Conner McGovern: Starting LG battle

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by quickccc, Jun 11, 2021.

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    I don’t know if that’s true or not, but the fact he can be a quality backup at both OG and C might leave the team thinking his best value is as a swing player providing depth at both positions. He may have to very clearly and convincingly outplay either Williams or Biadasz to have a shot to start.
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    Good points. Clearly Philbin had more confidence in Connor Williams starting, McGovern only saw action after major injuries occurred. I wonder if McGovern had his struggles on the mental side of things that cause the coaches to be reluctant to play him early on. Connor Williams is playing on his last yr of his deal, if nobody steps up behind him, they maybe forced to resign him. It is a very big yr for McGovern or he could be replaced.
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    Excellent post. Well worded.
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    Connor Williams has been much better than most fans believe.

    He is terrific at executing his assignments within the scheme.
    - His angles/accuracy at 2nd level run blocking is terrific.
    - He is terrific at picking up and passing off blitzing/stunting pass rushers.
    - He has LT type foot quickness.

    Due to his build he will have about 1 snap per game where a powerful DL catches him off balance and it looks really ugly. Most fans focus on those plays.
    - He is over 6-5 and doesn't have an overly wide base or a lot of weight in his lower body. He has to stay balanced.
    - He is actually very strong from a weight room perspective and does get good push on short yardage when he is just blocking straight ahead.

    IMO, it is a very low probability that CW gets benched unless it is injury related.

    Connor McGovern
    McGovern is an interesting player.
    - When they first drafted him I had in mind that he was more a power OG with limited athleticism.
    - When reviewing game footage from college, his initial appearance is somewhat like that due to having thick legs and a lot of weight in his lower body, however...
    - Once the ball is snapped he showed very good athleticism as well as good power.

    McGovern's measured agility was really good and he is taller than he appears in game footage (6'5-3/8").
    - I think the thick legs and the knee braces that all Penn State OL wear made him look like a 6-2/6-3 type player.
    - He was 308 at the combine but he looked heavier in college game footage.
    - He also has surprisingly long arms for an OG (34-1/8").
    - When he played OC in college, his snapping technique was opposite of the standard technique.
    - Most OCs hold the ball pre-snap with the front of the ball pointed up. Same as a long snapper would hold it.
    - McGovern held the ball with the front pointed down with his hand more on top like palming a basketball.
    - There is no way to spiral the shotgun snaps from this technique.
    - I'm curious if they've changed that now that he has been in the NFL for a couple of years.

    Tyler Biadasz
    - He is more of the power blocker with limited athleticism.
    - He uses the fact that he knows when the ball will be snapped to his advantage to make up for lack of elite quickness.
    - He was a good technician in college.
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    Outstanding post.
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    I think part of the reason why people are hard on him is because Leary and Cooper (the 2 previous LGs) where both arguably better while neither cost a premier pick.
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    Williams has locked in the LG job, he's one of the league best two dozen guards. I didn't see anything from McGovern last year to suggest that he'd play better... he's got starting talent, but needs to clean up his pass pro.
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    Williams is much better than Leary and Cooper in my opinion.
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    He's not more solid in pass protection Bull. But I do think that by the end of the season, McGovern might be getting snaps, particularly if we aren't in a playoff run. I think Connor Williams is a casualty of the cap and the Prescott deal. I think a lot of people in Cowboy Nation are going to look back and miss him but that's just my opinion.
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    I thought McGovern should have gotten a real chance to at least compete for LG last year. Williams had been ok in 2019, but nothing to keep a younger player who looks ready off the field. But in 2020 Williams made a big jump and clearly distanced himself above McGovern.
    McGovern should be competing against Biadasz for C. If he loses, at least we've prepared him to back up C.
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    If everyone is healthy, we don't keep Williams, even without the Prescott deal. I can't see another big free agent contract to the oline, and especially for a LG. And we've got McGovern to take over too. Just doesn't make sense even w/o the Prescott deal.
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    I think Leary 2014, 2016 was better than Williams. Very strong play. PFF goes along with that, giving Leary 80 both years.
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    McGovern is in his 3rd year. As a professional he should have taken it on himself to fix his snap in the offseason, and *certainly* the supposed personnel professionals running our team should have demanded it.

    The lack of professionalism in the team is infuriating.
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    Seems like a lesser Fredbeard. Similar relative strengths, just not as good at everything. And I don't consider that an insult. Fredbeard was on trajectory for borderline HOF.

    I see ok power in Biadasz's blocking. More technique. More power anchoring than driving, but I'd only consider him a power blocker relative to being a lesser movement blocker. Though probably that power rachets up in the next couple of years, and he's an ok to good starting C improving for the next 3 years. Such a steal.
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    Williams was always more of a T than a G to me. Good feet, not great lower body power. T. Arms aren't as desired for a T, but good feet matter at T, and the relative lack of power is much less of an issue against DEs than DTs.

    Wish we had given him a shot at swing T. Might have given ourselves an option at a quality if not Pro Bowl LT. Maybe some other team will find out.
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    Cooper wasn't better.
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    Williams is better than McGovern so far. Part of McGovern's issue has been health, the other is his play. I know many hate every starter who isn't a HOF and routinely suggest the backups who can barely make the field have already earned their jackets but dam atleast wait till McGovern actually does something.
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    He’s average at best.
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    I'll be disappointed if McGovern doesn't beat out Williams.

    What an atrocious draft class that was in 2019. The worst since 2017.

    As an aside, we always draft well.
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    2009 says hi. So does 2018.
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