Twitter: Cowboys 5th in Super Bowl odds next year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Feb 13, 2022.

  1. Risen Star

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    In all of your hater faces.

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  2. zack

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    Why bother…lol
  3. Aerolithe_Lion

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    That broncos line is solely based on people anticipating Rodgers. They have the same line as GB for crying out loud
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  4. yimyammer

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    thats just because Vegas knows they can give short odds to stupid cowboy fans who still believe they have a shot in hell of ever winning a Super Bowl again
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  5. OGCowboy

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    Yeah since they went legal on weed things been kinda strange out there....
  6. Adreme

    Adreme Well-Known Member

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    I mean they nailed having the over/under at 44 points so someone knows what they are doing.
  7. ClappingCarrot

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    I'll be the last clown to hop aboard that train next year.

    I'll watch comfortably from afar as the ship sinks. Again.
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  8. Captain-Crash

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    yeah, and jason garrett will be a hc next year too, in the NFL, not high school. lmao
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  9. Plankton

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  10. Adreme

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    I mean there are part of it I get in terms of trying to find an NFC team to pick. Basically you have the Rams who have a LOT of questions as to who is coming back and who is not but if they return enough people they are the favorite but after that you have nothing but questions. The Packers could very easily lose Rodgers and even without that they are looking at a rebuilt no matter what they claim and neither the Bears nor Lions are worth anything and the Vikings are average at best. The NFC South is a complete mess with no one really being worth talking about. The Eagles and Giants have picks but the Giants have cap issues to resolve and the Eagles are probably a year away from being a contender. That basically leaves you with whatever the Cardinals are, and they have QB drama right now, and whatever the 49ers are and they are starting a QB who nobody knows what he is.
  11. bigE79

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  12. Mr_437

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    Jerry approves.
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  13. ologan

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    Why torture yourself. The Bengals bandwagon would probably accept you, and it may be easier on your psyche.
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  14. Risen Star

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    Actually tied for 4th. My mistake.

    And this is before Will McClay even drafts.
  15. Fizziksman

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    NFC gonna be really weak.
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  16. Fizziksman

    Fizziksman BanditHiro

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    serious question. why be a fan lol? scratch that why be a fan that takes time out of their day to read, reply and post on a fan website?
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  17. NoFurtherQuestions

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    There's a sucker born every minute
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  18. big dog cowboy

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    #1 and #2 Bills, Chiefs
    #3 Rams
    #4 and #5 Bengals, Cowboys

    It actually sounds about right.
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  19. GoldenR

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    Vegas got a line on a new QB in big D??
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  20. Bing

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    The Cowboys will never play in another Superbowl let alone win one as long as this team is in the Jones family. Hasn't the last 26 years taught you anything.

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