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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Jan 13, 2020 at 8:22 PM.

  1. CowboyRoy

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    Then why did you complain the first 3 years that Dak's stats were average?

    And why did you claim that wins were a team thing and not on the QB?

    Backtrack much?
  2. Future

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    Well he only threw 5 so it couldn't have been that many lol
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  3. MarionBarberThe4th

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    All the data on daks favor and yet we all know he won’t be starting in a few years
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  4. Keithfansince5

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    When Dak was throwing for less than 300 yards a game, Dallas was winning. Now all of a sudden Dak lights up the yardage score board and the team has its worst year with him at QB. Hmmmm.

    As a TEAM fan, I like Dak before 2019. That combo of run and pass (in that order) produced better results. If Dak wants to hang with the big boys at QB, we as fans are in for a rocky road ahead.

    I hope that Dak goes back to throwing for 3,000 yards for the year, and Zeke and Pollard and Dak too, rush for more yards again as this is the right formula for success.
  5. CPanther95

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    It's a good starting point to determining the best QBs.

    First step, eliminate any QB without a nearly full Interception avoidance triangle. Then accept Carson Wentz as the exception that proves the rule.
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  6. phildadon86

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    For guys like you when he wins it’s Zeke the line and or some other reason. So you sound like an idiot yet again lol
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  7. AmariChill

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    Nope. I gave him credit during the Lions game. He did spectacular. It's games like the Saints game from last year and even the Giants game where he was a bit shaky. The defense and Zeke deserve credit for those games as they were the stars and the ones making the big plays.

    Lets look at our losses. Everyone deserves blame, especially the defense, but Dak especially just looked awful in the Bears and Bills game and is a big reason as to why we lost. That's why he gets blamed for losses and no credit for some wins.
  8. Rockport

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  9. Rockport

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    He's a troll that's why.
  10. percyhoward

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    Most people don't watch every QB in the league every week, so they don't realize how inconsistent most QB really are. In 2019, Prescott was more consistent than the average QB.
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  11. Pantone282C

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    Holy Cow of Statistics, Batman. Look at Brady and Brees very low category of Y/C (shock.)
    Interesting that Brady's lowest categories are Completion Rate and Y/C.
    Their lack of Rushing Ability is well known.
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  12. jterrell

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    Brady has been terrible for his career in those categories.
    What he has always done well tho is keep the chains moving and avoid turnovers.

    Brees is showing his age and his passing has definitely shifted to the short passing game.
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  13. Pantone282C

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    The wily vet.
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  14. jterrell

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    Pat Mahomes is the most gifted QB in football.

    He is also the ONLY guy all 32 NFL GMs would take over Dak.
    Doesn't make Dak the second best but given age and durability Dak would def be on that tier below Pat.

    Guys NOT going to be selected before Dak.
    Wentz: Injuries are too scary.
    Tony Romo: CUZ LOL goofballs shut up about him he's a broadcaster.
    Sam Darnold:
    Kyle Allen:
    Can Newton:

    Those are HIGH R1 draft picks (TR aside).

    And teams wouldn't take them over YOUR DALLAS COWBOYS STARTING QB.

    Any idiot bashing Dak is getting placed back on ignore. 4 years into being stupid is simply unforgivable.
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  15. jterrell

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    It's Dak's fault they fielded the worst special teams in football??
    Dallas not only led the league in passing yardage he did so with his WRs leading the league in drops.
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  16. Runwildboys

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    Jackson is the only one there that I'd expect better from, and his bad games were against better teams, mostly.
  17. wrongway

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    Where's the passing touchdowns. That is conspicuously missing.
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  18. Kevinicus

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    You are confusing physicality/athleticism with talent.
    Romo was easily more talented overall.
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  19. 65fastback2plus2

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    This is a horrible info fact, nothing across it adds ups
  20. blueblood70

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    there are at least 10 teams that would not take dak over their current QB maybe 15 if you count ones with rioookies or first year guys coming into 2020

    you have to consider the ones on a similar tier so why would they switch for the sake of switching?
    I can see these teams saying no
    Mahomes, Wilson, Rogers, Jackson all on tiers above dak

    Garopollo, Cousins, Wentz(too much invested), Carr, Goff, Baker, Jallen, and Murray..those teams not interested because they are all similar tier.. Dak most likely ranks around 10 on this list..

    Miami and Cinci will have new top tier guys, NYG wont give up on jones yet.thats 3 more

    NO has TB and smith or what ever that slash guys besides a Brees up in the air.. you think NE rather have Dak over brady? Dak say at 34mil? NO maybe if they end up in the market and brady leaves..

    so maybe a team like CHI or Titans or do they believe Tannehill is better and they have Mariota? how about TB possible Dak is slightly better then Winston..

    this is the relaity Dak isnt FREE.. we keep disucuiing this but if he wont sign a new deal hes getting FT that will cost a team 2 firsts plus paying dak around 34..hes not top 5 hes top 10 ie 10th best option and that debatable..

    who will do that?


    thanks for playing..

    this isnt fantasy or madeen there is a business side Dak is wanting more then hes worth and with a FT will also require draft stock.. so we are both stuck for now.. Im not saying i hate dak but at over 34 hes truly not wot that and i rather FT him and let MM evalaute him another year..if not im offering 30 plus incentives to reach 35 ie a mil each playiff win and if he reaches the SB he(we) reaches the full 5mil bonus escaltor..

    see the issue ? for me its not does he suck or is he bad or just average..i like him slightly above average as it stands but for 34mil i say NO!

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