Cowboys at the Crossroads

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by plasticman, Oct 13, 2018.

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    No NFL team has ever played in a Super Bowl after going 2-4 to start the season. Seven teams have played in Super Bowls after starting the season 3-3 with three winning the championship.

    As critical as that seems, this game has even further ramifications. The outcome of the game tomorrow will effect legacy. It could be the nail in the coffin for any notion that Jerry Jones ever had the ability, skill, talent, call it what you will, to build a legitimate NFL contender as a GM. It could confirm the popular notion that the only great decision he ever made as an owner was his first, the hiring of Jimmy Johnson.

    Fans have been more than patient over the past 20 years.They have been patient enough with Head Coach Jason Garrett.

    By now, the Cowboys should have been built and established as perennial contenders, built with "the right kind of guys" and deep enough to sustain injury to even key positions. The competitive environment subscribed by Garrett as well as maintaining value of draft picks by not trading away the future should have insured that this day, which was that future,would see a Cowboy team confidently playing through their schedule while compiling impressive victories with few hard fought defeats.

    Instead, we see the same broken record. We see a season derailed by injury, suspension, lack of depth, poor game planning, poor decision making during games, poor free agency recruitment, poor contract structuring, a confusing management structure, poor interaction between the coaching and the scouting, and poor communication in expressing a singular, unified plan to success.

    We are told that the majority of decisions are group decisions involving many voices. Everyone in charge means no one in charge.

    Who is in charge? We were lead to believe that Jerry had taken at least a few steps back and allowed those with more credibility to make key decisions. Granted, those of us with longer familiarity to this issue had grave doubts and viewed Jerry as a ticking time bomb, but lately, Stephen doesn't even seem interested in holding the leash.

    When has a Head Coach ever been given this much opportunity in recent times? This time, we were given reassurance that there would be no shortcuts, It would take a little longer but the team would be built the right way, built to compete for a decade, built to create continuous opportunities to get back to the Super Bowl.

    The average NFL team over the course of 8 seasons will reach the playoffs three times, win a divisional playoff game once, play in a conference championship once with a 50-50 probability of playing in a Super Bowl. As far as the playoff are concerned, the Cowboys under Garrett have not even attained the heights of mediocrity.

    Understand,this is coming from a staunch Garrett supporter, which I still am. I still hold on to the idea that the Cowboys can turn this around but I am beginning to lose my grip. A loss tomorrow and I can no longer defend him and his future as a HC for the Cowboys.

    As for Jerry Jones, not only will a defeat end any presumption of competence for him, it will extend to other Cowboy executives with the same last name.Stephen was also given a position of authority. With that position also comes accountability.

    As it was with the Packer game of 2010 when the eventual champions undressed, embarrassed and completely exposed the entire Cowboys franchise for the frauds they were, you can expect frequent camera shots of Jerry and his family reacting to whatever happens on the field tomorrow.

    If there is to be another memorable defining moment in Cowboy history where we can all look back and say, "It started here ", it must begin 24 hours from now.

    The Dallas Cowboys are at the crossroads.
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    Nice thought, but when u r a billionaire, drunken owner of a neat little toy that makes you money, there is no accountability. There should be, there won’t be
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    This team isn't going to the Super Bowl.

    If a determination on Garrett's future being the Cowboys HC hasn't been made yet, it will be obvious by the end of the year.

    Anyone breathing air knows what needs to happen. It really just comes down to one thing: Can the Jones clan find an acceptable puppet to replace Garrett or not.
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    We took the wrong turn at the crossroad about 17 years ago. We can't even see the crossroad anymore.
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    Jville going to curb stomp this high school offense
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    And I'm going to miss everybody....
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    Your first mistake was thinking this team's goal is winning the Superbowl. Stephen and Jerry's recent comments make it clear, that's not the goal.
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    So you won’t be lonely..... Jerry, Stephen Harmony.
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    I agree with everything you said except that you are still a Garrett supporter.

    I can’t believe you.
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    When champs play, they wear copper banded back supports from advancedbackpro' for the love of the game.
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    Anyone that is a Garrett supporter is NO FAN of the Dallas Cowboys. You cant be, its not possible.

    You obviously would support any lose coach that wears a star. Sorry, but its pathetic.
  12. CCBoy

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    Bet...I'm one who doesn't bad mouth the team or coaches yet...:popcorn:
  13. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    We have been at a crossroads for 3 years now but just let the 16 season and Coach of the year award think everything was great.
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  14. ArtClink

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    And very few teams have gone 22 years without even winning a divisional playoff game. Looking at the NFC this year, odds are it will be 23 seasons and counting.
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  15. TwistedL0g1k

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    Everyone has their pitchforks out for the head coach, but the sad fact is this- A different coach with this same team will not change the outcome. This is a flawed team, and that's on the GM. So is the horribly managed salary cap. The team is saddled with 10's of millions of dollars in dead money, money that could have brought in significant talent. The Cowboys are one of the very worst in the league in this regard. Contract structure is also pathetic. There was just a very lengthy article published about this very topic. The Team also has one of the worst QB's in the league- that's just a statistical fact. A new coach won't change that either. The GM made the decision to devote nothing more than a late 4th round pick on the most important position on the team. JJ wants to win badly, but he wants to do it his way. The GM is the heart of the problem. Get another puppet if you like, but the puppet master will remain.
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    So if we go 2-4 then we really should think of wanting to lose, to get a better draft pick, and to get Garrett fired.
    Getting Garrett fired is the priority there.
    I won’t argue against anyone wanting that.

    But at 3-3 we will still be on the outside looking in, as that will not make me think this team can turn it around and make the playoffs. However with this division it would be possible. But what does that get us. A worse draft pick, and enough wins for Jerry to keep Garrett and Dak around longer.
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  17. zerofill

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    The only bright side to the whole thing is both offenses suck.
  18. Rayman70

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    gonna be a beat down,whomever wins. A blow out. Jville is going to come in here pissed and looking to send a message. Yeldon is the guy we better have a spy on at all times. Its a toss up on who will win going away. IF we are the team that loses.its hard to see Garrett and Linehan keeping a job past this week.
  19. rnr_honeybadger

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    The Cowboys suffer from an issue with the owner and GM being the same bloody person which means that the GM never gets held accountable for anything. Can anyone name any other team where the GM would announce that they were going to focus a draft on special teams and actually keep his job?
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  20. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    LLLOOLLL, Ya the good old ST draft. We are the only I can remember that drafted each player for ST. Forget about what is needed on D and O, this is going to be ST draft only. Any other GM did that they would have been fired as soon as that drafted ended. Yes you will get the one's that say there were no starters in that draft, hogwash.

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