, but I did think he was at least adequate, considering he had zero previous live game experience and a lack of strengthening program.

    - I just dunno if Philibin is really a fan of McGovern to really open up true hard fought competition to the two Conners.
  2. JoeKing

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    I think Conner Williams still has the advantage at keeping the LG role. Hook'em Horns!
  3. MarcusRock

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    Sorry, but would you not expect that out of a 2nd Rounder? All-Pro is top of the line but Pro Bowler is a little lower bar.
  4. Hawkeye19

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    He has a better chance to start a C than he does at LG
  5. Jbone100

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    For an interior offensive lineman drafted in the 2nd, I would expect the player to be an above average starter and would hope for a pro bowler. I felt okay with the C. Williams pick at the time but wasn't penciling him in as a pro-bowler by any means. I would say that by last year, he exactly met my expectations.... nothing more... nothing less.
  6. thunderpimp91

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    CW hasn’t been good enough to just be handed a starting spot in June, but I think it’s his to lose, and at least to this point isn’t really close.

    even if the competition is close, it probably goes to CW in his contract year. Showcase the guy for the comp pick if he walks.

    mcgovern probably competes at C and get penciled in as a super sub who can play all 3 interior spots. With the age/injury history for this line he probably plays somewhere.
  7. ninja

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    I have never seen a day 1 rookie starter so under appreciated as Conner Williams. I don’t get it. I have been watching him for 4 years now. The haters post any video of his few misses nearly every game.

    Dude won the job as a rookie, beat out all competition every year, plays hard, and has never once been in trouble.

    I get it that he is not Larry Allen. But Larry Allen shouldn’t be the bar. We are lucky to have Williams at guard and I hope Jerry re-signs him. Maybe because he gets so much hate but he is one of my favorite players.
  8. Plankton

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    I don't think that the coaches are as low on Connor Williams as everyone on the site is.
  9. Creeper

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    I think it is going to depend on what style of play they want. I did not see McGovern get pushed around the Williams does against bull rushing DTs, but Williams is definitely better pulling and blocking on the run. Williams has an advantage in playing experience though so maybe as McGovern gets comfortable he will be better blocking on the move too.
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  10. 75boyz

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    Starting guard play is okay with either.Okay with Biadsz's potential shown in his limited snaps last year as well.
    Tackle depth remains my biggest concern. Not a fan of current roster list behind the starters regardless of the experience gained last year or potential to be coached up.
    If(when) Smith/Collins go down it will get ugly again.

  11. john van brocklin

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    We need one of them to step up and solidify the position
  12. Cowboyny

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    I believe McGovern was brought along slowly cause he had zero experience and was coming off of a major injury. He was able to get his feet wet last yr, has a normal off-season to add from strength and should legitimately be able to compete to become a starter. Heard that Knight also is moving to Guard due to the numbers at the Tackle position.
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  13. Redball Express

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    what I worry about is if Philbin can get these guys to play as a unit. At least the reps from last year will have them much better prepared on what to work on to improve. I expect a great OL to show up. Just stay healthy.
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  14. darthseinfeld

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    I think Conner Williams is an average starter. He is the type of player you that can justify a starting spot, but also a guy fans want to upgrade. I dont think McGovern will be any better. He was a good OG coming out, but more of a high floor guy. If he hasnt beaten out Williams by now he probably wont. Williams will probably walk after the season, so McGovern will probably get a year as a starter
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  15. plasticman

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    There are currently 42 active offensive linemen in the NFL that were drafted in the 2nd round. 7 of them have one or more Pro Bowl selections.

    The expectation that a second rounder should be a Pro Bowler is unrealistic. Typically when you draft an O-lineman in the 2nd round you should get a dependable starter, usually after their 2nd or 3rd season.
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  16. Manwiththeplan

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    Without looking it up, out of the 49 players picked before him, how many do you think made the pro-bowl?
  17. blueblood70

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    very true i mean fans think they are talent evaluators and they are not, fans also feel like we should have PB player at every position and that not realistic, guys like Cwill are solid and steady and that what teams need to gill in around the bigger cap hits from the starts they have,

    i fid it odd they want him gone et this is what Cwill 4th or 5th OL coach from 2 different staff's now and hes still starting..

    dont give me that crap somehow hes Jones pet cat, hes not they dont make roster decsions on who starts and sits, EVER! Cwill survive a lot of change means a lot of professional experienced eyes watch his tap and keep him in..

    id say that good enough for me..
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  18. Jarntt

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    It is and should be an open competition. Both are ok, neither real good. Both would make a fine worst starter of the 5 OL. Both were exposed when the other 4 were all out last year. With a full offseason this year I suspect the best one will win the job with one of them perhaps being in the Center race as well. Looking forward to seeing and hearing how both do knowing they are fighting for a job
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  19. Manwiththeplan

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    Don't get me wrong, I think it's very rational to want or even expect more from CWilliams. I think it's rational to want CMcGovern to unseat him considering this is a contract year for CWilliams and he's average at best and we at least get another year of control with CMcGovern. But the pro-bowl being a low bar is crazy...
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  20. conner01

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    I think he does also
    I think MCGovern is gonna be getting lots of center reps to see if he’s capable of being the swing guy
    He played pretty decent at guard so if he can play center well then he’d be the ideal guy
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