Twitter: Cowboys draft praised by fellow NFL brain trusts

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, May 3, 2021.

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    what do these FO people know...nothing. they should just come to this board and take word of our memebers....seriously...NFL FO people...who cares:rolleyes:
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    gotcha....when I hear trouble...i think law or failed drug tests. maturity of course is a factor. we'll see how it plays out for him.
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    Draft grades at this point mean absolutely nothing. Review the draft in a year after the season to see who made the team, who contributed and who played. Then you might have an ideal
    of how they did. These are all college kids at this point. It will be a pretty good draft if 3 or 4 play for the boys for 3 years IMVHO.
  4. Jipper

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    while i put very little stock in them, i wouldn't say they mean nothing....they have a directional correlation with the perceived value of a player to where they are picked. From what i am reading, we didnt get a lot of "steals" and really only had one reach hence the middling grades.

    I am good with that, have to trust the coaches and, to your point, give it a few years to see how it pans out.
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  5. thebigeasy88

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    Agreed. And just to note, Ball was not charged with any crimes. Not saying he did/didn't, but according to the law, he didn't.
  6. LittleD

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    I pay little to no attention to most of the talking heads that review the draft outside Daniel Jeremiah, Dan Brugler or Bucky Brooks. They spend all year looking at tape and studying players.
    Most of those media types just parrot others work.
  7. kumizi

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    if we could just redo the 3rd round
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    sort of the dumb patting the other dummies on the back lol.:rolleyes:
    I wonder if jones boys have said anything about how great buffalo or NE or even a nfce team has drafted this year?? :huh:
    It makes no sense to me for anyone other than media people to even think about how other teams did in the draft.o_O

    it is possible some money was sent somewhere, and then this report comes out?:omg:

    I think screw what everyone and anyone else thinks, I will decide for myself, and so will most of the people here.

    I think it is a good draft , better than I thought it would be, I did not want surtain or horn in rd 1, but I was sure it would happen.
    it did not, instead we got a much needed top LB, and 1 extra player.

    Now in 2 years or so we can compare joseph to surtain and horn and see how they measure up.
    Also see what parsons does to the defense, he should have more of an impact than those 2 cb's.
  9. doomsday9084

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    The draft was . . . fine . . . other than the 3rd round. If you look at the players taken in every round other than the 3rd, its not stellar but its not a complete dumpster fire.

    The problem really was the 3rd round. They could have gotten those guys later or used the picks to move up and improve other picks.
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  10. chagus

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    This draft surprised us all. Dallas had a plan and several contingencies that none of us expected. After letting the dust settle, it seems to me like a very good defensive draft. I wanted Rashawn Slater so bad... and he was there! So, that pissed me off something fierce but after looking this haul over, you can see what the Cowboys were after... and they did it. Dallas improved a porous, weak defense.

    None of us should be complaining about that.

  11. buybuydandavis

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    There were reasons that Ball dropped.
  12. buybuydandavis

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    Unfortunately, they chose to screw up a round where we had *3* premium picks.

    Well, maybe they didn't screw up the 3 picks in the 3rd. Maybe. But they worked real hard to make it look like they did. That's where they bought all the Mystery Meat.
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