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Cowboys off season grade in NFC East from Bleacher Report

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by zekecowboy, Apr 15, 2022.

  1. KeepinTime

    KeepinTime Well-Known Member

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    Can Block Chain block for Dak or Elliott? I mean “block” is right there in the name.
  2. atlantacowboy

    atlantacowboy Well-Known Member

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    The grade is dead on correct. The team did not address a single weakness in free agency and lost 3 key players replacing them with lesser players. The roster is undeniably less talented right now than it was in January.

    But, this is a typical Jerry Jones offseason more interested in yachting around barbados than football. His tan, wrinkled prune face will show up on draft day to conduct the war room theatre. There will be lots of whooping and backslapping...............all is well.
  3. atlantacowboy

    atlantacowboy Well-Known Member

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    The contracts they signed say otherwise. All are high ceiling players who had injury issues last year or a suspension in the case of Collins. Fact is that La El is the highest graded run blocker in the league at his position. Our pass happy offense just didn't take full advantage of his skillset.

    Can they be replaced? Sure! We just didn't do it.
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  4. DuncanIso

    DuncanIso Well-Known Member

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    no way Dallas pays 20 million in base for a 60 catch WR.

    Collins was due 10 mill in base. And he wasn’t a starter anymore.

    we all called out these moves last season.
  5. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector

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    One of the worst offseasons I've seen but nothing will top March of 1994. When a lunatic decided to destroy a dynasty to appease his own ego.
  6. TequilaCowboy

    TequilaCowboy Well-Known Member

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    I consent to your assessment of the situation regarding the happenings with this football team and your particular view of the inadequacy effort performed by that gentleman Kellen Moore, esq. He was completely outclassed, outperformed, taken behind that wooden structure.... and had his gluteus maximus kicked so violently and viciously that his cerebrum was affected and he had no sensible alternatives to remedy the failed situation. A deserved F indeed.

    Don't undervalue yourself nobody, you are somebody.
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  7. DandyDon52

    DandyDon52 Well-Known Member

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    yeah lol that sort of tells the story on the jones boys and their evaluations.
    Also thought elliot was best RB in nfl.
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  8. john van brocklin

    john van brocklin Captain Comeback

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    Is suckage a grade?
    Because our off season has sucked big time!
  9. DandyDon52

    DandyDon52 Well-Known Member

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    that was the jones boys version of being "all in" and they were one and done with a disaster on the last play and they then keep mike and kellen!!:huh:
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  10. CWR

    CWR Well-Known Member

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    "C" is fair, the lower grade has merit only because they missed opportunities to be better in a weak NFC.
  11. Nova

    Nova Ntegrase96

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  12. Parcells4Life

    Parcells4Life Well-Known Member

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    No matter how well they draft, you can’t expect any more than the first round pick to be a difference maker this year in any preseason prognostications. Starter - yes/rotation player - yes. But likely they’re a JAG for they’re first year.

    Sure players after the first round surprise every now and again, but the reason they are drafted in the second and beyond is because they need to develop some aspect of their game or body to be an NFL player.
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  13. DuncanIso

    DuncanIso Well-Known Member

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    The moment they drafted CDLamb, the clock was running on Coop.

    CDL is our WR1
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  14. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and Brew... Moderator

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    Pretty pointless to grade the off-season when it’s not even over yet.
  15. Captain-Crash

    Captain-Crash Well-Known Member

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    oh yeah, it's not over, one of our other gangsters might beat up a woman or two to show their manhood.
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  16. Cowboysheelsreds053

    Cowboysheelsreds053 Well-Known Member

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    Should be a worse grade, they had done nothing to improve the team.
  17. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    I'm sorry, but I :laugh:
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  18. Motorola

    Motorola Well-Known Member

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    My first "grading" period will be 6 months from today = Sunday, October 16th.
    Although the schedule is probably still in its planning stages, that date projects to being week 6 for 2022 ....one-third into the season.
    Hot start (6-0); middling along (3-3); or struggling out the gate (2-4 or worse)?
  19. stinkface

    stinkface Well-Known Member

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    Based on where we are this second the D grade is well earned. Lets see where things are a month from now. Could be better or for goodness sakes worse. If we had to field a team with who we currently have on the roster we would pretty much suck.
  20. buybuydandavis

    buybuydandavis Well-Known Member

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    Got worse, compared to what?

    Most people are making the mistake of grading the offseason by comparing the roster this year to the roster last year, instead of the roster this year to the roster that *we had rights to this year*.

    A drop of talent was *inevitable*. We had a boatload of key players in their contract years on elcheapo contracts. This year, we didn't have the rights to those players at elcheapo contracts anymore. So we were going to get worse.

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