Twitter: Cowboys interested in Jason Pierre-Paul

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Mar 20, 2022.

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  2. zrinkill

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    He has only had 5 seasons where his sack total was lower than Gregory's highest sack total in year.
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  3. CowboyChris

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    one plus in his favor, he's not susceptible to holding calls
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  4. jnday

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    He would have been a great addition to the roster 10 years ago.
  5. Silverstar

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    Rather have Ryan Kerrigan same age with more sacks and forced fumbles than JPP. Plus, he sacked Brady in the playoffs...I really like that. :)
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  6. sdfidaho

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    Stop it!
  7. LACowboysFan1

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    I would agree 100%, but a few years ago I said the same thing about Julius Peppers, then in his first year with Carolina after a sub par year at an advanced age for GB he put up 11 sacks.

    Never say never....
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  8. KeepinTime

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    JPP blows….

    Wait for it…

    Half of his right hand off.
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  9. GimmeTheBall!

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    Give us your tired, your old...
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  10. eromeopolk

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    Yes, the Cowboys have interest just like I had interest in Lola Falana...[​IMG]
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  12. lostar2009

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    This mean they are not going to target a DE in the draft. Maybe DT, LB and some offense.
  13. CWR

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    I think it give them flexibility not to Taco it. Just get the BPA, with an emphasis on those positions and OLINE.
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  14. Creeper

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    This was originally posted 5 days ago and we have not heard another word about it since then. If they had real interest in JPP, they would have signed him by now. We can assume there never was any real interest in signing him.
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  15. Risen Star

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    That's just the way we operate. Stealth mode.
  16. tunahelper

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    I cannot put a finger on why?
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  17. tunahelper

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    As the recruited player cannot see the $$$.
  18. speedkilz88

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    Taco was from listening too much to Marinelli. Watt was there for the taking.
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  19. 3rdEyewarrior

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    J p p is older but can still get you 8!sacks
  20. irishline

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    One for each finger?

    Sorry that one was too set up not to. :grin:

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