Twitter: Cowboys have talked to league about officiating

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Nov 26, 2021.

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    We have part-time referees with no accountability whatsoever . Give them the benefits that they want to hire a full-time referees and penalize them when they make mistakes
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  2. Whirlwin

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    This is ridiculous
  3. Whirlwin

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    I’m sure it’s just the opposite. The league doesn’t want this attention
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    I agree. I don't think the league wants everyone talking about the refs. I would bet the farm they talked to Hochuli and his crew already and told them to cool it with all the flags. Watch them this week call less than 10 penalties.
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  5. FiveSuperBowls

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    Goodell, is that you?
  6. davidyee

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    This year the most egregious thing I have ever seen was two games ago when a receiver who was near Brown fell on their own, and the ref reflexively threw a flag. After the paly ended he pulled the flag back and the head umpire announced there was no flag.

    What all the fans and the league have to ask themselves about that particular play was how much is mental conditioning affecting these refs?

    Brown has had some grabby moments, but he has not deserved all the calls made against him. To throw flags for PI or other major penalties in game winning drives should have some form of validation process.

    We don't want to steal the instinct away from the refs, but you can't just have individuals behaving from reflex. There has to be thought and focus behind it.
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  7. Mobinvans

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    No NFL game should have 28 flags!!!
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    actually Goodell is probably sticking it to Jerry for meddling with his contract negotiations with Zeke suspension
  9. RaZon

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    Just what can be said? What....tell those refs to cool calling penalties...???

    Nothing can be said, nothing can be done.

    I do have a thought...

    Be real careful who you bring in, look for high character guys, stay away from the stupid players. Stupid players have more penalties.
  10. gp_cowpolk

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    This kind of a clown?
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  11. cowboyec

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    and a few days after...mccarthy gets "whacked".

    thanx alot spineless,empty-suited,brain dead,no talent,back stabbing swamp-puke.
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  12. JustChip

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    I don’t know if you call it mental conditioning but every human has inherent tendencies. Training can help overcome those, but they’re still present and have the possibility of affecting the refs split-second decision to throw a flag or not.

    The refs are also influenced by the optics of a play. The ref sees Ramsey throw up his arms and flop; therefore, there must be offensive pass interference.

    Personally, I think all plays should be open to being challenged. Or as a minimum, scoring plays negated by a judgement foul (e. g., holding or PI). But either would only work if they have an open and honest review of the call on review.
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  13. Whirlwin

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    That’s it dumb of a statement as the original . Yeah like he would be here.
  14. Section446

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    The league won't care, officiating has been a virus for years.
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  15. FiveSuperBowls

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    The original statement as well as the last one is sarcasm, take a Snickers and chill out.
  16. big dog cowboy

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    You seriously think that will solve the officiating problem?
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  17. Beast_from_East

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    Did Fat Mike send a strongly worded email to NFL headquarters?

    After Goodell stopped laughing I wondered if actually replied or not.
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  18. ElGatoGrande

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    It's surprising that people think these blatantly one sided games have anything to do with incompetence. There are many games that the league doesn't call straight for various reasons but all having to do with money and ratings.
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  19. Jake

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    Threads like this make me feel embarrassed as a Cowboys fan - nothing but whining and excuses for failing to win anything in over a quarter century.

    That the "Cowboys have talked to league about officiating" tells me Jerry's soft excuse culture is alive and well, unfortunately. :facepalm:
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    Yeah this is kind of how I feel. I've been a die hard fan for 40+ years. I lived and breathed sports. My whole life involved watching sports. NBA went first, I stopped watching in 2005 or so. When the ref gambling scandal happened or was publicized and I lost interest. I'm getting there with the NFL. It's just not as much fun. You know it's bad when a big play happens and the first thing the announcers say is "no flags". I don't get excited until I hear the "no flags" announcement. Now I'm not getting excited much anymore, just more relieved if we win but not enjoying the games. The NFL is the Tom Brady/Packers/Steelers/Patriots show. Everyone else in the league is just there to push those storylines.
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