Cowboys and Rams meet for NFL record 9th time

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Diehardblues, Jan 12, 2019.

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    Tonites game will set a NFL record for the 9th time two opponents have met in the playoffs in NFL history. This of course also breaks the Cowboys record of 8 times playing the Packers in the playoffs.

    The previous 8 All happened in the same era. 73.75,76,78,79,80,83 &85.

    73 was the 1st playoff game I attended . I also attended the 76 and 79. 79 was memorable because it was Staubachs last game.

    Cowboys are 2-1 at LA with both of their championship contest out there and both wins heading into SB X & SB XIII, both losses to Steelers.

    Our last meeting in LA was 1985 losing 20-0 to Dickerson led LA team. Although that game was actually at Anaheim stadium.
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    The Cowboys also will play in their 63rd postseason game , the most in NFL history.

    Amazing when you consider the lack of success this Century which punctuates our gloried history for the franchises first four decades.
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    It is amazing especially for all the new fans to this organization to see just how successful the boys used to be year in and year out. I remember watching so many of those games you listed above some great history between the two organizations.
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    Oddly both those years they played Pitt in the SB after having won the NFCCG in the Coliseum (75 and 78), they had ended each regular season at Shea Stadium vs the Jets. I went to both of those games. Staubach was my idol and Landry rested Staubach both times and I never got to see him play. Years later I just missed Staubach at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas (he and Drew Pearson were at some booth) and years after that, bizarrely, Staubach had visited the office where I worked (a financial magazine) and I found out the day after. I was destined never to meet or even see the man (sniff sniff) .
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    Great stories ..thanks for sharing!

    I met Roger his Rookie season in 1969 at an autograph session. Still have that personal photo and signing. One of my prized possessions.
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    Both teams know what's on the line and both teams will leave it all out on the field today.
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    I’ve seen all 62 of our playoff games attending a few of those at home in 5 different decades.
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    You should make an effort to meet the man. It seems like you're supposed to, but somehow fate's been sidestepping you.
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    Some of the best ways to meet players, coaches and ex players is attending training camps while staying at team hotel and of course accompanying team on road trips which also includes staying at team hotel.

    Cowboys were first team to have their own Travel Club Jerry implemented in 1989. I was an inaugural member attending the first team road trips with fans.

    I’ve also attended Christian Athletic banquets and the Texas HOF ceremonies in Waco where the states HOF is held and a couple of charitable golf tournaments featuring exCowboy players , coaches , etc.

    There’s several different means to expose yourself to the greats of the game. Not only Cowboys but others.
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