Cowboys finish with 1 offense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aven8, Dec 30, 2019.

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    Exactly my Cowboy brother Maher left 30 points on the field . That equates to a bunch of good drives coming away with no points while giving opponents great field position and killing team moral . We didnt need a guy who could kick a 60 yrd FG every full moon . We needed one who could consistently make 40 yrders
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    Yards don’t matter, this ranking is bs. Etc.

    Fact is even if we aren’t the best offense or a “true” top 10 D by your standards. We were pretty damn good on both sides of the ball. Coaching and special teams, and lack of turnovers really let this team down.

    Having the worst (or close) punting and kicking games and sticking with them til the bitter end was a signature move by this staff of dummies.

    All of these flaws can be corrected with a competent staff. I’m sure other coaches look in amazement at the opportunity and chances blown by this group.
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    Normally I would agree...but if you were to ask @ the beginning of the year...if we were to have the number one offense in the league @any know you would take it in a heartbeat. And talking about context...imagine if we didn't have all the drops. Kellen Moore is/was never the problem. He probably should be considered for the head job.
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    But what about our 3rd down conversion rate? Redzone efficiency? Garbage stats.
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    That #1 offense couldn't beat an eagles team to limp into the playoffs. Moore and the Cowboys suck!
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    Heard an even crazier one this week. I think we had a points scored/points allowed difference of over 100 on the plus side. It was the 163rd time that happened and Dallas is the first team to not have a winning record or make the playoffs. That really speaks to how fake and inflated that #1 ranking is. We piled on points vs Skins, Giants, Fins, Rams, Eagles first game and then racked up yards and points in garbage time when getting killed vs, GB, Jets, Bills, Bears...
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    A good chunk of those yards came when they trailing... Our defense continues to be the biggest issue.
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    It was probably Jerry. He likes shinny objects.
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    This is just another reason why Garrett should be gone. Garrett completely changed the momentum of the Minnesota game when he had Mayer try a 57 yard FG on our first drive of the game. Mayer misses and Minnesota has a short field to go down and score a TD. At this point in a game, we know is going to be close, we definitely should be playing field position! Dumb coaching by Garrett, but Jerry STILL loves his puppet!
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    Garrett is the king of crazy records against us. I've seen dozens of records like that since he's been our coach.
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    No, I wouldn't.

    And you lose all credibility thinking Moore should be considered for head coach... you're part of the problem here.

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