Cowboys are one of three teams to not appear in NFC Championship since 1996

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by 32BellyOption, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. 32BellyOption

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    Thanks Jerry...

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  2. CF74

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    HB dive up the gut on 3, break...:facepalm:
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  3. DFWJC

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    Ugly stuff and very old news in this forum

    Still, 1996 is kind of an arbitrary year to start with.
    Unless, of course, you're specifically trying to gig the Cowboys
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  4. JayFord

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    I’ve been on this since 2007

    Oh well
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  5. Tangle_Foot

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    Fun Fact :huh:
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  6. Typhus

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    ya, at this rate, we will all be Jerry old.
  7. Bobhaze

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    Yeah but we are the “most valuable sports franchise”....take that all you NFC teams getting Lombardis!
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  8. Common Sense

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    Wouldn’t any year you pick be arbitrary?
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  9. foofighters

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    Ya, we know already. Every year this is broadcast by EVERYONE...
  10. Ultra Warrior

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    False advertisement. :thumbdown:
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  11. DFWJC

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    I’d say, unless you're trying to specifically point sonething out,people usually would use
    Last 5 years
    Last 10 years
    Last 20 years

    Something like that

    The last 22 years is maybe something you see someone use when quoting stats maybe once in a hundred times
    It’s extremelyarbitrary and random

    UNLESS, of course, you're trying to highlight something very specific about one entity.

    Is that more clear?

    Obviously they chose to bot go back 1-2 years further or even less because the goal was to absolutely maximize worst case for Dallas.

    Still true though
  12. TWOK11

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    We’ve had a lot of misfortune in the divisional round since our last title.

    Irvin injures early against Carolina in 1996
    Crayton missing two chances to beat NY in 2007
    The Dez catch being overruled in 2014
    Rodgers’ miraculous throw in 2016

    All 4 times we were right there and it didn’t go our way
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  13. Jake

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    It's not arbitrary at all. It's the year when Jimmy's leftovers could no longer overcome a clown like Barry Switzer and Jerry's solo era officially began.

    The results speak for themselves.
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  14. BoysWin

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    Fire the GM and HC
  15. DFWJC

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    Sure, if you’re honest and say that is what you are trying to point out, something specific to Dallas.
    Just don't hide it as an NFL stat.
    Going all the way back 22 years...may as well go back a few to a more round number like 25. But it wouldnt maximize the negative that an arbritrary number like 22 years would.
  16. StarBoyz83

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    Top 3 means we're elite at sucking!
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  17. Idgit

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    We can do this for any team if we go back to the year after they last sent and start there.

    We get it. It’s been a while
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  18. Flamma

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    It is the year following the last time the Cowboys were there.
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  19. cowboyec

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    I would add this year....we were a 4th Down stop away from havin' a chance to get it to OT.
  20. DFWJC

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    How about that. What an amazing coincidence that they just happened to use the maximum time.
    That's the point, it was a specific stat targeting Dallas.
    Go back one more year and they have a super bowl
    4 more years and they have three
    It was done to maximize the negative to Dallas and no other team.
    That's all

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