Video: Cowboys Break - Broaddus and Jerry on Play Calling

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by buybuydandavis, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. buybuydandavis

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    Interesting factoid from Broaddus on The Break today. Supposedly Garrett had wanted to call the plays next year, and the front office said No. Seems to imply that Moore will be given some rope.

    That's consistent with some recent babbling from Jerry saying that if Moore gets any pushback from what he wants to do, he should let Jerry know and Jerry will straighten people out. Jerry says he wants innovation.
    "I've said this to [Moore]: I want those new ideas," Jones said with a smile. "I want them fought for until the glass breaks. Squeal. Holler. If they're not being implemented, call me, but let's get in here and do the kinds of things we do to get the most out of a very talented roster.​
  2. IrishAnto

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    And people want a new HC!
    For what we've already got Jerry.
  3. rockj7

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    Undermining the head coach by telling his subordinates to bypass the coach. I'm not mad if this helps us win but boy 2019 is already taking shape
  4. JW82

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    If Jerry’s undermining helps us win it will be the first time in NFL history.
  5. America's Cowboy

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    Amen!!! Thank you, Mr. Jerry Jones!

    I love that our owner is fighting to make our Offense more creative! This Offense has to get much more creative in order to catch up to the Rams, Chiefs, Saints, Colts, Seahawks and Patriots in the playoffs.
  6. CCBoy

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    Undermining...****. Accountable. If Jason Garrett can't lead a team that he had both hands in shaping, then he should move on.

    Jason has to earn it now, the old fashioned way...heads up with the toughest in the NFL. No excuses. If Jason can't lead, it will show.

    The status of free hands by the Offensive and Defensive Coordinators has already been dictated to Jason years ago. Now is not the time for a fan to squeak up on this fact.

    Change is wanted by Jerry, and as a GM, he stated so. Get with the program and at least watch direction. The second half of the season already stamped direction of change.
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  7. rockj7

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    It's already been written
  8. superonyx

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    If the defense continues to play well under Chris Richard and Kellen Moore shows he can draw up a creative offense then it looks like Jerry may be planning to move on from JG and let Richard coach with Moore as his OC..
  9. Chrispierce

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    Garrett’s on the hot seat alright. I knew the FO wasn’t happy after the LA game,but this is Jerry saying I’m done with Garrett’s bullcrap offense and time for someone else to take a shot at it. Far too late,but good news.
  10. Dre11

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  11. pansophy

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    Can understand Garrett not wanting a first time play caller in a contract year. That said I'd like to see something different.
  12. DandyDon52

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    Jerry is Executive HC
    Stephen is Jr Executive HC
    Jason is Puppet HC
    All 3 together is Circus HC lol

    But it is good to hear Jerry say that, he wants a change without getting rid of JG but he knows our offense can do more than
    what it has been doing.
    So Moore will maybe be a real OC with autonomy ! That should help Play design at very least.
    Get a new playbook!
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  13. IrishAnto

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    It is a circus and this is why we'll never win another SB with Jerry as GM.

    If he's telling the OC to bypass the HC and go directly to him, then what's the point of having a HC?

    Equally, when eventually Jerry looks for a new HC, what HC worth his salt is going to take the job if he knows Jerry will usurp his authority at the drop of a hat?
  14. SoupcanSam

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    You know I actually like Jerry being the HC. Once he gets out of his way he has the potential to be one of the best.
  15. Gaede

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    Yeah, not a Garrett fan by any means, but this is ridiculous from Jerry.
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  16. stasheroo

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    I'd certainly put that scenario in the mix as a possibility for next year.
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  17. SoupcanSam

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    Well you make Moore the HC and Richard the DC. I dont think either would mind working under jerry.
  18. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

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    I don't think that Jerry would usurp the authority of a proven coach. I just think that he's at his wit's end with Garrett coming up short and frustrating him. He gave both Garrett and Linehan even more influence and authority last season, when myself and many others believed he should have fired them both then.

    And what he got for it were poor decisions and worse results. And then he had to go out and mortgage his 2019 1st round pick for Cooper to save the season, and Garrett's job by extension. Jerry knows he's built a quality roster, and now he's frustrated that Garrett still can't do much of anything with it.

    He truly wants Garrett to succeed, but I think even Garrett's biggest supporter has reached the end of his patience

    This is it.
  19. FLCowboyFan

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    In this case he is setting a direction that he wants his coach to take. If the coach doesn't move the team toward that vision then they need to go. I think what he is saying is tell me if that is happening (it must have happened in the past). You could argue this is what gets head coaches fired. They don't implement the vision of the GM. Everyone is accountable in an organization. Everyone has a boss. Even owners of companies must sell their product/company to their customer. The customer is the ultimate boss and what the fans (customer) are saying is we are tired of the hard headed sticking with the old system.
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  20. ClappingCarrot

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    Unpopular opinion - I agree with everything Jerry said.

    But I just really despise the notion of Jerry basically knowing and understanding that his head coach is garbage so much to the point that he constantly has to surround him with assistant coaches with a higher football acumen than him.

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