Connor McGovern is terrible

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stilltheguru, May 3, 2022.

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    lmao bra
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    McGovern is a good backup and mediocre starter who found a productive role on offense as the 6th lineman on the field.

    Hope he's been practicing at the jugs machine all offseason.
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  3. buybuydandavis

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    I remember years when we plugged in veterans and said that it would take a good 6 games for them to develop chemistry along the oline.

    Tough row to hoe to come in midseason after getting extremely limited practice snaps once the season started.

    Barring injury Tyler Smith *will* start. But conceivable that he starts at RT over Steele, with McGovern taking LG. It's a best of 3 competition.
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    I am intrigued by Josh Ball after his redshirt year.
  5. plymkr

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    I really miss Ron Leary.
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  6. BAT

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    Think of McGovern as starting FB and backup RG.

    That way you're not setting yourself up for heartache.
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    You gotta respect a guy who goes the extra mile to make himself valuable to the team
    A perfect backup is a guy that finds a way to help out by either ST or in his case a FB/TE in certain packages.
  8. NotForLong

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    Me too . . . And Fred Beard.

    Thats why I am so hyped up over Smith
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    It's great for Tyler Smith that he likely won't have a tough act to follow. :lmao:
    Truth be told, as a LG, McGovern makes a pretty dang good fullback!! :muttley:
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  10. LittleD

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    Our backups are just so bad? I would suspect that if leaves in FA next off season, he will get a contracts for 5-7mil per year. I guess other teams don't know anything about OL.
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  11. jrumann59

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    Due the expenditures of the team at other positions and some positions getting ready to get big pay increases they chose not to re-sign CW. CW was a decent NFL starting guard, but he is not a guy you sign to a large 2nd contract hopefully you already have his replacement on the roster when his contract was up.
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    oh, I don't disagree. Williams deserved a very small contract that if you find a good starting LG, then you put him on the bench for depth and not think about it twice.
  13. TequilaCowboy

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    Hope he's learning to operate the fork lift at his local Home Depot. J/K....or am I? Nah, even as a mediocre starter he has more money stashed away to not have to work, period. If the FO was halfway smart, they would trade him this off season and get something for him.
  14. blueblood70

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    you mean every time he blows a technique or play in practice, he has to stand in his boxers and allow the jug machine to hit him with football, maybe in berrys??:lmao2:
  15. quickccc

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    Just because McGovern hasn't made it out as a full time starter, should not mean he'll be useless trash as a backup.

    - The big difference between McGovern's position role vs Terrence Steele, is we've already invested a high price as a 3rd round pick in McGovern,
    and we already have one of the better starting OGs in the NFL at RG in Zack Martin, I would not dare think they drafted McGovern to compete with Martin,
    and no there never been a thought to move Martin to LG, just to insert McGovern.
    That target had to have been competition with Williams.

    - Especially when i think this current OL coach is and has never been fond of McGovern, and McGov's mediocre starting streak as a failed replacement
    for the benched Williams, only further cemented his future doom here in Dallas.
    He'll be the next Conner to be allowed to walk once his rookie contract expires.

    - Steele was an undrafted rookie, there wasn't a big investment in him, he was low risk/high reward.
    If we even got him to be a serviceable utility swing tackle ala Jeremy Parnell, that would be great.
    But apparently coaches clearly convinced the vastly improved Steele could be a starter at RT over a 17+ game period.
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  16. Ranched

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    McGovern has looked much better on the right side than left, replacing Martin a couple of times over the last two years. But after his failure to impress at LG last season, asks how much can Dallas really trust him in 2022.
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  17. Kalyan

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    He is a big disappointment for a 2nd rounder, not able to win the LG position and we had to spend a 1st round pick at this position
  18. TNCowboy

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    LOL he's garbage and people try to dispute it. Just watch him play. When you can't beat out our awful center and Conner Williams, you're not an NFL player. We had 2 hacks starting, and McGovern couldn't even get on the field. All you need to know.
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  19. TNCowboy

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    That is 100% the only reason he's still on the roster.
  20. BAT

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    Philbin's disaster OL juggling is something I have not forgotten.

    He cost the Cowboys at least 2 games with those poor decisions.

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