Could we trade for Josh Allen?

Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by J12B, Jan 23, 2022.


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    That dude played out of his mind for his 2 playoff games.
    Just amazing

    Really, Mahomes, Allen, and Stafford have all plyed 2 nearly perfect playoff games
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    I would love to have him, are the Jags dumping him? We could definitely use a pass rusher like that!!!!
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    That was a good one!
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    There is no way Buffalo would trade him for 20 1st round picks and by the way the NFL only lets you trade a max of 3 1st round picks in any year. Same goes for 2nd day picks.
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    I remember when the Bills came here on Thanksgiving and embarrassed the Cowboys in 2019...that was before Allen was really even that great. That just showed you how far this Cowboys team was back then and also now.
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    Would they throw in Cole Beasley in the deal if Jerry included say Johnny Dixon or Nashon Wright ?
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    We already have a quarterback, so giving away draft picks for a position thats already solidified is stupid. Maybe Jerry should build another stadium beside the stadium we already have. Yeah, that sounds like a smart idea.... smmfh
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    Trash for most the season lmao what planet you living on
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    Prolly still not be enough :eek:
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    Could we trade for Josh Allen?


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