Cowboys just can’t stay out of their own way

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    There are different levels of fandom. I see it every day. Not everyone is invested the same. Some simply don’t have the time. And I’ve often said that I’ve met afar fans when attending games invested greatly. Many much more than some of the local casuals here.

    The difference is the mindset. Generally those fans born into here locally are more critical while those who joined by choice tend to look the other way or more tolerating.

    One of those who retired here from NY to be closer to his Cowboys despises the local media’s constant criticism of Jethro and the Cowboys this era. He tired of hearing it. Which is fine. Turn it off. But don’t attack those with more conviction continuing to call it out holding their feet to the fire regardless if it falls on deaf ears.

    It’s always an easy out to declare arrogance and condescension as those are easy copouts for those who aren’t as informed or invested when called out. I have many great family and friends who are Cowboy fans and they admit and realize that there are different levels of fandom. Not many had the time, means or dedication to attend all the home games for 4 decades and not missing a single broadcast for 55 + years now. I’ve seen first hand how there are some greater fans than myself who not only attend all of the home games but most of the road games too.

    Being more invested or dedicating of your time and money doesn’t mean you love or enjoy the Cowboys more. I have some golfing buddies who love to play golf just as much as me but simply don’t have the time to play as much. They wish they could be as invested as I am. And I have some fellow Baylor alumni who are more invested that I am in the time and travel they dedicate .

    You can offer your opinion but when I counter it’s not always greeted warmly. As I usually dig in unwavering when I truly believe I’m right .

    And when I’m called out personally in an attempt to discredit my agenda then I’m going to fight back. I should be applauded for my continuous effort calling out our biggest nemesis this era for Cowboys football. It’s a tiring relentless pursuit . Thanks
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    I’m sure fans in PA are more invested and connected to Penn St than fans from afar. How can you be as invested emotionally with the same source of pride of its impact in the community as someone 1500 miles away who hasn’t even ever set foot in Happy Valley.

    Doesnt mean you don’t enjoy watching the game and could be as big of fan but it’s a different mindset, connection and devotion.

    Surely you’ve been to a game or even a venue where there are some fans who are more or less invested. To deny there’s not different levels of fandom is awfully naive.
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