Cowboys face tough decisions about 2018 draft in 2022

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Jun 10, 2021.

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    Most of our 2018 draft picks as well as WR Amari Cooper will present an interesting set of decisions for the Cowboys going into next offseason.

    Why? The rookie deals for LVE, Connor Williams, Michael Gallup, Dalton Schultz, Dorance Armstrong, and Cedric Wilson will all be ending. And Amari Cooper, with his big deal signed in 2020 has a team escape hatch built in after 2021 which may make his future staying here a question between who do we want to keep going forward- Cooper or Gallup? And it appears that in this recent draft, this team has probably drafted its replacements for both LVE and cap heavy Jaylon Smith.

    Anyway you look at it, the Cowboys top brass will need to make some tough cap decisions after this season about multiple players.

    Let’s examine those players and whether or not they are likely to be kept in 2022:
    • LVE- the only way he’s around next year is if he has an unbelievably productive and healthy season in 2021. His neck injuries have been a problem since college so who knows if he’s ever going to be healthy again for long, but it will take a great season and great heathy to see LVE next year. Prediction: Not back in 2022
    • Connor Williams- for a second round pick who supposedly had some first round talent, Williams has been just ok at best, inconsistent at worst. Has he been good enough to start? Yeah. Good enough to keep with a bigger contract? No way. Prediction: Not back in 2022
    • Michael Gallup- I am a huge Gallup fan. He has been effective every year he’s been here, including having a 1,000 yd season in 2019, with a slight drop off last yr after Dak went down. IMO, the key will depend on whether or not Cedee Lamb develops into the stud he could be. IF SO…I think Cooper’s salary become expendable and Gallup could get signed to a deal less than Cooper. I like Coop but he has been the best WR on bad teams for a long time. Obviously having Coop is not the key to a SB. Prediction: I’m against it, but I think we keep Cooper and let Gallup go after 2021.
    • Dalton Schultz- last year, Schultz emerged as a decent TE option after Blake Jarwin went down. But the team signed Jarwin to a big deal just before the 2020 season and I think the team is committed to him. Prediction: Not back in 2022.
    • Dorrance Armstrong- the former 4th rounder from Kansas has flashed some ability but unless he surprises us in 2021, he’s gone. Prediction: Not back in 2022 or back with a cheap deal.
    • Cedric Wilson- This guy has shown flashes of brilliance followed by long amounts of nothing. He has made plays both as a receiver and as a returner on STs. If he has a good season, he could be earning a bigger deal elsewhere next year. Prediction: possibly back in 2022 if under a team friendly deal.
    So looking at the 2018 draft, we could be seeing many if not all of these guys gone after this season. And I will throw in Jaylon Smith as a bonus. Unless he has a breakout great year in 2021, he’s probably gone in 2022.

    How do you see it? Who will remain and who will go from the 2018 draft?
  2. ShortRound131

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    I’d shop all of them honestly. And I like Gallup.
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    EVERYTHING has to do with price. If these guys will sign for reasonable prices I would take most of them back including LVE if he can be healthy. The fact that he has health issues might actually keep his price low.

    Armstrong I could care less about. If Williams has a strong year I would even take him back a reasonable rate.
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  4. Alexander

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    Your Armstrong blasphemy will not be tolerated.
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  5. Alexander

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    You too, buddy.
  6. JoeKing

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    I'll worry about all that next season.
  7. garyo1954

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    Armstrong looks good for 9.5 sacks right behind Anae's 10?
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  8. CowboyRoy

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    Sadly I dont think Jerry shops these guys. I was shocked he tried to trade Jaylon.
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  9. Rockport

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    The first 4 will be back. They are all very good.
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  10. Bobhaze

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    The problem is “reasonable” is not realistic. IMO, All athletes at this level should be paid market value just like anyone else in the marketplace. Expecting an athlete to take less money is actually unfair imo. Do we ask owners to take less so fans can better afford to go to games?
    How is that possible to keep all 4 Rock?
  11. Redball Express

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    Wow..thats alot of change if these guys leave. I would resign LVE if healthy and let Jaylon walk.
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  12. John813

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    Jarwin didn't get a big deal. He got 4mil signing bonus.

    He can get cut next year and the team saves 4.5mil

    Imo they re-sign LVE in camp. Super honest offer with injury clauses.
    Re-sign Schultz too. Becoming a leader on the team imo.
    Wilson is good depth. If he shows value on STs might be worth keeping if price is right.
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  13. ShortRound131

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    Yeah Jerry and Stephen will just wait and let them walk.
  14. cowboyec

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    Williams...stays. gonna get CRAZY money...THANK THE LORD FOR CEEDEE LAMB.
    i hope we can keep him but i doubt it.
    Armstrong,Wilson probably go elsewhere.
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  15. Tangle_Foot

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    Can we do our way too early 2022 mock draft first :laugh:
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  16. J-man

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    • LVE- Prediction: Unsure, but lean towards being back in 2022
    • This is a tough one for me, going forward I think they want to keep him over Jaylon. But depending on how they play this season that could change. Not that I think Smith will be better, just healthier. But if they choose to keep Smith, a pay cut will be asked for; if he refuses, LVE could be back regardless.
    • Connor Williams- Prediction: Back in 2022
    • He's a decent OG and the O-line needs depth to be the strength of the team again, even if only a back up, I think he's back in '22
    • Michael Gallup- Prediction: Not back in 2022.
    • He will get offered too much $ elsewhere to stay
    • Dalton Schultz- Prediction: Back in 2022.
    • He proved his worth and I think they like having him as a back up/alternative piece
    • Dorrance Armstrong- Prediction: Not back in 2022.
    • Sorry but just a JAG no need to offer him much of a deal
    • Cedric Wilson- Prediction: Not back in 2022.
    • Bottom of the rosters are churned all the time, his time is up, same for Noah Brown, they will both be off this team before '22 season.
  17. CowboyRoy

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    Might be realistic, might not. Not every guy wants to "maximize his dollas". Some guys also over value themselves. Then there is supply and demand.

    Owners take what they want, its their team, they own it.
  18. Aerolithe_Lion

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    Last edited: Jun 10, 2021
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  19. fivetwos

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    Could swear I've been moaning about this lately.

    I concluded that they will end up overpaying for either LVE or Gallup because they won't want to lose the whole class.
  20. CowboyRoy

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    It really is pathetic, but thats probably EXACTLY what he will do. Belli is finding out a year before they want to leave what they want to see if they have a chance of resigning him. If not, he trades them.

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