Corner technique I may be wrong but

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ring6, Jan 11, 2019.

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    It is but it was a serious issue 2 years before this year.
  2. CF74

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    Richards has motivated this group but he has his templates. He prefers taller corners. Lewis has more picks from the bench...
  3. Dre11

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    Those are usually Zone coverages when you see cbs jump a route. In man , which we play a lot of , it's not that easy.
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  4. CowboysFaninHouston

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    the coach puts him and uses him in the right place at the right time...
  5. xwalker

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  6. Typhus

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    Lewis needs to run with Gurley all night.
    If we cut off the Goff to Gurley connection, our pass rushers can get to Goff.
  7. LovinItAll

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    Coverage in the Seahawks game (except for the long play given up on their last drive) was excellent. Wilson completed two that were both amazing passes and catches that kept this game close, plus the short TD pass that was perfectly thrown. If Seattle doesn't make those plays - and they were both low percentage passes/catches - the game turns into a blowout. As it was, we were robbed on the no PI call on the int in the endzone.
  8. CB61

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    We're watching film of Roy Williams Terence Newman Sensabaugh Etc it's The Cowboy Way
  9. davidariust24

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    McVay doesnt want to go out like Sean Payton. He wants to rattle the boys and cause confusion(keep us guessing)and be explosive. He'll will be darned If we slow him down. That's the attitude he will have and that's the attitude his team is going to be coached to play with and the cowboys supporters out in there stadium can join the rams or just go home disappointed. The rams cant take no from us on the physical front. They have to out physical us number one then they have to out smart us. By no means can we allow the rams to out physical us, and like deion said "nothing deep and nothing cheap " . Cooper has to beat his defenders on the regular. These are former pro bowlers. Cooper has to bring his a game. These are the best corners he will see from here on if we win this game. This is it. There are no aaron Donalds or Suhs after this . This is it. We need to find a way to get it done , firstly by running. Zeke needs to get that ball alot and dak needs to run some. The backup RB needs to be ready to roll for whatever. Austin needs to come out sharp and ready to sell his route. I guess what I'm trying to say is we need to be laser focused. I really feel we will win. I think most writers and analysts pick the rams and right fully so. They are a juggernaut especially at home where they avg a whopping (!!! 37.1 pts !!!) That is crazy. That's almost double what we avg. We have to respect this team just like we did the saints. That's the type of team we are facing. Having support is nice but that's not going to carry us. We have to come out and hit them early. That's how we need to play.

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